Best time to visit Dubai, UAE — weather, seasons and our experience

Museum of the future

A city on the brink of literally jet-setting into the future, Dubai is an enigma and a tale of days already passed, surrounded with lore about the centuries still ahead. Being one of the top-tier travel destinations of the UAE, Dubai has remained on the minds of tourists planning their forthcoming vacations virtually forever.

With that in mind, you might feel that there’s so much to plan for when deciding on the UAE as your next travel destination, and one of the most pressing questions is when to travel to the UAE.

Having visited the country countless of times during different seasons, we consider ourselves to be experts on the topic (at least to some extent, the people who obviously know more about the weather changes are the UAE residents). So, we’re here to troubleshoot every little occasion surrounding the UAE climate that might arise during your trip and answer the questions of “Can it get cold in the UAE?”, “What weather-appropriate clothes to pack for your vacation?”, and “Is there a time when I shouldn’t travel to the UAE?”.

Get ready to find the ultimate answer to the burning topic of the best month to visit Dubai in 2024. Here we go!

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  1. Monthly weather in Dubai
    When is the best time to visit Dubai? Our experience
  2. What to see in Dubai?
  3. Things to know before going to Dubai
    Why we love Dubai?
    When is it cheaper to travel to the UAE?

Monthly weather in Dubai

Dubai Marina beach

If you don’t have the time to read the following detailed guide on the weather in Dubai, here’s the CliffsNotes version of the topic:

  • For the best beach holiday, consider the months of September through December and March through May;
  • The best months to visit Dubai are October and April, when the air temps are finally lover than +30°С and water temperatures are a comfortable +26°С…+28°С.

Keep reading to find out all the pros and cons of traveling to Dubai, UAE during each month of the year (some of them, as it turns out, don’t have any redeeming qualities).

Consider periodically checking back with our mini-table of the monthly weather of Dubai for a more thorough understanding of the text.

Average day temperature Water temperature Rainy days High winds Sunniest months
January +23.6°C / 74.5°F 22.3 1
February +24.5°C / 76.1°F 21.7°C 0
March +27.5°C / 81.5°F 22.9°C 1
April +31.3°C / 88.3°F 25.5°C 0
May +35.6°C / 96.1°F 28.9°C 0
June +38.5°C / 101.3°F 31.9°C 0
July +39.5°C / 103.1°F 33.2°C 0
August +39.8°C / 103.6°F 33.4°C 0
September +38.4°C / 101.1°F 32.9°C 0
October +35.2°C / 95.4°F 31.4°C 0
November +30.1°C / 86.2°F 28.2°C 0
December +25.8°C / 78.4°F 24.8°C 0

The coldest months | The warmest months

✓ It’s clear that Dubai welcomes its visitors with open arms for most of the year, with the exception of summer months. The unbearable heat creates an impossibly inhospitable environment, where no living being can survive even ten minutes outside. You might think that Dubai’s summer climate isn’t so bad, as heat and dry air usually mix quite well. That’s where you’re getting it wrong: Dubai sits by the gulf, so the air isn’t that dry. And when it gets hot, the whole air gets very thick and sticky-feeling. Not a great combo by all means, so avoid summer in the UAE like the plague.

✓ Four months out of the year are transitional, in their own sense: May and September sit smack dab at the changing of the seasons and experience both the sweltering heat of the summer and the beginning of peak tourist season. January and February are transitional in the sense of traveler’s expectations: The weather outside is finally pleasurable enough for walking around and exploring the city, but only brave can withstand the temperature of the water that goes a little below +22°C.

✓ Instead of the rainy and dry seasons, Dubai climate can be neatly placed into two categories: The winter season and the summer season. They do not resemble the seasons found in other countries, however, and can be described like this:

  • Summer months of June through August are hot as the devil’s ass (excuse our language, but there’s no other way to explain the degree of heat radiating off of the roads, buildings, and the air itself);
  • Fall months of September through November are incredibly hot as well, but Dubai’s residents can already feel the end of their suffering in their bones, as winter months are looming closer and closer;
  • Winter months of December through February are made for exploring the city’s streets: Dubai’s guests are urged to leave the caves of shopping malls they might have been hiding out in, and to go out into the world of the UAE’s outdoor attractions. The temperatures are surprisingly pleasant for the people who don’t handle heat well;
  • Spring months of March through May get progressively hotter with every passing day of the season, meaning the number of tourists coming to the city is dwindling together with the temperatures rising. In that sense, you can get quite nice deals on lodging options and other standard tourist expenses, while still enjoying a bit of your time outside of hotels and malls during this period. Spring in the UAE has always been considered the best time to visit Dubai.

