Visiting Dubai, UAE in February (2025): Our review

Corniche Beach Abu Dhabi

After many trials and tribulations, we’ve come to the conclusion that winter in the UAE is our favorite time to plan our travels for: You can comfortably swim (more on this later), sunbathe, go on countless tours, and overall have a good time in the Emirates — all without the crazy heat and overly active sun!

Get ready to take lots of notes: We’re going to be answering all the possible questions concerning your Dubai holiday in February. Anything that pertains to the topic — best hotels, most exciting activities, and general weather info — we’re covering it all.

Article contents

  1. Weather in February
  2. Possible travel expenses for your February trip
  3. Which Emirate to choose?
  4. Our hotel recommendations
  5. Things to do in Dubai in February
  6. Is going to Dubai in February worth it? Pros and cons

Dubai weather in February

Desert safari in Dubai

We have to come clean as big time lovers of the UAE in February! Though December (our all-time favorite month to plan a trip to Dubai for), October, and April are definitely topping the charts as perfect choices for your next UAE detour, February is still the winner when it comes to the amount of outdoor time you can comfortably spend in the Emirates — which is the most treasured currency in these parts. Summer months rob both locals and tourists of this opportunity!

Why is February so great for tourists looking to explore each emirate to the fullest? The reason is threefold:

  • There are virtually no rainy days during the month of February in the UAE;
  • The sun is guaranteed to be out and about for the most part of the month: You’ll get at least 20 sunny days in the UAE in February. The sun is also much gentler during this time than, say, any of the summer months. The SPF is still mandatory though, as the hours outside accumulate fast, leading to a potential sunburn;
  • The average temperatures are perfect in every way: The average high is +25°C (77°F), the average low is +20°C (68°F). You won’t sweat through your shirt, and another layer isn’t necessary to lug around during your day outings, — dream scenario for every tourist!

In general, the temperature in the UAE in February is not too hot and not too cold — as Goldilocks would have concluded, it’s just right! One thing that might put a wrench in your Dubai travel plans is the fact that the classic beach experience is not at its finest in the Emirates in February. It can be a tad windy, and the water temps during the months of January and February require extra few minutes to get used to the slightly chilly water. We personally love a refreshing dip, but if you like your water to be the temperature of warm milk, then work around this small downside.

Side note: If you don’t want to Wim Hof your beach days in the Emirates, then make sure to choose Fujairah as base for your February trip. This particular emirate has a winning location on the Gulf of Oman (as opposed to other UAE’s top sellers, like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, that look out on the Persian Gulf). The water temps here are a lot more forgiving, and dare we say, pleasurable! The end of February water temperatures in Fujairah almost reach +24°C, which means you can get straight to cannonballing, without dipping your toes in first!

Is February a good time to visit the UAE?

Marina beach in Dubai

Visiting the UAE in February might sound like a futile attempt to escape the cold of your home turf. Why? Because many know-it-alls online claim that this month falls on the off season in the UAE — the information that might leave you scraping for some other last-minute destination to plan your trip for.

However, do not believe everything you read online: The only true off-season in the Emirates is summer, when the heat makes simply existing outside impossible (thankfully, indoor parking and air-conditioned everything guarantee that you can still have a normal routine, just majorly indoor one). February in the UAE comes clad with pleasantly warm days and nice, chilly evenings. In our minds, that’s peak season!

First half of the month is indeed a little colder, but the temps ramp up right after Valentine’s Day. Each emirate is different, and you can see the slight changes in February weather in this detailed breakdown:


Average air temperature

Average water temperature

Start of February

End of February


+23°C / 73,4°F




+23°C / 73,4°F




+24°C / 75°F



Ras Al Khaimah

+24,4°C / 76°F



Abu Dhabi

+23,5°C / 74,3°F




+24,2°C / 75,6°F



Visiting the UAE in February mainly means getting to explore the outside world of the Emirates — the one you don’t get to see when it’s too hot out. It’s fun to leave the confinement of air-conditioned malls (though they are still, without a doubt, very exciting spaces to hang around in) and see the many beautiful sights of Dubai or Abu Dhabi (our personal favs, to which we dedicated a special place on our blog, are Dubai Frame and Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi).

