Visiting Dubai, UAE in November (2024): Our review

Emirates A380 at Dubai Miracle Garden

Just imagine — it’s November on the calendar and you’ve had enough of fall already. Would you like a change of scenery? Or maybe you are looking for an exotic vacation so you can brag all about it to your family at Thanksgiving dinner? If that’s the case, then visiting Dubai in November is exactly what you need to put in your planner.

We traveled to the Emirate on multiple occasions, and late fall is one of the best times to visit this city.

In this article, we share our own experiences and go through all the details of a perfect trip. Stay tuned for everything you need to know about Dubai in November, including weather, great hotel deals, unique guided tours, and finding the best cup of coffee in the morning. We want to help you get the most out of the city, so your trip will indeed be an exciting one to share the details of with your friends and family.

Article contents

  1. Weather in November
  2. Which Emirate to choose for your trip?
  3. Travel expenses: Cheap flights and hotel deals
  4. Our list of Dubai neighborhoods + Dubai hotels top picks
  5. Things to do in Dubai in November
  6. Bonus content: Best Dubai coffeeshops
  7. Is going to Dubai in November worth it? Our review

Dubai weather in November

Alserkal avenue in Dubai

When it comes to visiting hot countries like the United Arab Emirates you might have concerns about the weather. And rightfully so! The summer temperatures in Dubai rise to +41°C / 105°F. With the desert practically engulfing every Arab settlement, the air is very dry and warm. Weather conditions like that can be very unpleasant and even harmful.

But how about late fall? Is November still hot in Dubai? Lucky you — the unbearable dog days of summer are finally over! Daytime temperatures are dropping to +29°C / 84°F, which means you can fully enjoy outdoor activities. A beach vacation is in order: You can finally tan without the fear of turning into a roast chicken. And those desert safaris start to sound enticing once again to adventure lovers not keen on sweltering heat. Hey, it might even rain once a week (we aren’t liable in case it doesn’t — the climate is still very dry!).

If you crawl out of bed like a vampire only around twilight, you probably wonder: How hot is Dubai on November night? You’ll be happy to know that it’s just the right temperature for any nighttime activity — around +25°C / 77°F. You can enjoy a nice walk, a refreshing drink on one of the rooftop terraces, or explore the local club scene. Just make sure you have a light sweater if you plan to spend the whole night out — it might cool down to +18°C / 64°F.

As for the sea temperature in the UAE in November, you can rest easy knowing that it is very accommodating! It stays around +28°C / 82°F throughout the whole month.

Side note: A big question many people have is whether it’s possible to swim in the Emirates in November. The answer is a definite “yes”! Even those who are particularly fond of warmth can easily take a dip in the water. Tested and verified by yours truly!

For easy reference, we’ve compiled a small table of the average temperatures in different Emirates:

Emirate Air, +°C / °F Sea, +°C / °F
Dubai 29°C / 84°F 28°C / 82°F
Ras Al Khaimah 30°C / 86°F 28°C / 82°F
Sharjah 29°C / 84°F 28°C / 82°F
Fujairah 28°C / 82°F 27°C / 80°F
Abu Dhabi 30°C / 86°F 27°C / 80°F

If these are not quite the kinds of temperatures you are looking for, go to our article about the best time to visit Dubai, where we overlook the weather and things to do for every month. Check it out and pick the right time for your vacation!

Which Emirate to choose for your trip in November?

Burj Khalifa from Dubai Frame viewpoint

If you already said “yes” to visiting the UAE in November, but you are not quite sure which of the Emirates to choose, our short guide to the country’s most popular destinations will help you out! As we’ve already mentioned, the weather is pretty much the same across all the Emirates, but other factors make each one of them stand out in a different way.

  • Dubai

The most popular resort in the country. Once a small village of fishermen and pearl divers, it has since developed into an adult Disneyland with artificial islands, skyscrapers, and a million restaurants, hotels, and entertainment options. The beaches here are truly unique, combining the vibrancy of a metropolis with the simple pleasures of white sand, the sea, and clear blue skies. Prices are higher than in other resorts, but the service is of the highest “Arabian Sheikh” level.

  • Ras Al Khaimah

All-inclusive at a moderate price. Outside of the hotels, there is hardly anything to do, but inside, it offers the best vacation for families with children: Shallow waters and plenty of kids’ entertainment options. Thanks to its far distance from Dubai (1,5 hours away by car), it is cheaper than other Emirates. But this doesn’t affect the quality of the beaches and service whatsoever, making it a very worthwhile option if you’re looking for a comfortable stay with 1–2 excursions to neighboring cities. Plus, Ras Al Khaimah has the most lenient policy regarding the dry law.