Keep reading, as we’re just getting into the month-by-month breakdown of the weather in Dubai. We’ve done the ground work: Asked around, visited the country seven times, and felt its weather every pro and con on our very own skin — all of this to bring you our detailed guide on seasons in Dubai.

As the weather is pretty much the same throughout all of the Emirates, we decided to describe the climate in Dubai because it’s the ultimate tourist destination in the last decade or so. But trust us, every point we make here is applicable to any other location throughout the UAE.

Without further ado, let us breakdown each month’s weather in Dubai, in detail:

Winter in Dubai, UAE

Marina beach

By the UAE’s standards, winter months of December through February see temperatures worthy of wearing puffer jackets and winter boots. Don’t fall for this belief though: The weather is quite pleasant, and a light extra layer will ensure your comfort throughout the explorations.


Is December a good time to visit Dubai? We believe that it is! The temperatures are manageable, ranging around +25°С during the day.

  • The dry winds start coming in from the North, but the water is still warm enough to swim in, reaching +25°С. December is also the best time to visit Dubai with children, given the comfortable temperatures and already moderately low tour prices.

Just make sure to time your trip to the UAE so that it doesn’t coincide with the holidays: The Christmas and New Years’ pricing can get absurd fast. Make use of the window leading up to the holidays, as the majority of the holidaymakers plan their winter vacations on the Christmas break. The period of early December to the 20th is filled with plenty of great deals! We speak from experience here, as we’ve used the before-the-holiday-craze time to visit Dubai for cheap in 2018, 2019, 2022, and again in 2023. And loved it every time, no exception!

Dubai’s weather in December is characterized by less harsh sun that lets you be outside without a thick layer of SPF, and yet moderately warm water. The city has the added bonus of Christmas decorations, and the otherwise sleek lines and neutral palettes come alive with boasting colors and frills of the décor. The city even hosts Christmas markets, visiting which is one of the amazing things to do in Dubai in winter months.


Miracle Garden

January crowd of Dubai visitors doesn’t care about the beach and swimming aspect of their holiday. They are more focused on the shopping therapy part of their time here.

Plus, January sees a heightened interest in tours and museum visits among the holidaymakers, as the weather permits long walks outside. Check out our review of the new Al Shindagha museum in Dubai, as it’s a must-visit place to learn the rich history of the area.

  • Dubai’s day temperatures in January drop to the chilly +23°С and nights here get even colder, hardly reaching the average of +18°С. The water is great for Wim Hof enthusiasts, as it mostly reaches the temperature of +21°С. A dip in the water after a night of New Year’s celebration will revitalize you, that’s for sure!

Getting back to the retail side of things, Dubai Shopping Festival is an all of January affair; and hoards of tourists answer the call of amazing deals. You might think that vacation prices would be lower during the month of January in Dubai due to colder weather, but that’s not entirely true. The prices stay high all throughout January, plus, you need to take into account all the shopping expenses added on top of the basic needs. Keep this in mind and budget accordingly!


February in the UAE doesn’t really feel all that different from January. Only the end of the month makes a shift for the better: Days are becoming progressively hotter and hotter and.

Personally, when we visited the Emirate of Ras al Khaimah in early February, the temperatures were just right for a pleasant experience. We had a full-on beach vacation, with swimming, tanning, and everything in-between.

  • Dubai, in this respect, is a little slower than this particular Emirate: The temperature of the Persian Gulf here reaches +23°С, tops.

If your trip to the UAE falls on the month of February, look into going to a resort facing the Gulf of Oman: We recommend Fujairah, which is world-famous for its stunning beaches.

Spring in Dubai, UAE

Burj Khalifa The Green Planet Dubai

What is the best time to visit Dubai? Without a doubt, spring months are what you should be gunning for when you plan your vacation to the UAE. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.