Without a doubt, everybody’s preferred activity in the Emirates in February is, of course, setting out on as many tours and excursions as your time here permits. We love using…

…to find the best possible deals on fun getaways in the Emirates. Keep reading to get some inspiration on the most entertaining activities we’ve ever done in the UAE!

Travel expenses for your February trip

Joe The juice in Dubai

While February is not the most popular month amongst Dubai visitors, it is still a reasonably expensive period for travel. Just compare it to summer months in the UAE — sneaky travel agents love to make a quick buck on the unsuspecting tourists by sending the deal-loving holidaymakers into the pure hell that is summer in the Emirates.

What we can tell you with a certain degree of confidence is the fact that you can make your Dubai trip in February as cheap or expensive as you want it to be:

  • The cost of air travel completely rides on your willingness to brave layovers: The cheapest one-way flights from America’s East Coast to Dubai will cost you $300–$400; West Coast — $500–$600; Europe — $300. The more comfortable the flight, the more expensive it will be, so we recommend finding deals on WayAway.
  • Accommodation in Dubai in February can also vary greatly. You can choose a simple hostel as your base and pay $50 per day, or you can go all out on a lavish five-star resort (the sky’s your limit here, with prices starting at around $300 and up).
  • As for the general prices on food, entertainment and such, keep in mind that the UAE is pretty expensive year-round: We have a detailed breakdown on prices in Dubai that will give you more insight into the situation.

Which Emirate to choose for your trip?

Bluewaters Dubai Burj Khalifa Dubai

It’s no surprise that each emirate has its unique qualities, both positive and negative. Here, we want to focus more on what each Emirate can bring to the table during your February adventure.

  • Dubai

Visiting Dubai in February is like taking the first sip of your iced latte on a hot summer morning: It hits the right spot!

The weather of Dubai in February is perfect in every way. You can actually walk around without constant threat of getting a heatstroke. However, if you’re after that running-on-the-verge-of-racially-ambiguous tan, you will have to work on it twice as hard, since the sun here isn’t that (radio)active in February compared to September or November, for example.

Also note that Dubai is the most popular Emirate out of the lineup, and high demand means outrageous pricing. You could say that prices here tend to be as high as Burj Khalifa: It wouldn’t be an exaggeration in the slightest! If your travel budget has a certain limit, then you could look into the two emirates that follow this one on our list: Sharjah and Ajman.

But while we still have your attention on Dubai, feel free to check out our other articles on this glitzy and glamorous modern metropolis:
🔹Start with our one day Dubai itinerary and plan out your sightseeing heavy-hitters in advance.
🔹No exploration of the city can be complete without getting a chance to watch the urban panoramas from above: Our guide to best Dubai viewpoints covers all the bases in this regard.
🔹Though visiting Dubai in February means cooler temperatures (particularly cold-blooded individuals might not enjoy the chiller weather all too much), a beach outing is still in order. Our list of the best beaches in Dubai will save you tons of time and energy that you can otherwise spend having a grand day by the water!
🔹If what you’ve read about visiting Dubai in February struck a cord, then you’re bound to run into another planning roadblock: Where to stay in Dubai? Luckily, we have a guide that breaks down all the more popular Dubai neighborhoods and gives you plenty of cool hotel choices for your next trip over (no matter what your financial situation is, we offer everything from budget-friendly hostels to luxurious resorts).

  • Sharjah and Ajman

Beach in Sharjah

Sharjah and Ajman are great Dubai alternatives if you want to spend less on accommodation and don’t mind the prolonged travel times (Sharjah borders Dubai, and Ajman, in turn, borders Sharjah). When it comes to the weather, it’s not that different in these two places compared to Dubai — the distance of 25 miles isn’t great enough to notice some significant change. What you will notice though is that there are fewer people around, making these emirates perfect destinations for introverts and those who appreciate the more secluded vacations.

