Newly opened hotels in the Maldives in 2024: The most extensive list

new hotels in maldives

Despite being limited by the number of islands, new hotels in the Maldives continue to appear on the map, crowding top Google searches of potential island visitors. It’s always fun to explore new ways established hotel chains can potentially surprise us with: Have they finally started building getaways that go all out without you having to spend your entire savings account on a stay? More realistically though, is it possible to find great deals on hotels in the Maldives?

While working on this fresh selection of new hotels opening in the Maldives in 2024, we couldn’t help but long for a majestic beach vacation ourselves (how could you not?!). You could say that the paradise islands were calling our name; and we promptly answered the call by jumping on the nearest plane in hopes to check out even more new haunts that keep popping up on every inch of dry land in the area.

We hope you follow suit, after reading our list of best new hotels in the Maldives we’ve kept updating throughout the years (a job not too shabby, considering the fairytale-esque location).

Article contents

  1. Why choose a newly opened hotel in the Maldives?
  2. How much does it cost to get to the Maldives?
  3. Already opened or upcoming Maldives hotels in 2024
  4. Maldives hotels opened in 2023
  5. Maldives hotels opened in 2022
  6. Maldives hotels opened in 2021
  7. Bonus content: Hotels set to open in 2025 or later
  8. Our personal all-time favorite hotel recs in the Maldives

Why choose a newly opened hotel in the Maldives?

maldives islands

New hotels in the Maldives open every year. We noticed that two or three years ago, resorts here were springing up like mushrooms. In 2024, there’s not as much fervor and rush to build dozens of accommodations on the islands. However, there are still determined people who want to bring their ideas of a perfect getaway location to life, thus making our list grow in quantity (and, looking at the accommodations and service provided, in quality as well) with each passing year.

The advantages of considering upcoming resorts in the Maldives in 2024 as the homebase for your island vacation are obvious:

  • New means modern, or at least keeping up with trends in the hotel industry. In the Maldives, new hotels need to stand out from the crowd, since the roster of hundreds of already established resorts is practically blooming with outstanding options that can blow your mind with their alluring design and provided services.
  • Even if a hotel is on the humbler side, it’s still fresh, shiny, and polished, — think of a new device with its protective seal intact. Nothing is broken (yet), and the room kettle (still) works.
  • The prices can be quite reasonable as newly opened hotels try to attract a lot of guests (and impress them well enough for a winning review) in the first year. By the second year, the prices usually skyrocket well into the bracket of a thousand dollars per night and above, depending on the hotel segment.

Keep in mind that a new hotel might not be all sunshine and rainbows. The construction may still be not fully completed, with your private terrace hang-outs being accompanied by the sound of drills and hammers; the staff may still be getting used to the routine, with common mistakes (like arranging a comfortable transfer from, say, an airport) running amuck all throughout your stay. Even nature may not have enough time to create a picture-perfect backdrop for your vacation as the lush jungle doesn’t grow in a day. Plus, some hotels in the Maldives are set on man-made islands: The powdery white sand may not be there when you land (as it’s stuck in transit, or what not), leaving you with coarser beaches that are a natural result of the processes used to create an artificial island. In short, there are risks. Therefore, it’s wise to wait 1–3 months after the opening and monitor the reviews as they come.

We tried to consider several factors when creating the reviews of the new hotels:
✔️ Quality of services provided (although, indeed, this aspect can constantly change, as it’s dependent on too many variables);
✔️ Distance from the airport and the cost of the transfer to the island the hotel is located on;
✔️ Number of villas (if there are too many, then quietude and relaxation is harder to achieve, though not impossible!);
✔️ Prices and already accumulated guest reviews.

How much does it cost to get to the Maldives?

our trip to maldives islands

The first step of getting to the vacation of your dreams is flying into Malé, the capital of the Maldives. The main international airport (MLE) is located on Hulhulé Island near Malé.

If you’re flying from the States, you’ll have to take a connecting flight through such international hubs as Doha and Istanbul, or Europe. The average ticket price fluctuates somewhere between $800 and $1100. Peculiarly, it doesn’t always depend on the season or proximity of the trip. So just make sure to browse a little bit to find the best deal.