March is the month when the temperatures start to get serious: The average temps are fluctuating around the mark of +27°С, and the odds of getting a heatstroke from prolonged sun exposure are higher than before.

  • Early mornings and the rest of the day that follows the Golden hour are still a very pleasant experience. The water reaches the comfortable-yet-somewhat-refreshing +24°С.

Because of all these factors, March is a great time to visit Dubai with family. When the sun is at its worst in the afternoon, your kids will have their mid-day nap in the hotel (and you will have an afternoon pick-me-up and a siesta). Be warned though, that March prices are considerably higher, so if you have strict budget, rethink your travel dates.


Most of your friends compare you to a lizard, because you can spend hours in the sun and enjoy every second of it? Well, April in Dubai is the time for your trip!

  • This month is perfect for tourists who feel like March temperatures are too cold for a successful vacation. With that said, do know that the average day temp in April is +32°С, which is undoubtedly hot and not recommended for people with cardiovascular issues.

There isn’t any promise of cooler temperatures at nighttime: The lowest temp it can get is +25°С. The water temps are getting more and more pool-like, and you can dive in headfirst without the usual ritual of getting used to the water.

In terms of pricing, the first part of the month doesn’t differ much from the previous month, while the latter part sees a substantial increase in the amount of money you’ll pay for a hotel room and other usual travel expenses.


May is the closest you can get to summer in Dubai without actually dying from heat.

Don’t get us wrong, the weather in the UAE in May is already verging on unbearable, but the deals are already starting to come in, and who can pass up on a bargain…

  • As for the actual numbers, air temps reach +35°С during the day and +30°С at night, while the water is already at a heated pool level with its +29°С.

Country’s guests are starting to seek refuge in shopping malls, and the beaches are getting sparser with holidaymakers. Still, the number of tourists coming to the UAE in May isn’t starkly less than in spring months that came before. The majority of them don’t mind getting a little burnt if it means they save a substantial amount of money on the trip. So, if money’s tight but you still want to have your well-deserved vacay in Dubai, come here in May.

Summer in Dubai, UAE

Beach in Dubai

Otherwise known as hell season, summer in Dubai is the time when you absolutely shouldn’t come here, if you want to step out of your hotel room, ever. Understandably, summer months of June through August coincide with low season in Dubai.

Dubai government in the past years have made it their mission to use every possible strategy for the city to get even a few droplets of rain during summer months. Being the leading sponsors of high-tech innovations, Dubai enlisted scientists from all around the world to help the city with its problem. And the greater minds came through: In 2021, they used drones to zap the clouds over Dubai with electricity, which in turn, led to a little bit of rainfall. The efforts didn’t stop there, but the stories are too plentiful and all-encompassing to tell them all here. It’s a fascinating topic!


Is it good to go to Dubai in June? Honestly, it’s as far from being even a tad enjoyable as ordering a hot beverage on an already hot day.

  • Day temps reach astonishing +40°С, making even short trips from the car to an air-conditioned café feel like walking on hot coals inside a sauna that is located on the sun itself.

Trust us, if we haven’t made it terribly obvious, being outside in these temperatures is not fun, verging on impossible.

The water temperature reaches +32°С and doesn’t offer respite from the heat. There are still the courageous few tourists on the beaches who are not ready to let go of their dreams of a beach vacation.

June is a month most prone to the unpleasant impact of north wind — Shamal — that brings sand storms with it wherever it blows. Don’t worry though: Sand storms in Dubai aren’t what you might have seen in Hollywood movies, as you can still see everything and even drive during the storm. The whole experience is mostly inconvenient, as small particles of sand find every little opening to get into, so get ready to finding it in all the wrong places.

The prices don’t really drop that much during the month of June, even though it’s officially off-season in Dubai. All in all, coming to the UAE in June is not worth it, under any circumstances.


We’ll make it short: Even locals try to leave Dubai in July to some place where being outside is possible. Others who are not that lucky become cave-dwellers and don’t leave their homes that much. They can make an occasional trip to the store, but try to avoid being outside as much as possible. Underground parking saves the day for most people.