  • Sharjah and Ajman

They are both just an hour’s drive from Dubai, but you can feel the difference: The beaches are more spacious, there are fewer tourists, and the hotels are cheaper. Many of the accommodations are kid-friendly and family-oriented in general. Both destinations provide a refreshing escape from the bustling city life of Dubai, making them ideal choices for a relaxing and budget-friendly vacation.

  • Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi UAE

The wealthiest Emirate and the official capital of the UAE. It offers a luxurious and upscale vacation experience but with a focus on cultural activities rather than beach getaways. Futuristic skyscrapers blend with lush greenery, and Middle Eastern architecture coexists with ultra-modern attractions like Ferrari World. For the most part, 4-star and 5-star hotels line the coast making it a more expensive destination. So if you travel on a budget, consider Abu Dhabi a nice spot for a simple day trip, and nothing more.

  • Fujairah

The only resort in the UAE facing the Gulf of Oman. The climate here is a little milder, and there are fewer skyscrapers (but more mountain views!). It also boasts a rich underwater world, making it an ideal destination for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. Most of the accommodations in Fujairah offer all-inclusive packages, providing a relaxing experience. A downside is the limited number of attractions for sightseeing.

Travel expenses for your November trip to the UAE

Dubai on a budget

Before getting to the fun part, you have to do some groundwork first. And doing it right makes a big difference — finding good deals on plane tickets and hotels saves you some extra funds for entertainment. We are here to help you with that!

Cheap flights to Dubai in November

We’ve got to be honest, plane tickets for November are on the pricey side. As the cooler season is only just beginning, this period seems to be attracting a lot of visitors. Still, it’s cheaper than traveling in December — winter holidays affect the prices in a big way. If you really are searching for the best deal on the tickets, take a closer look at the months preceding November — though a little hotter in terms of weather, September and October have some of the cheapest flights.

If you decide to stick with visiting Dubai in November, let us give you some tips you can use to save money on your flight:

  • Book early — a good guideline for a below-average price is to buy 4–6 weeks before the departure;
  • Try to be flexible — some days of the week (usually Tuesday and Wednesday) have lower prices;
  • Use a flight search engine — pretty much all the websites that pop up first on Google search have great price-tracking tools that put together deals from various flight carriers and online travel agencies. One of our favorites is It’s user-friendly and has cool features like a whole month search;
  • Double-check the price — use any other flight finder like Wayaway or just to make sure there are no better deals;
  • Go to the airline’s website — if an airline offers the same price as you found searching all the travel websites, you just might book directly through it. This way you get frequent flyer miles for future trips. Plus, sometimes airlines have promos that aren’t showing up on all those flight finders.

As for the estimates for a trip to Dubai in November, expect the following:
✔️A round-trip from New York — $980
✔️A round-trip from Paris — $575

Hotel prices in Dubai, UAE

Another essential listing on your travel budget is hotels. The average price for a night in Dubai, including hostels and luxury hotels, is $250.

The cheapest month to book accommodations is July ($130) and the most expensive one is December ($400). November is somewhat of a happy medium with the average price of around $300/night.

We assembled a table that will help you figure out the accommodation expenses for two people.

Average hotel prices in the UAE:

3 stars 4 stars 5 stars
Dubai $100 $200 $310
Ras Al Khaimah $90 $130 $250
Sharjah $90 $210 $300
Fujairah $80 $110 $240
Abu Dhabi $110 $220 $260

A good thing to keep in mind is that these estimates do not include various tourist taxes. In most cases, when booking online you will just pay for the room rate. To avoid unpleasant surprises, allow us to introduce all the extra fees you might have to pay during the check-in process:

  • Tourism Dirham Fee of 7–20 AED ($2–$5,5) per night depending on the hotel rating.

Fees and taxes vary by Emirate and hotel rating but expect an additional 25–30% charge on top of the room rate.

Such a hefty surcharge might feel overwhelming, so here are some money-saving tips:

  • Make a reservation in advance for lower prices;
  • Use one of the hotel search engines like to find the best deals;
  • Compare prices with hotel aggregators like Agoda;
  • If you have plenty of time before the departure, set price alerts;
  • Check directly with the hotel for any special discounts — some hotels like to promote direct bookings.