If you’re flying from Europe, you’re still most likely to have a stopover as well. The rates start at $500, but then the sky’s your limit. Some of the larger international airports like London Heathrow or Frankfurt even have direct flights for very reasonable prices — for example, right now you can buy a ticket for December for only $500!

Keep in mind though that getting to Malé is only half of it. Most of the resorts are located on their own islands and transfers there can be quite stress-inducing if you haven’t planned this second leg of your journey in advance (leave a hefty sum from your travel budget for this part; it ain’t going to be cheap! You’re on the Money Islands after all).

Maldives hotels in 2024 — already opened or upcoming

Predictably, there are no reviews for these newly opened hotels in the Maldives yet; the only descriptions that are available are on their websites — and these are pretty biased sources, if you think about it.

So, for now, we can only talk about the perks that are promised by their creators, — who knows, maybe you will get treated to a luxurious spa and a personal chef, and it’s not some tall tale to lure guests to the hotel? If any particular choice sounds appealing to you, then feel free to roll the dice and make an early booking!

Just keep in mind, these options may — or may not — become the best new resorts in the Maldives in 2024:


Villa Haven

⚡Scheduled to open in November 2024
⚡ Transfer from Male: 35 minutes by seaplane

Although the promised launch of Villa Haven was delayed from the end of 2023, they assure that the resort will open its doors to tourists in November 2024.

Villa Haven is yet another addition to the luxury Maldivian hotel chain — Villa Resorts. There are three other hotels from this network operating on the islands, and based on reviews, they almost all have ratings of 9/10:

The new Villa Haven is located in South Ari Atoll — it is quite remote (though it takes only 35 minutes to get here from the airport), and it features more wild and untouched nature. The villas were designed by London-based visionaries, and indeed, their touch is subtle yet sophisticated. The interiors are minimalist and restrained, in white and brown tones; it all looks stylish and modern (at least judging by the available photos).

There are 68 villas in the complex (although after last year’s complexes with 300 villas in Lhaviyani and 200 in Meemu, this doesn’t seem like an astronomically big number), and, following the old good Maldivian tradition, each villa has its own private pool.

Their spa services, which they poetically named the “Healing Haven”, is promised to be out of this world. Here you’ll find traditional Maldivian beauty procedures, as well as Ayurveda and a wide variety of massage options.

The dining concept is Full Board: You will be treated to a delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner from the local restaurant. And after dinner, you can gather around a big bonfire with other tourists and take part in a local tradition: Listening to island myths and legends and enjoying some yummy snacks in the process. What more could you ask for?

  • You can already book this hotel on with rates starting from $1,300 per night.

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Soneva Secret

⚡Opened in March 2024
⚡Round-trip transfer from Male: 75 minutes by seaplane ($2,300 per adult and $1,150 per child)

Here is one of the most exciting Maldives upcoming resorts in 2024. The network of modern eco-friendly Soneva resorts is expanding. A new hotel has opened in March 2024, on an island in Haa Dhaalu Atoll. The resort’s location is quite remote: It takes an hour and 15 minutes to get here from the airport by seaplane. However, the infrastructure in Haa Dhaalu is well-developed, and there are already quite a few hotels in the “region.”

The complex includes 14 villas: Options like humble one-bedrooms and two-story structures can be set either right on the water or on the beach. There are also some villas that are located in the lagoon or completely secluded and accessible only by boat — the property features the first luxury floating villa in the Maldives! Each villa has a freshwater pool and a spa room, as well as a white sandy beach in the back (or turquoise waters of the lagoon if it’s an overwater villa). It is mentioned that local waters are abound with not only colorful tropical fish but also rays, dolphins, and whale sharks — which, don’t worry, are not dangerous to humans (at least that’s what we’ve been told).

  • And how about a retractable roof that allows you to gaze at the stars at night without leaving your bed? In short, top-notch luxury!