Note that you will spend more on transportation if you want to make day trips to Dubai for some entertainment and cultural enrichment. We encourage you to rent a car (LocalRent is the service we personally use) to save on taxi fees (they can rack up pretty fast). All in all, your stay at either Sharjah or Ajman in February will definitely be easier on the pocket, while still providing top-level stays and overall vibe of relaxation.

  • Ras Al Khaimah

Beaches in United Arab Emirates

The northernmost emirate, and the most removed from the UAE’s capital, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah is a hidden gem for resort lovers. The emirate’s panoramas are starkly different from those of Dubai: Ras Al Khaimah is not as developed, so forget about towering skyscrapers and multi-level spiderwebs of viaducts; it’s all low buildings and infinite desert in here.

The weather in Ras Al Khaimah is also a tad warmer; and the emirate’s roster of all-inclusive resorts is getting full use of this slight variation in temperatures. In general, we believe that if you want your vacation to be as leisurely and relaxed as possible, you should come to Ras Al Khaimah — lounging by the pool and stuffing your face at all-you-can-eat restaurants is the baseline here! Keep in mind that almost all of the emirate’s resorts are much, much cheaper than Dubai’s hotels of the same proportion (sometimes saving you more than $1,000 a stay!).

If all-inclusive is not your style, but you still want a cheaper accommodation — Ras Al Khaimah is the way to go! You will just have to invest a tad more into the tours and excursions, but that’s exactly what you should be doing in the UAE in February anyway!

  • Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

The capital of the Emirates, Abu Dhabi is the true heart of the desert! The emirate is filled to the brim with cultural landmarks and exciting activities, making it a perfect destination for a day trip or two.

Actually staying here in February is also a good idea: You will get to walk around the city more, marvel at Sheikh Zayed Mosque or even make a detour to Ferrari World, — the weather will be your friend here, and not foe! However, the prices for accommodation in Abu Dhabi are definitely more fiend-like, but that’s what you get for the ability to stay close to a plethora of iconic locations!

Keep in mind that Abu Dhabi is not synonymous with a beach holiday: If you want white sand and azure waters (and don’t want to go all the way to Fujairah), then bring your gaze back to Dubai — the futuristic emirate is absolutely teeming with amazing waterfront haunts for every type of traveler!

  • Fujairah

The black sheep of the family, but also a true diamond in the rough: Fujairah is an enigma of a place in the UAE. Since it’s far removed from the clump of other emirates, the atmosphere here is a lot more laid-back and authentic. The setting also plays a huge role in the way Fujairah is perceived: It opens up on an entirely different gulf (the Gulf of Oman), and the surrounding mountains only add to the naturalistic allure of the emirate.

The weather here is different as well. The climate is milder because of the mountains, and the water is always a couple of degrees warmer than in other emirates. This is the place to be to enjoy a beach vacation! Local resorts here look like little waterfront cities: It’s all-inclusive or nothing!

Activity-wise, however, the emirate is kind of boring. But hey, you can always set out on a day trip to Dubai or Abu Dhabi! The distances between Fujairah and the more entertaining and culturally developed emirates are not that scary; you can be standing in front of Dubai’s Museum of the Future less than two hours since you left your hotel room in Fujairah.

Now that you got to know the main players a little bit, the question remains: Which emirate to choose for your February UAE trip? We believe that if it’s your first time in the Emirates, then go for either Dubai or Sharjah (the choice largely depends on your travel budget) — these places are perfect in every way a tourist needs them to be.

Is a pleasant and carefree beach vacay a thing you’re after? The weather in the whole of UAE in February still permits for a pleasant beach outing; however, you’ll get the most well-rounded experience (and very quiet, almost meditative setting) in either Fujairah or Ras Al Khaimah.

Our best Dubai hotel recommendations

Beach Walk Boutique Jumeirah

Since we’ve established that visiting Dubai in February is a good idea, it’s time to lay down the groundwork for planning your trip here. Truth be told, we already have an entire article that is focused on the best places to stay in Dubai. However, if you don’t want to click around and need answers immediately (we admire your zeal for life’s every moment!), then we’re more than happy to leave you with a few top choices of Dubai hotels (and some Sharjah options to boot).