Which neighborhood to choose for your stay?

Dubai Marina beach

The right price is not the only thing that matters when it comes to a good vacation — the location of your stay might be even more important.

Here is a summary of the best areas to stay in Dubai:

  • Al Barsha — a budget-friendly district located between Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina. If you are seeking an area that is pretty close to the main attractions and has affordable accommodations, Al Barsha is your choice. It lacks the sea and beaches, but most of the hotels offer free transfers.
    Our hotel pick here is 4* DoubleTree by Hilton Al Barsha
  • Deira — another inexpensive district with affordable hotels and dining options located on the outskirts of Dubai. Though there are no beaches here, Deira offers easy access to the rest of Dubai via the metro, making it a convenient base for exploring the city. It’s worth noting that it is also a very bustling neighborhood with lively markets and shops, which may be a drawback if you are looking for some peace and quiet.
    Our hotel pick here is 4* Wyndham Dubai Deira
  • Bur Dubai — a district with historic charm and vibrant atmosphere that was once the center of life in Dubai. Located across the bay from Deira, Bur Dubai is closer to downtown and offers a range of attractions of its own, such as Al Bastakiya District, Zabeel Palace, and the Museum of the Future.
  • Downtown Dubai — a modern district with numerous shopping malls, the highest-rated restaurants, and notable architectural achievements like Burj Khalifa. The downside is high prices, not only for accommodation but also for food, with even fast-food meals being expensive. Also, you’ll to have to take a metro or a taxi to reach beach destinations like Dubai Marina or La Mer.
  • Dubai Marina — a family-friendly neighborhood, which offers prestige and luxury comparable to the city center. Are you ready to explore excellent beaches and a wide range of entertainment activities, including boat tours and the world’s largest Ferris wheel — Ain Dubai? With everything conveniently located in a relatively tiny area with a metro station nearby, it’s a top choice for travelers with kids.
  • Palm Jumeirah — an exclusive neighborhood in Dubai, which stands out as a luxurious and expensive area, featuring its own beaches and an iconic palm-shaped artificial island. You will remember unique attractions like the Atlantis Aquaventure water park or a helicopter ride. But the neighborhood definitely lacks grocery stores, non-chain restaurants, and public transportation.

Our best Dubai hotel recommendations for November 2024

Just like in any tourist city, Dubai offers an incredible variety of hotels. With such a vast selection, picking one might seem like a time-consuming and challenging task.

Welcome to our list of handpicked Dubai accommodations for every budget (prices are for 2 adults in a single room):

One could joke that this is the only five-star hotel in Dubai that an ordinary traveler can afford, but in reality, there are many such cases in the Deira neighborhood. It’s because it’s a working-class district but at the same time a popular tourist hub due to the lower hotel prices, metro proximity, inexpensive restaurants, and one of Dubai’s best beaches — Al Mamzar.

Pay attention — it’s located near Sharjah Airport, and we only recommend it for those travelers planning to rent a car (parking is available) or for groups of four or more people (so you can split an Uber fare to Dubai). There’s a free shuttle service too, but you probably don’t want to build your vacation around it. Overall, a great budget-friendly option with decent interiors and all the amenities you need, including a heated outdoor pool in winter.

This hotel was no disappointment for us. From the outside, it looks like another ordinary hotel nestled in a glass skyscraper, but the truth is, it has all you need for a budget vacation: Clean and modern rooms, as well as amenities such as a pool, sauna, gym, and great breakfast. Plus, a metro station, as well as Ski Dubai indoor resort, is in close proximity. There’s nothing to complain about, and the price is very pleasant.

One of the most affordable options to stay in the upscale beach area of Dubai Marina. Well-equipped apartments with cleaning and restaurant services. Plenty of dining options nearby too. Close to the metro and a 15-minute walk from the beach. The downsides is the absence of a designated beach area.

An amazing hotel with a focus on décor and eco-friendliness in a perfect location. Plenty of entertainment activities in the evenings, including live music in the restaurant and poolside parties. By the way, the pool also offers an incredible view of the iconic twin Emirates Towers.

A modern hotel located on the border of Old and New Dubai. The hotel offers clean and contemporary rooms with good soundproofing and high-speed Wi-Fi. It is conveniently located within easy reach of the beach and major attractions.