Wait, there is more! At your service is a personal concierge and a private chef (yes, each villa has its own chef to cater to your culinary preferences). It seems the website’s promise to maximize comfort for each guest is not an exaggeration. You can take an overwater zipline (quite an adventure, right?) to the Out of This World panoramic restaurant in the lagoon. It has its own observatory and a wine cellar. The beach café So Primitive, where food is prepared over an open fire, is described as perfect for a laid-back dinner.

In short, Soneva Secret offers a luxury getaway and complete immersion in nature, with picnics in picturesque spots, snorkeling (you won’t go alone — a skilled instructor will accompany you), and, if you wish, even stargazing with an astronomer.

  • The price for all of these not-so-little luxuries is expectedly high — you will spend anywhere from $4,000 per night on your stay at Soneva Secret.

Maldives hotels opened in 2023

Out of 12 new resorts in the Maldives that were scheduled to open in 2023, only 7 have actually started operating. Some have postponed their opening to 2024/2025, while others have been breaking their promise of a grand opening since 2017. In any case, among the new hotels (all of which are five-star, by the way) there are definitely plenty of choices!



⚡Type of resort: Breakfast, Half, Full Board, or All-Inclusive
⚡Transfer: 15 minutes on a speedboat; $200 per adult and $100 per child

The five-star resort that opened in November 2023 has become a significant addition to the Accor family
of hotels, which already has five properties in the Maldives. You can choose from any of the 80 villas, including beachfront and overwater options, all featuring bold and vibrant designs: Colorful sofas in the common areas, red carpets, striped beach umbrellas, — aesthetic eye candy at its best! However, there are also villas with a more restrained and elegant style. Those are located on the front line next to a private beach (pure white sand, which is always the case in the Maldives). And the view from the windows overlooking the turquoise waters of the Emboodhoo Lagoon is simply breathtaking!

SO Maldives

Sure, postcard-worthy views are not just South Malé specific; they are a commonplace thing for virtually any spot in the Maldives. So, what makes this hotel special? To us, it’s all about their excellent spa: Besides the hammam, steam room, and sauna (which are already great), there’s a well-equipped gym and a whole range of “organic” wellness treatments. Guests can also rent bikes (for free, might we add) to explore the island, swim in the local outdoor pool, play pool, or wander around in the verdant and lush hotel garden.

Breakfast is à la carte: You can order Asian or international dishes; your preferences will be accommodated, including vegan and gluten-free options. In general, the hotel has several restaurants, and you can choose where to have lunch or dinner: A Mediterranean café with a beach terrace, an Arabic restaurant with ocean views, or a place famous for its Asian delicacies.

The hotel is only a year old, so there aren’t too many reviews yet. But most of them agree that the stay at SO/Maldives can be described as “fabulous”! The ratings are almost perfect — 4,9 out of 5. The only notable complaint is about the diving: Some say the corals were almost colorless, but that seems to be a different matter altogether.

  • You will pay anywhere from $650 per night in off-season and $1,000 during peak tourist season.

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Joy Island Maldives

⚡️Type of resort: All-Inclusive
⚡Transfer: 40 minutes on a speedboat; $190 per adult, $90 per child aged 2-12, and free for children under 2

This resort is a part of the renowned hotel brand Cocoon Collection. It opened in September 2023, and judging by the reviews (though there aren’t many yet), if beauty could be defined by a specific place, then it would be Joy Island.

People love almost everything here: The staff is always helpful, food is delicious, and beaches are pristine with crystal-clear blue water. North Malé Atoll was adapted for the resort only recently, so the nature here is almost untouched in many areas.

There are 151 villas in total: Both beachfront and overwater options offer a wide array of lavish comforts. There are also plenty of amenities here: Several restaurants offering cuisines from around the world, a spa center (overwater treatment rooms are a hit with guests), diving and water sports centers, and a tennis court. In short, you won’t get bored for a second during your stay at Joy Island! The hotel is also suitable for families with children, offering a kids’ club for little ones aged 3 and up. Guests of all ages can enjoy trips to the coral reef and take part in turtle watching.