Personally, when we look for a hotel in Dubai, we try and choose the one that is close to a metro station. The entire metro system here is highly reliable and should be used as a budget-friendly means of transportation, as taxis in Dubai are pretty expensive. Sometimes though we decide to rent a car in Dubai; then the horizon of great hotels widens as far as the eye can see!

In this list, we tried to give you a mix of options we’ve personally tried, some more luxurious than others:

  • 4* DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Residences Al Barsha (Dubai; from $100 a night) — what was essentially a blind choice during one of our early trips to Dubai has now become our all-time favorite hotel experience! It’s a fine specimen of the world-renowned Hilton Hotel Group (and might we add, one of the more affordable ones) with an iconic setting in Al Barsha neighborhood. The location of the hotel is truly impeccable: It’s a short 20-minute walk to the nearest metro station, with more than half the journey being through the legendary Mall of the Emirates (that comes clad with the extraordinary Ski Dubai, an indoor ski resort. Al Barsha in general is prime with esteemed hotel chains brick-and-mortars; so much so that we ventured out and tried a couple other hotels in the area — 4* Hilton Garden Inn and 3* Citymax Hotel Al Barsha were both very fine options that we thoroughly enjoyed!
  • 4* Centro Sharjah (Sharjah; from $150 a night) — amazing business hotel option in Sharjah. The spick-and-span rooms paired with outstanding levels of service cover all the bases tourists look for in their home away from home. Add to that an outdoor heated pool (a necessity if water temps in February are not your cup of tea) and you’ve got yourself a winner! One significant downside of Centro Sharjah is its location near Sharjah International Airport: There’s virtually zero infrastructure for miles around. Getting to the nearest beach or some Dubai landmark will drill a significant hole in your travel budget (that is, if you’re planning on using taxi services. There is a free transfer, but it’s not as convenient). If you decide to stay here, we recommend you rent a car — that way, you’ll have much greater freedom of movement!

Hawthorn Extended Stay by Wyndham Abu Dhabi City Center

  • 4* Coral Beach Resort (Sharjah; from $135 a night) — beachside resort that is conducive with a great family vacation! There are a lot of both kid-oriented amenities (like a separate pool area with slides to the side of the main one — outdoor heated pool for adults who want to swim in a pleasantly warm water in the UAE in February) and grownup-only spaces. All-inclusive concept adds a certain allure to the whole experience: All of your needs are covered at Coral Beach Resort, and to the best degree possible too.
  • 3* Ibis Styles Sharjah (Sharjah; from $60 a night) — wonderful budget-friendly option of a hotel with prime location: The area’s colorful souk, as well as huge mall and a beautiful corniche walk are all within walking distance from a hotel. The beach is a little more removed though, but free hotel transfer makes up for the inconvenience! The colorful rooms of ibis Styles are a perfect contrast to the usual beige-forward desert panoramas, and the wonderful staff and yummy breakfast will make you want to stay here at least a day longer!
  • 5* Dukes The Palm, a Royal Hideaway Hotel (Dubai; from $230 a night) — one of the few five-star hotels in Dubai that are actually somewhat affordable for the ordinary folk. Set on the “tree trunk” of the iconic Palm Jumeirah, Dukes The Palm has unbeatable views over the towering wall of skyscrapers of Dubai Marina — our personal favorite panorama in Dubai!
  • 5* Rixos The Palm Hotel & Suites (Dubai; from $475 a night) — this is exactly what we mean when we talk about the essential ever-starrier Dubai hotel experience! Ultra All-Inclusive concept, a private beach with luxurious infrastructure to boot, and don’t forget a whole roster of tailored kids experiences, — Rixos will show you a good time no matter your preferences! The substantial price tag has been scaring us away from taking the plunge, but all our friends and family who stayed here guarantee that the hotel is worth every penny! What do you say, shall we drop the big bucks on Rixos? We will if you will!