A budget-friendly 5-star hotel with excellent reviews. Its prime waterfront location isn’t the only thing travelers come back for, again and again: A friendly and attentive staff of the hotel is truly the star of the show here! The rooms are spacious, and some offer views of the creek. The highlight of your stay will be the rooftop swimming pool.

Looking for a chic vacation? How about this renowned 5-star resort on Palm Jumeirah? Luxurious rooms, impeccable service, and exceptional amenities including a waterpark, aquarium, and diverse dining options. With stunning views of the Arabian Gulf, it provides an unforgettable experience and, of course, a chance to brag on social media.

Must-do UAE experiences in November

Safari in Dubai UAE

Visiting Dubai in November comes with a bonus — the cooler, more comfortable temperature allows you to participate in more than usual beach activities. Day trips and unique sight explorations crown the tourist itineraries. For those interested in taking guided tours, which are very popular here by the way, GetYourGuide and Viator offer plenty of options.

In fact, we already did all the dirty work and found the best deals, so you can simply follow the links in our list. Without any further ado, we present the must-visit selection for different Emirates:

1. Dubai.

Desert jeep safari — the program usually includes a car ride, interaction with camels (riding and photos), dinner with Bedouins, and hookah. Hey, you may even get a henna tattoo done! Prices start at $55.

Miracle Garden — the World’s Largest Natural Flower Garden offers lush greenery for those who want a refreshing experience after a desert tour. And not only that — the fascinating part is of course all sorts of giant blooming sculptures, including swans, castles, a Mickey Mouse, and even a life-sized Airbus. Hands down, it’s a fairytale-like experience that amazes both kids and adults. Plan your visit on their website, and remember that it’s only open in the cooler months (usually November — March).

Miracle Garden in Dubai

Sightseeing tour — getting around Dubai on foot might be challenging so a popular way to tick all the major attractions on a travel itinerary is to take a city tour in a car. An experienced guide will share his knowledge and save you time. You can choose this excellent 4,5-hour-long Dubai experience ($32 per person) or this 3-hour private city excursion in a CONVERTIBLE ($350 for a group of three). Alternatively, you can rent a car on and explore the UAE on your own terms — rent rates start from $25/day.

Burj Khalifa — the cost of the tickets varies depending on how high (several observation decks on different levels) and how fast (skipping the line) you want to go. “Luxury” class: floors 124–125 and 148 ($145). “Basic” class: floors 124–125 ($47). Keep in mind the price increases to $67 during sunset. You can purchase tickets online. The website also offers a combo package with the Dubai Aquarium for $73.

Burj Khalifa photo spot

Helicopter tour — a thrilling alternative for panoramic views. Look at the grandeur and beauty of the city’s most known attractions like Burj Khalifa from a new perspective. The tour is truly a memorable adventure and a chance to make some cool photos. Prices start from around $195.

Speedboat tour — a less extreme but just as exciting option to look at Dubai from a different angle. Plus, it lasts longer and costs less than a helicopter ride (around $43). The thrill of speed and stunning views of Dubai Marina’s coastline are guaranteed.

Al Fahidi — a historical area of Dubai. Those narrow winding streets and ancient towers really make for a time travel experience. The fort is home to numerous art galleries, cozy cafes, boutique shops, and Dubai Museum with its archeological artifacts. A good spot to get some souvenirs for your loved ones too.

Al Shindagha — a place to learn more about the rich cultural heritage of Dubai. The museum uses lots of innovative techniques to engage visitors like interactive displays, multimedia presentations, and immersive experiences. Different sections will tell you all about Dubai’s past, present, and even future. The entrance ticket is 50 AED ($14) and can be purchased on their website. If you’re a big history buff and want to learn more about this particular museum, we go into more detail in our article about Al Shindagha Museum in Dubai.

Al Shindagha Museum

Dubai Frame — you’ve probably seen photos of this huge picture frame, in fact, the largest frame in the world. In addition to being a source of admiration in and of itself, it offers wonderful views of Dubai’s skyline from the glass bridge with modern architecture on one side and historic areas on the other. Book your ticket (50 AED/$14) here.

The View at the Palm — another observatory with a bird’s eye view. The 360°-panoramic deck looks over the famous man-made island of Palm Jumeirah. You discover more about its creation with the help of interactive exhibitions. The standard admission fees start at 100 AED ($27) but get to 158 AED ($43) later in the day.