If we were to nitpick, there are a couple of minor drawbacks: Since the resort is still new, there are not enough tall trees here that can provide shade from the sun, and generally very little greenery. However, there are plans to plant more in the coming years, so the area is on track to becoming a lush paradise. Additionally, we heard some guests are unhappy that there are no showers at the beach. We wouldn’t consider this to be a significant drawback: Your villa is never too far away, so come in and use your personal shower!

  • Plan to spend anywhere from $500 per night in off-season and $640 in peak season.

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Six Senses Kanuhura Maldives

⚡️Type of resort: Half or Full Board
⚡Transfer: 40 minutes by seaplane, $880 per person

This complex is set across three separate islands in Lhaviyani Atoll. With an opening date of September 2023, it’s still pretty fresh, with spick-and-span rooms and outstanding service. The resort consists of 80 villas in total, including both standard overwater and beachfront options, as well as very spacious family villas with magical views of the sunrises and sunsets over the ocean. The villas themselves are quite typical, with the interiors that are both standard and charming: Think canopy beds, freestanding bowl-shaped bathtubs, and wicker chairs on the quaint terraces.

Of course, you can spend entire days here chilling on the beach, enjoying the scenery of the cobalt blue ocean and the lush greenery. But you can also sign up for snorkeling or even go canoeing (not to mention basic entertainment options like playing pool, table tennis, or squash) — the resort is your oyster! We also think this hotel will be a great place to stay in the Maldives for couples: A huge range of services — from private dinners with a glass of fine wine to organized dates on a deserted beach — will make your time at Six Senses as romantic and magical as possible.

  • A stay here will start from $1,200 per night during off-season and $1,350 in peak season.

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Madifushi Private Island

⚡️Type of resort: Breakfast, Half or Full Board, All-Inclusive or Ultra All-Inclusive
⚡Transfer: 35 minutes by seaplane; $555 per person

This resort was opened in January 2023 in Meemu Atoll (also known as Mulaku Atoll). It offers you a private island with 200 villas, all located on the first line: Beachfront villas come with a terrace, a small private pool, and an open-air shower, while overwater villas feature terrace swings and a pool with unbeatable ocean views.

If you enjoy combining beach relaxation with unique activities, the water sports center at Madifushi Private Island is at your service. Besides standard snorkeling (where you can see not only corals but also manta rays and harmless whale sharks), the guests are encouraged to take trips to the idyllic sand spit island (that “medallion” of nothing but sand in the middle of the vast ocean) or make a fun day out of swimming with dolphins. Thrill-seekers can try wakeboarding or water skiing, ride a sea scooter, or even fly on a flyboard! For those who prefer a more relaxed experience, the hotels offer sunset yoga sessions that are all the rage with the female clientele.

Food scene is abound in the resort. Meals are served three times a day in one of two restaurants: You can pick from Mediterranean, Italian, Asian, or Indian cuisine, or dishes from the grill bar (which is only open for lunch and dinner). Tourists mention that while the food is delicious, it is quite expensive.

  • A night at Madifushi Private Island will cost you anywhere from $900 in off-season and $1,000 in peak season.

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Avani+ Fares Maldives Resort

⚡️Type of resort: Breakfast, Half or Full Board
⚡Transfer: 40 minutes by seaplane ($600 per adult and $300 per child) or domestic airlines + a speedboat for $500 per adult and $250 per child

The international hotel chain Avani has finally opened a resort in the Maldives. They announced their plans back in 2020, but after all the pandemic chaos, the place only started welcoming tourists in April of 2023. This is one of those cases where a new hotel in the atoll doesn’t mean unfinished repairs and unvetted staff, but rather fresh, pristine rooms and a clean beach.

An interesting point: The accommodations here include not only the traditional Maldivian beachfront and overwater villas but also studios, which are quite budget-friendly even during high season (by Maldives standards, at least). Surprisingly, in off-season, the villas are only slightly more expensive than the studios!