Things to do in Dubai in February

palm tree dubai

If we put a couple more trips to the UAE under our belts, we would be able to confidently start calling this place our second home. Over the last few years, we have made more than a dozen pilgrimages to Dubai, each more exciting than the last.

We attribute the allure of this desert-turned-megapolis to the sheer number of mind-blowing activities suited to every type of traveler. Here, you can start your day with:
✔️ a desert jeep safari ($35) or a bird’s-eye view of Dubai that opens up from the Burj Khalifa viewpoint ($50),
✔️ spend the hot afternoons lounging about on a yacht ($25),
✔️ or getting the rush of your lifetime on a helicopter tour ($195).

Alternatively, you can ditch Dubai for a day and go on exploring the many wonderful sights of Abu Dhabi, for example. Dubai and its immediate surroundings were meant to be explored to the fullest!

Our guide to Dubai in February cannot be complete without giving you a list of fun activities you can take part in when in the emirate. After all, Dubai weather in February creates the perfect atmosphere for you to enjoy being out and about, exploring new things and having once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Side note: Dubai in winter is not the only place that offers one-of-a-kind outdoor entertainment! We have to give props to Sharjah — a small but mighty emirate that hosts the Light Festival in February each year. The festival is not to be missed: For ten straight days, local landmarks put on quite a show (you could imagine the scope of illumination and pizzazz, it’s the UAE, after all!) that gathers the crowds each night after sundown.

But back to the star of the show, Dubai! Here are our personal favorite tours you should consider booking for your next trip over:

  • Desert safari — the absolute must-do in Dubai (from $35)

Desert safari

Imagine the perfect combo of stunning views and intoxicating thrill and you get jeep safari in Dubai desert! The activity is very popular, and the prices range greatly based on the length of the tour, main means of transportation, and the number of extra add-ons provided:
— The cheapest jeep tour version is a good place to start;
— Then you can work your way up to camel safari, or even overnight safari that comes clad with stargazing (!).

In general, each option comes with some sort of sand dune safari, camel interaction, and free tea with dates. If you’re anything like us and enjoy having a little danger mixed in with beautiful scenery, then this type of tour in Dubai is for you!

  • Day trip to Abu Dhabi — a real treasure trove (from $70)

sheikh zayed mosque

Abu Dhabi is full of stunning sights and historically important locations. You can come here with a half-day or a full-day tour and still want to stay longer!

Each stop on the Abu Dhabi itinerary is beautiful in its own way, but we personally were absolutely enamored by Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the Corniche — look out for these two sights, they are guaranteed to blow your socks off!

  • Dubai guided tour (from $17)

Of course, you can never go wrong with a good ole’ guided tour of the city, especially if it’s your first time in Dubai.

The possibilities here are endless — explore Dubai’s Old Town and dive into the local street food scene with this tour, check the city’s highlights off your To-See List with a short but sweet car tour, or make total use of the rampant hop-on hop-off bus system that makes getting to know Dubai’s top landmarks that much more convenient!

  • Dubai boat tour (from $25)

Dubai boat tour

Even though we’ve established that it’s not that hot in Dubai on any given day in February, getting out on the water should still be at the top of your things to do in the emirate. The variety of options here guarantees you’ll find a water activity you like in Dubai. There are jet ski tours, speedboat tours (we thoroughly enjoyed this one), boat tours with buffet dinners, and even luxury yacht tours with BBQ to boot, — it’s hard to just pick one and not Catch ‘Em All, Pokémon-style!

  • Burj Khalifa entry ticket (from $50)

What is arguably the most exciting viewpoint in Dubai is also the most popular tourist attraction in the emirate; that means that you will have to book your tickets weeks in advance if you want to see the stunning futuristic panoramas first hand.

To tell you the truth, we went to see what all the fuss was all about with the Burj Khalifa viewpoint only recently. Before that, we felt that the attraction was too hyped up with no real substance. Oh boy, were we wrong: Out of all the viewpoints we experienced in the world (and the number’s in double digits, just saying!), this one still took our breath away. Do not let your prejudices and inner biases stop you from getting to witness one of the greatest feats of human engineering!