The air reaches +42°С temps during the day, so coming to Dubai during the month of July can be considered a psychopath behavior. You’ve been warned!


August is just as awful as July in the UAE. Wait, no, it gets even worse (we didn’t know it could get worse)!

  • As the day and night temperatures reach +43°С and +33°С respectively, the humidity comes into play, which is a horrible added bonus. High humidity in the hottest month out of the year in Dubai equals inhospitable environment for any living creature. And tourists, though super-human in times of need, are no exception.

If you ever wondered what it’s like to be submerged into a boiling witches’ brew, try swimming in +34°С water. Actually no, we take it back, don’t even think about trying it. With such high temperatures of the water, the risk of getting some sort of nasty infection is super high, as bacteria grow fast in warm water. You don’t want to spend your entire trip in bed, sick as a dog!

Fall in Dubai, UAE

Beach in Abu Dhabi

The UAE starts to come alive with tourists during fall months of September through November. The beginning of the season is still super hot, but with each week it gets easier and easier to spend time outside.


Don’t start planning your vacation in Dubai for this month just yet! Summer is most certainly not over throughout all of September, as day temps fluctuate around the +38°С mark, all the while night temps don’t fall lower than +32°С.

  • Swimming in +32°С water isn’t desirable in the least, so forget about a picture-perfect beach vacation you might have hoped for.

The only good thing is that the prices are on par with those of summer months, so, if need be, you will not spend a terribly awful amount of money on your trip to the UAE in September.


Finally! The temperatures in Dubai during the month of October get comfortable enough to enjoy spending time outside exploring all the little side streets and open-air installations the city is brimming with!

  • During the day, the temperatures fluctuate around +33°С and around +29°С during the night. You can actually start to enjoy swimming in the water, which is a deciding factor for most tourists traveling to the UAE. We love visiting Dubai in October to such a degree that we wrote a special post about this time of the year.

High season in Dubai is officially upon us, and the prices reflect the growing demands: You will spend twice as much on your trip here than you would during the less pleasurable months. Keep in mind that the first half of October is still more budget-friendly than its second half, but the available rooms fill up fast, so act accordingly!

The first half of the month is perfect for a family vacation in the UAE: The weather is as kid-friendly as Dubai climate can permit, and the adults will appreciate the still reduced pricing left over from the summer months in Dubai.


Dubai’s air in November gets pleasantly cool by comparison to summer months. +30°С during the day and even +25°С (!) at night.

November is also the start of the UAE’s very own “rainy season”. Don’t get put off by the mention of rain though, as it’s not what it sounds like. The rainfall isn’t tropical; it’s a desert, after all! You’ll be lucky to get 3–4 short showers during the month, and even those will make the ground slightly damp, at best. The soil here is so dry that it slurps the water as fast as you do your favorite Frappuccino.

The rare instances of rainfall don’t spoil the beach vacationers’ moods in the least: The water is a pleasant +28°С, and the sun isn’t as harsh as it used to be. November prices are on par with those of October ones, so book your vacation in advance! That way you won’t have to spend two times more on your last-minute rentals and tickets.

When is the best time to visit Dubai, UAE? Our experience

Dubai design district

We believe that the best time to visit Dubai is when it’s not terribly hot and the prices are at competitive rates. Duh! There is only a handful of months that fall under this category here: Our favorite month to visit Dubai is December (scroll up for a refresh on the reasons why we love it so much).

October and April are also great, as they fall on transitional periods between the two seasons and the temperatures and prices are both manageable enough to have a good time! All three of these months have equal parts on the pedestal of the best month for traveling to the UAE.

Most travelers don’t make such particular distinctions, as they believe all the months that don’t fall into a neat category of the seasons (by definition, all of the spring and fall months) are great to plan your trip to the Emirates for.

Despite all that, we have always heard the saying that Dubai is the only place in the UAE that is travel-worthy in all seasons. While we can attest to the fact that it’s great in the months we’ve mentioned above, summertime still feels absolutely not worth it.

You can argue that people who come to Dubai to explore its plentiful malls and otherwise interesting buildings will be just fine here in summer months, as all of these places have air-conditioning, and you’ll be right! We just simply cannot imagine traveling somewhere and not taking long walks out on the streets, as it’s one of the best ways to get to know a city.