The hotel quickly gained a reputation as a family-friendly destination in the Maldives, so there are plenty of couples with children (a kids’ club is available) here at all times. However, it also attracts a lot of young people: The main pool area, clad with a jacuzzi zone, a slide, and a fully stocked bar, is an ideal party spot. Wine tastings, oceanfront dining, and beach parties offer a complete immersion in carefree relaxation.

There’s also a reef with a beautiful coral nearby, so it’s worth going on an underwater tour with a diving instructor to see manta rays, turtles, and small fish. A tip from the guests: Book all activities and entertainment in advance! Due to the large number of rooms, the resort is often packed, and spots fill up quickly, sometimes almost a week ahead. Even for the tennis court, you’ll need to make reservations several days in advance.

  • The prices at Avani+ Fares Maldives Resort are pretty reasonable: Expect to pay anywhere from $400 per night ($630 for a villa) in off-season and $540 ($800 for a villa) in peak season.

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Amari Raava Maldives

⚡️Type of resort: Full Board, All-Inclusive
⚡Transfer: 35 minutes by seaplane; $450 per adult and $350 per child

This hotel was initially planned to open in 2022 under the name Amari Kudakurathu Maldives, but within a year, everything changed, and in August 2023, the hotel opened its doors under a different name (sounds way catchier now, if we say so ourselves).

The hotel is located far from the hustle and bustle, in Raa Atoll. Its concept can be boiled down to a “haven for hermits.” This doesn’t mean that the rooms here are only for solo traveling introverts, and the activities are only based on beach relaxation. It means that the resort itself is stylized in such a way that guests don’t feel the crowds in any way, in a kind of “new home away from home” fashion. The accommodation options here are quite expected: A long row of overwater villas and a line of beachfront villas that all make up 200 living arrangements on the island are a standard layout for a resort in the Maldives.

The diving and water sports center here fully justifies its purpose: You can take a ride on a jet ski or a monoski, go parasailing, or take a ride on a catamaran. Snorkeling and dolphin tours are, of course, available (this is a basic set of activities in the Maldives). And if you’re willing to drop some more cash, you can rent a luxurious yacht for a few hours and go on a mini-cruise.

We also liked the concept of spa rituals in the hotel’s salon: You can enjoy a massage with pleasantly fragrant essential oils while sipping local herbal teas. By the way, they specialize mainly in Thai spa treatments here — you know you’re in for a fabulously relaxing time!

  • You’re expected to pay anywhere from $670 per night during off-season and $1,000 in peak season.

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Jawakara Island

⚡️Type of resort: Breakfast, Half or Full Board, Ultra All-Inclusive
⚡Transfer: 40 minutes by seaplane; $430 per adult and $215 per child aged 2-11, free for children under 2 or domestic airlines + a speedboat

Here is another hotel in Lhaviyani Atoll that was opened in October 2023 (although it was planned to welcome its first guests in August). 290 modern villas with all conveniences are located on the Jawakara coral reef: A long suspension bridge connects two islands, Mabin and Dheru, into a single resort.

The place is liked by both families with children and couples. There’s no shortage of daytime activities on the islands. While the local water sports center might not offer as much variety as the previous contender, snorkeling or scuba diving is definitely part of the standard program here. You can also windsurf, kayak, and sail on catamarans. Although extreme sports enthusiasts will have to make do with nothing other than water skiing (which isn’t that bad, you can get an adrenaline rush from this activity alone). Evening entertainment at Jawakara Islands is also very scarce: Sometimes there are cover bands, but if you’re looking for beach parties and dancing into the wee hours of the night, then this might not be the place for you.

The creators of the local spa drew inspiration from Ayurvedic practices, so get ready for acupuncture massages, herbal baths, and organic full-body scrubs.

This idyllic picture of the hotel is already questioned by the first nitpicky visitors: They are first and foremost dissatisfied by a shortage of sun loungers and towels by the pool. Plus, not everyone is pleased with the islands themselves: For instance, the concrete roads that connect the main clumps of structures are not particularly nice to walk on. Overall, as tourists report, the hotel doesn’t quite reach the status of “luxurious.” However, it is still really good and, in our opinion, ideal for a calm, peaceful family vacation.