The View at the Palm viewpoint

Dubai Fountain — a spectacular experience that delights everyone. Water and light performances synchronized to all kinds of music from classic melodies to popular songs. Definitely one of the best free things to do in Dubai.

Alserkal Avenue — you can find almost everything here from stylish boutiques and fashion stores to trendy restaurants for every taste as well as live music performances, cultural events, and art installations.

La Perle by Dragone — a fantastic experience if you enjoy live entertainment, acrobatics, and theatrical performances. The show was created by Franco Dragone, known for his work with Cirque du Soleil. You have to pay a high price for this mesmerizing spectacle though — anywhere from $100 to $270 depending on the dinner package.

La Perle by Dragone show

2. Abu Dhabi.

Louvre Abu Dhabi — a branch of the well-known French Louvre. Showcases both Eastern and European art with the idea of finding a connection between the two. Here, you’ll find everything from ancient artifacts to contemporary paintings. And the building is a landmark in itself with both modern and traditional Arabic elements. Book your visit online and learn more details in our special guide to Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi louvre Abu Dhabi louvre museum inside

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque — the largest mosque in the UAE and one of the largest mosques in the world. Admire its breathtaking architecture: Stunning white marble domes, floral designs, and calligraphy adorn every inch of the space. A great place for a stroll too with its large courtyard, featuring greenery and pools.

Ferrari World — for car enthusiasts, both young and old. In addition to the attractions, the park features thematic exhibitions, installations, and car models. The entrance fee is 345 AED ($94) for adults and 265 AED ($72) for children. Since it’s located in Abu Dhabi, getting here might be easier with a day tour like this one.

Yas Waterworld — an aqua park in Abu Dhabi. Buy a day ticket ($80) and enjoy non-stop entertainment.

Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi

3. Sharjah.

Rain Room — remember a scene from The Truman Show movie, where the rain goes everywhere but on Jim Carrey’s character (or was it the other way around? The movie is such a trip!)? Either way, this is your chance for the same kind of experience — the hi-tech installation allows you to walk through rainfall and stay dry with the help of motion sensors. The play of light and shadow adds to the sensory engagement too. You can meditate, reflect on your life, or simply admire this unique combination of art, nature, and technology. Reserve a time slot here.

House of Wisdom — an architectural wonder and a cultural hub. It’s not only an extensive collection of books and digital materials but also a public space with a variety of events, activities, and lectures. If only all libraries looked like this! You should definitely check out the interiors. Wish to attend some of the workshops or temporary exhibitions? Follow this link for schedules.

Bonus! Best Dubai coffeeshops — our favorites

Best Dubai coffeeshops

So you happened to be in Dubai on November morning looking for a good coffee spot? Or have you just finished a long sightseeing tour and now dreaming about a mouth-watering lunch meal? We’ve got you covered. As coffee and food enthusiasts, we always highlight the best places wherever we travel.

Welcome to the best cafes in Dubai:

  • ☕ % Arabica

If you need a high-quality coffee beverage, look no further. They have multiple locations in the UAE in some of the most iconic settings. The interiors are stunning too — enjoy the modern minimalist designs of their shops that create a serene atmosphere.

The prices for the most popular coffee drinks:
— 12oz Americano — 19 AED ($5)
— 1 cup Drip coffee — 21 AED ($6)
— 12oz Latte — 24 AED ($6,5)

As for snacks, almost every Dubai and Abu Dhabi location offers baguettes (even the French will admit they are out-of-this-world delicious, and we all know how tough a critic a run-of-the-mill garçon can be). You can look up the full menu on the website.

  • 🥙 YUi

Craving the best ramen in Dubai? This is the place for you. Do not let the simple interiors confuse you — when it comes to their food, you get a gastronomic experience comparable to fancy restaurants. The broth is rich and creamy and the ingredients are always fresh. They serve a wide range of other Japanese dishes too, like gyoza, bao, agemono, and yakitori.

Some of their menu items:
— Shoyu Ramen — 60 AED ($16)
— Beef Bao — 65 AED ($18)
— Chicken Gyoza — 53 AED ($14,5)

You can look at all those delicious meals they offer here. FYI: There are special lunch offers (available on weekdays from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.).

  • 🥙 Wild & The Moon

It’s sometimes hard to find an environmentally conscious venue with allergy-friendly options. A flavorful plant-based cuisine combined with a cozy and welcoming atmosphere makes Wild & The Moon one of the best dining experiences in Dubai. And even if you don’t have any dietary restrictions and don’t particularly follow a vegetarian lifestyle, you simply won’t be able to resist their tasty nutritious meals.