Recently, we’ve added a few new posts to our already extensive “collection” of Dubai and the UAE travelhacks:

The perfect 1 day in Dubai itinerary
The best beaches of Dubai

What to see in Dubai, UAE?

Dubai eye

Dubai is overflowing with exciting places that are guaranteed to be of interest to tourists of all backgrounds. Having traveled here a handful of times, we feel we have the best grip on must-visit areas that look like they came straight from the Arabic tales.

Here are a few to start with:

  • Burj Khalifa in Dubai — the world’s tallest building, this tower is a sight that won’t leave you during your stay in the city. As much fun as it is witnessing the building from different areas of the city, it’s even better to come up to one of the top floors of Burj Khalifa and get the unprecedented views of Dubai.
  • Desert views — jeep safari in the desert is one of the favorite pastimes of both Emirates residents and tourists alike. Some of the tours include camelback riding and lunch in the desert. Your Aladdin dreams are a click away: Just book a tour on GetYourGuide.

Safari in Dubai

  • Palm Jumeirah — a huge artificial island on the coast of Dubai, shaped like a palm. It’s a high-end destination, sporting five-star hotels and world-class restaurants. While you can walk around the island for free, you can spend some money on a more exciting way to see the Palm and the entirety of Dubai: Get a helicopter tour and enjoy the bird’s-eye view of the Emirate.
  • Al Shindagha Museum — a museum inside Dubai city limits, it’s a place that best preserved the sense of the old city. Learn a few fascinating tidbits about the culture of the Emirates and its residents throughout centuries past and present. If museums are your thing in general, consider checking out our article here for the ultimate list of museums of Dubai and its immediate surroundings that are worthy of your time and money.

Al Shindagha Museum

  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi — state-of-the-art construction not so far from Dubai, it is considered to be one of the most stunning mosques of the world. You can’t possibly pass up on visiting this ultimate place that marries top-class architecture, design, and cultural significance. If you have the time, consider booking the full-day tour of Abu Dhabi — this way, you’ll get the fullest picture of the Emirate.
  • Old town of Ras al-Khaimah — get a feel for the rich history of the Emirate by walking around the ancient forts of Ras al-Khaimah — the northernmost emirate of the UAE, located not that far from Dubai.
  • King Faisal Mosque in Sharjah — a beautiful mosque that doesn’t get crowded a lot, so you can walk around its premises in a relatively calm atmosphere. The Emirate of Sharjah is a short drive away from Dubai, so if you leave for the mosque in the morning you are guaranteed to come back by lunch, even if you make a few pit stops along the way.

All the mosques mentioned here (plus the Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai) are free to visit for everyone regardless their beliefs on any day of the week but Friday, when tourists are not allowed inside. Keep in mind though that these establishments are working places of worship, so be considerate and follow the rules put in place inside the mosques.

As for other places in Dubai that are worth a visit, go to La Mer for the best beach experience; to Dubai Gold Souk for the most haggling-oriented jewelry shopping time, and to the Museum of the Future for the most (pardon the repetition) futuristic feel of what’s to come for Dubai in particular and also the whole world.

What to know before going to Dubai, UAE


Now that you have an understanding of when to go to Dubai, it’s time to break down some things you need to know before traveling to the city itself and the UAE in general.

When it comes to requirements for going to Dubai, UAE in 2024, you’re in luck: All UAE visitors are no longer required to show the certificates of vaccination or the proof of a negative Covid test. Still, don’t forget to purchase travel insurance, as it might come in handy if some ailment turns up unexpectedly during your trip here (like a nasty sunburn or a serious case of heatstroke). Better to be safe than sorry!