  • A night at Jawakara Islands will cost you anywhere from $400 per night in off-season and $570 in peak season.

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Maldives hotels opened in 2022

atoll maldives

The year before last was generous with new resorts in the Maldives — more and more uninhabited islands were becoming dotted with luxurious villas, getting exponentially more famous with tourists.

Incidentally, 2022 marked exactly 50 years since the opening of the first resort hotel in the Maldives. So, here is a list of those who supplied us with newly opened hotels in Maldives that year:

  • 4* Oblu XPErience Ailafushi — that year, Oblu was ambitious enough to open two hotels. This one is more modest with a discounted price starting from $1,800 for a week-long stay for two during off-season and $3,600 in peak season (all-inclusive, might we add), plus a bonus of free transfers.

OBLU Xperience Ailafushi hotels

  • 5* Emerald Faarufushi Resort & Spa — was opened on October 1, 2022. Right now, the prices start at $600 per night in off-season and $850 in peak season (all-inclusive!).
  • 5* Conrad Maldives Rangali Island — yes, the hotel has been operating in the Maldives for more than twenty years, but in 2022, in honor of its anniversary, it added 50 new villas. Luxurious? That’s an understatement. This hotel has the first underwater restaurant and underwater suite in the world!
  • 5* Nova Maldives — opened in the summer of 2022, this hotel is now offering special deals. You can book an all-inclusive stay for $680 per night in peak season.
  • 5* Alila Kothaifaru Maldives — works better for those with Hyatt membership as all the prices would be slightly more affordable. The rates start from $680 per night in off-season.
  • 5* Hilton Maldives Amingiri — a new spot to check out for all the Hilton fans. A night is about $830 in off-season and climbs up to $1,200 during peak time.
  • 5* Oblu Select Lobigili — since March 2022, it has been welcoming tourists with its luxurious “premium all-inclusive” embrace. You’ll pay $750 in off-season (transfers are included).
  • 5* Outrigger Maafushivaru Resort — another dream destination from the Hawaiian hotel chain. Rates start from $450 for low season months and can rise to $750 during high time.

Maldives hotels opened in 2021

In 2021, the Maldives’ focus was not on new hotels per se; all the forces and efforts came together to create something greater: An entire new archipelago that is now clad with villas of varying degrees of luxury. The destination is called the Fari Islands, and it includes four islands — three for resort hotels and one for the staff who keeps everything running. Fari Islands hotels will kick off our list of new additions in the Maldives for 2021.

P.S. We REALLY liked hotels №1 and №6 (the latter one is all-inclusive)


Patina Maldives

⚡️Type of resort: Breakfast, Half or Full Board
⚡Transfer: 45 minutes on a speedboat; $1000 per person

Let’s start with the high-end luxury: Patina, a new hotel in the Maldives, began welcoming tourists on May 18, 2021. It is a fairy tale with a six- or even seven-figure price tag. Everything you can imagine when you think of “Maldives” is here: From overwater villas and a dedicated Essentialist (your personal butler) to beach clubs and 12 restaurants (including a full-fledged vegan one), — it’s a true dream come true scenario!

Patina perfectly demonstrates why a new hotel is exciting: It features modern design with a focus on stone, wood, and metal. It stands out against the typical Maldivian hotels, even the ones we’ve already listed: This one is in a league of its own! Along with the design, reviews highlight three other strengths of the hotel: Food, cocktails, and wine (we completely understand the selection; these things are all we care about during our vacations).

In short, Patina is among the most renowned resorts in the Maldives. Some even claim it is the best hotel at the moment… For now, we just have to believe them, — until manifesting finally works and we find ourselves lounging on a pristine beach of Patina.

  • The prices for a stay at Patina Maldives start from $1,700 per night in off-season and $2,000 in peak season.