  • Helicopter flight over Dubai (from $195) — forget everything we’ve said before: THIS is the ultimate Dubai experience!

Helicopter flight over Dubai

We still get goosebumps when we remember our first flight over the emirate — it was the adventure of a lifetime! Before that, we had been wanting to fly in a helicopter for a few years already, but the prices had always seemed too outrageous to make the dream a reality.

Not in Dubai though: The activity is so common that you can find a pretty good deal (you will still have to pay anywhere from $200 and up)! The flight lengths differ a bit, but just remember that the experience is jam-packed with first impressions, so 12 minutes will feel more like 30 minutes and 22 minutes will make you forget about time passing completely (there are options with longer flight duration, but if it’s your first time, we’d stick with the ones mentioned).

Is going to Dubai in February worth it? Our review

Dubai beach

Let us put it this way: Traveling to a new place, especially such a multifaceted one, is always “worth it”. What you should be asking is this: Is February a good time to visit Dubai? We say it is, a hundred percent! February in Dubai gives you a rare opportunity to get to know the city on an intimate level, without the rush and general limitations that the hotter weather puts on your itinerary. During this time you do not have to hide out in your hotel room for the bigger portion of the day, you can let your curiosities guide you in a fun city exploration from the very second you open your eyes all the way to high noon and sundown.

Many tourists that visit Dubai during the month of February come to a conclusion that it is a very pleasant time to be in the UAE, and we wholeheartedly agree! The only complaint that some visitors have is a slightly more chill water temperature: It takes some time to get used to the water, and that’s about it. If it’s a deal breaker for you, we have a solution: Just find a hotel with a heated pool (we’ve already mentioned a few in our list above) and swim here instead of the sea.

FAQs on Dubai in February

To sum up our findings a little, we want to answer some questions that pop up most frequently in online forums:

  • What’s the weather like in Dubai during February?

Not too hot and not too cold (+23°C…+25°C) — you will be fine in a simple t-shirt during the day, with an option of a light second layer after sundown.

  • How hot is Dubai on a February night?

Not hot at all, with temps around +20°C, you will find solace in a pleasant cool air.

  • Can I swim in Dubai in February?

Most definitely! Average water temps fluctuate between +20°C and +23°C, so it will certainly be a refreshing dip! In our eyes, it’s a good thing, because warmer temps do not necessarily provide contrast from the hot beach air, making it impossible to get away from the heat.

  • Which is the coldest month in Dubai?

January! Though water is colder in February — a fun fact!

  • Is February a good time to come to Dubai with children?

In general, family vacation in Dubai is a good idea for the most part of the year (summer and early autumn months are only definite no-gos) — the emirate has a lot of kid-friendly activities up its sleeves. However, we believe that February is one of the best months for a family adventure in the UAE — the resorts aren’t that crowded, plus, it’s not too hot out! Fujairah is the best emirate, because it has the mildest climate of the bunch and the warmest water in February.

Pros and cons of going to Dubai in February

Dubai Safari in desert

Personally, we feel that February is a strong contender for the title of the best time to visit Dubai, since there are more pros than cons for this decision:

+ Lots of direct flights;
+ Perfect weather for being outside, with a tour or otherwise;
+ Great conditions for sunbathing; for great swimming temps — head straight to Fujairah;
+ Not a lot of tourists, some more removed resorts are almost ghost towns — amazing atmosphere for introverts;
+ Sharjah’s February Light Festival is a world-renowned event, a must-see at least once in your lifetime;
+ Hotel prices are pretty affordable (at least by Dubai standards).

— Water temperatures can be too cold for people who love to take scoldingly hot baths (but okay for the rest, us included);
— It can get a bit windy at times;
— That’s pretty much it!

We’re pretty sure that our next trip to Dubai will fall on the month of February, which proves just how much we love to explore the UAE during this time! Tell us, have you ever traveled to the Emirates in February? We would love to hear your experiences — share them in the comments down below!

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