  • The UAE is a predominantly Muslim country, which means there are certain rules that are supposed to be followed when out and about in the city. It might seem that female clothing is where the distinction with the rest of the world can feel more apparent… But there are plenty of women walking around Dubai streets in leggings and little tops, mini dresses and short skirts; and you can follow suit. However, everything about this topic is controversial at best, and you need to decide for yourself if you’re going to respect the religious traditions of the country you’re visiting and dress modestly or not conform to the rules in order to stay true to your personal style. It’s all up to you!
  • Another way religion affects the UAE’s M.O. is clearly seen in the alcohol consumption. Muslims cannot drink at all, and it’s considered illegal to drink or be drunk in public. Tourists get a free pass (kind of), but only in places that have a license: In certain hotels, bars, and restaurants. You cannot buy alcohol in supermarkets in Dubai, so either opt for a modest glass of wine at the hotel bar (remember not to get visibly intoxicated), or make your vacation a dry one. Sharjah has the strictest laws out of all the other Emirates: It is illegal to drink alcohol here, anywhere, anytime.
  • We don’t advice you travel to the UAE during the month of Ramadan, as there are too many restrictions that accompany this religious holiday (for example, you cannot eat or drink in public during the day). Once Ramadan is over though, pack your bags and fly here at your earliest convenience! This call is especially relevant for shopaholics, as all the big stores in the UAE have massive deals on their stuff shortly after the holiday is over. In 2024, Ramadan will start on March 11th and last for whole thirty days.
  • You can enjoy a beach vacation year-round when in the UAE. Of course, like we’ve mentioned like a hundred times already, summer in Dubai is best avoided due to astronomically hot temperatures, but at least the cold is not something you should be concerned with when you come here (even snow is artificial-only in ski-slope indoor alternatives). Remember though, that the average tourist skin can easily burn even when it’s overcast here, so pack as much sunscreen as you can possibly get away with and reapply it religiously throughout the day.
  • Is Dubai expensive? The short answer is yes, but if you’re smart with your budget, you can still have an amazing experience for relatively cheap. For a more detailed breakdown of prices in Dubai, consult our article on the topic (it’s regularly updated, so you’re guaranteed to have only the latest numbers possible).

Why we love Dubai?

Cruise in Dubai

How can anyone not love the UAE? If you personally still need some convincing, here are the reasons for our appreciation of the country and especially the Dubai emirate:

  • High season here starts just when the rest of the world sinks into a period of horrible weather and low temperatures. Coming to Dubai seems like a good solution for fixing the winter blues and the best way to avoid seasonal depression: You can max out on Vitamin D here as soon as you step foot outside of your hotel.
  • The sheer variation of the Emirates: Each of them brings something new and unique to the table, so you’ll never get bored while traveling around the country.
  • The rapidly changing city skylines: We feel like each time we visit, the new buildings spring up like mushrooms after the rain, creating more entertainment options and general opportunities for architectural admiration.
  • Extremely diverse resident pool. Each year, Dubai welcomes thousands of expats who come here in search of better life. They usually find it, so traveling here might be used as an opportunity to check out the local lifestyle and “try it on” yourself. The country is a new land of opportunity!
  • The city is completely safe, and you might feel at complete ease when walking around its streets at any time of the day.

There are many more reasons to love the Emirates, but its best if you come and experience them yourself. Seeing something with your own eyes is way more efficient than reading the countless blog posts on the topic (even if they are as amazing as ours :)). Keep notes as you read and consult with them as you start to plan your trip to the UAE!

When is it cheaper to travel to the UAE?

If you want to preserve as much of your hard-earned cash as possible, avoid the peak tourist season like the plague! Out of all off-season months, the best ones, in our opinion, are early December and late May.

As for what Emirate to choose for your upcoming trip, follow our advice of choosing some place that faces the Gulf of Oman, as it has way milder climate if compared to the Emirates on the Persian Gulf (like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al-Khaimah, or Sharjah).

Which place is cheaper, you might ask? As a rule of thumb, the lesser-known emirates of Sharjah and Ras Al-Khaimah are way cheaper than the futuristic Dubai or the capital-forward Abu Dhabi. If it’s your first time in the UAE though, we would advise to stick with Dubai to get the best of both worlds: A touch (or a whole kick) of modernity paired with rich history of this desert mirage-like place.

We hope that our article here helped you decide on the best month to visit Dubai in 2024, as well as plan your itinerary for the trip. If you have any further questions, leave them in the comments below! We will leave you with another reminder of the importance of SPF, especially for your travel to the UAE. You can never be safe enough when it comes to the super harsh sun of the area!

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