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The Ritz Carlton Maldives

⚡️Type of resort: Breakfast, Half or Full Board
⚡Transfer: 45 minutes on a speedboat, $865 per person or 10 minutes by seaplane for $1,750

The first hotel of the Ritz-Carlton family in the Maldives opened in June 2021. It is located on the neighboring island to Patina Maldives. Let’s find out what sets them apart.

Ritz feels more expensive, not just because of the brand, but due to the renowned names involved in the design and construction of the hotel. For example, the design of the villas was developed by the architectural firm Kerry Hill, and just look at the result. Minimalist yet incredibly stylish houses of an unusual round shape with premium interiors — it’s high-brow from materials to bed linens. The overall look of the resort is pretty dystopian, but that just adds to the allure of the destination!

Just like what they offer in Patina, everything at Ritz-Carlton is impeccable. But here is an important note: This hotel pays greater attention to families with children. With the Ritz Kids concept, no child will get bored. What else might encourage a tourist to choose Ritz? Status and points from Marriott. With them, a stay on the island will offer richer experiences for less money.

  • A tad cheaper than Patina, Ritz-Carlton still will blow your mind with its prices: You will pay anywhere from $1,500 a night in off-season and $1,800 in peak season.

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Side note: The third resort on the Fari Islands, Capella Maldives, will open its doors only in 2027. We’ll keep an eye on the progress and be sure to add it to our list in the future.


Le Meridien Maldives

⚡️Type of resort: Breakfast, Half, Full Board, or All-Inclusive
⚡Transfer: 45 minutes by seaplane for $515 per person

The resort opened on September 1, 2021 and set a price tag three times cheaper than the previous hotels. So, new 5-star hotels in the Maldives can be either impossibly expensive or quite affordable. Let’s see what you can expect from a stay here.

At least when it comes to food, Le Méridien is keeping the bar high. Yes, the variety is not that impressive (there’s no mango for breakfast, which is a bummer for the spoiled crowd), but many tourists praise the quality and taste in the six local restaurants. The accommodation options are nice and spacious but note that the overwater villas comfortably fit no more than 2 people (huge L for families), and the standard villas, at the base rate, come without a pool. This is a common downside mentioned in reviews, as is the beautiful but distant reef. The island itself is large, green, and with lots of shade; it has a total of 141 villas, but the layout is designed in such a way that you never feel too overwhelmed with other holidaymakers. There’s also a decent kids’ club with skilled nannies on site.

  • As we’ve mentioned, the prices at Le Méridien are quite reasonable (all things considering): You’re expected to pay anywhere from $300 per night in off-season and $450 in peak season.

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Kuda Villingili Maldives

⚡️Type of resort: Breakfast, Half or Full Board
⚡Transfer: 30 minutes by yacht for $310 per person, with children under 12 free

This new hotel in the Maldives, which opened in May of 2021, has already gathered a bunch of reviews. Predominantly, they are good — and for a reason. The rooms, royal by Maldivian standards, start at 120 square meters! The overall look is extremely aesthetic and luxurious. There is a convenient yacht transfer. Chef’s work is excellent. And you get all of these mind-blowing perks without dropping millions on your stay (you’ll pay a lot, don’t get us wrong; you just won’t get into the six- or seven-digits territory). Plus, the island is located near a decent surf spot in the ocean — Chicken’s Break surf point. They provide equipment and even offer surfing lessons if needed.

Only 2 out of the 7 villa categories at Kuda Villingili have private pools, but this is compensated by a large public pool in the center of the resort. There are no complaints about the service (although we had an unpleasant situation at the planning stages of our stay here with booking cancellations due to incorrect rates on the website).

What else gets unfavorable reviews? Unfortunately, the beach. It doesn’t have that powdery white sand on the shore because the island is artificial, and the sand is imported. There are also no reefs in the area. When it comes to the general vibes, this hotel is not great for a quiet retreat: There’s always some loud entertainment effort happening, making it on the nosier vacation side.

  • Plan to pay anywhere from $1,140 a night in off-season and $1,460 in peak season.