Their menu includes:
— Mango Smoothie — 35 AED ($9,5)
— Orange Pancakes — 49 AED ($13)
— Wild Tacos — 58 AED ($16)

  • 🥙 Time Out Market

This food hall brings together some of the city’s most talented chefs under one roof. It offers a diverse range of snacks and full meals, giving you a chance to sample various cuisines. It has a lot on its plate both figuratively and literally — local specials, international dishes, and innovative flavors are all in one place. Choose your own favorite from the list.

  • ☕ Roasters

If you love the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans in the morning, Roasters Specialty Coffee House is the place to go. Other than serving outstanding drinks, they offer freshly baked pastries, light meals, and sandwiches. The inviting décor adds to a pleasing gastronomic experience and makes it a perfect place to relax.

Their menu vary by location. Some of the popular treats:
— Cottage Cheese Pancakes — 67 AED ($18)
— Poke Salmon Bowl — 75 AED ($20,5)
— San Sebastian Latte — 35 AED ($9,5)

  • 🥙 Afghan Palace

This list wouldn’t be complete without a recommendation for a place that serves great meat dishes. This Afghani restaurant offers a diverse range of meals with rich flavors and aromatic spices. If your loved one is a vegetarian, don’t worry — though grilled meat dominates the main section, there are many filling vegetarian appetizers. The Afghan Palace is also known for its authentic décor and warm hospitality.

You can find a menu for each location online. Some of the fan favorites:
— Authentic Kabuli Tikka — 35 AED ($9,5)
— Seekh Kebab — 40 AED ($11)
— Authentic Shinwari Karahi — 60 AED ($16)

Is going to Dubai in November worth it? Our review

Museum of the Future

Is November a good time to visit Dubai? In short, it can be a great time to explore the city, even if you’re here for one day. November is the transition period from hot summer temperatures to cooler weather, which makes it more comfortable for outdoor activities and Dubai sightseeing. You can enjoy the city’s stunning beaches, go on desert safaris, embark on boat tours, or visit parks and gardens.

Though busier than September and October, November is less crowded than peak tourist seasons, which are usually during the winter months. You will experience fewer crowds and shorter queues at popular attractions. This makes visiting Dubai in November more pleasant and productive than in the following three months.

Don’t forget about the exciting cultural and gastronomic events that Dubai usually hosts in November. You can visit the Dubai Design Week and several food festivals. November is also a good time for shopping enthusiasts. Though the Dubai Shopping Festival is held in December, some fashion stores have good deals and discounts leading up to it.

When it comes to prices in general, November is not the cheapest month for a trip. But to be honest, Dubai is an expensive destination overall. We made a detailed article about all the prices in Dubai to help you figure out how much you would have to pay for accommodation, tours, and food. We also share saving tips and our travel budget estimates there.

Pros and cons of going to Dubai in November

We came up with a simple pros and cons list of our impressions. It might help you make up your mind if you still have doubts. Let’s start with the good news:
+ By the end of fall, the coastal temperatures settle into a pleasant range, making the vacation enjoyable.
+ The flights are not at their peak prices yet.
+ There are good discounts on guided tours! Even in November, Dubai can be budget-friendly.
+ You can rent a car and plan an exciting journey of your own!
+ Crystal-clear sea and beaches.
+ The hotels provide a high level of service (even if you pay for a 3-star hotel, you will most likely get the treatment worthy of a 5-star hotel).

But let’s not forget about the drawbacks:
— Overall, everything is expensive, so you either have to look for ways to save money or accept the fact that the trip will be financially draining.
— The UAE isn’t a pedestrian-friendly country: There are few places that you can comfortably walk between, without coming to a dead end of a highway or a construction site. Relying solely on transportation throughout the vacation can be quite exhausting.
— Dry law and high prices for alcohol.

Taking everything into account, we still feel like November is a good time for a vacation. In recent years, travel costs have increased across all destinations. At least in Dubai, you get what you pay for — luxury comforts and excellent service are everywhere. If you’re still on the fence about choosing November as the month for your Emirates trip, you can find your own best time to visit Dubai according to personal preferences — in this article, we thoroughly review all the details for each month.

After your vacation, feel free to share your own impressions and money-saving suggestions below in the comment section.

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