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Siyam World

⚡️Type of resort: All-Inclusive
⚡Transfer: 45 minutes by seaplane for $470 per person, complimentary for stays of 7 nights or more

This new all-inclusive hotel, opened at the end of October 2021, belongs to the Sun Siyam Resorts chain, which already has four hotels on the islands with excellent reviews.

The hotel and the island it sits on are huge: Siyam World is the largest among those opened in 2021. All room categories are very spacious and come with a pool (hooray!): From standard overwater villas at 90 square meters for 2 adults and a child to the elegantly named Palace at 3000 square meters for 16 adults, — any option will leave you with an opportunity to do cartwheels inside (safely, might we add). Some villas even have their own private water slide — for both kids and those of us who are still children at heart. Plus, there’s a whole separate water park for everyone to enjoy.

The all-inclusive package at Siyam World is attractively priced. For the same amount, all previous hotels typically offer only breakfasts — but here, you get a 24-hour buffet. The all-inclusive package includes almost all of the island’s 10 restaurants: Thai, Spanish, Indian, Maldivian, and more. Both the drinks and food receive good reviews.

Just when you thought it can’t get any better, it does: The hotel offers a complimentary transfer if you book for 5 nights or more. However, there’s a significant downside: For 5 nights, the transfer is available only by domestic airlines, and their schedule does not always align well with international flights. For stays of 7 nights or more, a seaplane transfer is provided, and departure times are more flexible.

Other drawbacks often mentioned include the absence of a reef (it’s said they sacrificed it for the hotel’s construction) and service flaws (but they have gotten over them by now). Plus, the design of the villas is not as inspired as the ones we’ve seen above; still, it is conducive with a fantastic stay!

  • You’ll pay anywhere from $700 a night in off-season and $1,000 in peak season.

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Cora Cora Maldivies

⚡️Type of resort: All-Inclusive
⚡Transfer: 45 minutes by seaplane for $475 per person or $400 if using domestic airlines + a boat

Despite the more modest size of the standard villas (70 square meters for 3 adults + 1 child), all of hotel’s accommodation options have beach access and ocean views right from the bed. Inside, there is no granite-beige-hued minimalism that is so prevalent in modern hotels: Cora Cora aesthetic is fresher (and dare we say fun?) and attractive. The island is small, very green, and tranquil, but privacy is somewhat compromised. The staff here is delightful! Moreover, two main elements of the Maldives come together nicely in this particular location: A lagoon with soft white sand and a reef where you can snorkel create a dream-like setting (colorful fish swim near the shore, which adds even more exciting detail to the fantasy).

Oh, and Cora Cora is all-inclusive, with a great spirits menu! The gastronomic experience is varied: Breakfast is buffet-style, while à la carte lunches and dinners happen in any of the 5 restaurants. And it actually works: All guests rave about the splendid cuisine (and Prosecco for breakfast).

  • Considering all the possible comforts, the price tag at Cora Cora is more than reasonable: You’ll pay anywhere from $550 per night in off-season and $740 in peak season.

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Cocogiri Island Resort

⚡️Type of resort: Breakfast, Half, Full Board, or All-Inclusive
⚡Transfer: 60 minutes on a speedboat for $220 per person or 18 minutes by seaplane

A nice 4-star hotel at a moderate cost — perfect for the moments when you want to relax in the Maldives without overpaying for a butler, the brand name, and ten high-end restaurants. At Cocorigi, everything is basic and unpretentious, but the views are beautiful, the ocean is blue, and the sand is white.

It’s a small and quiet island with 40 villas of three types: Small beach villas at 49 square meters, overwater villas at 52 square meters, and overwater villas with hot tubs. Each one can accommodate up to 3 people. The property has 2 restaurants and offers an all-inclusive option. Guests can enjoy activities at the diving center (the reef is decent) or the spa. One side of the island has a sandy beach, while the other has some pretty corals.

  • A humble stay means humble pricing: You’ll pay anywhere from $250 per night in off-season and $390 in peak season.

Bonus content: Maldives hotels set to open in 2025 or later

maldives island from above

If you’re already planning your next year’s vacation and deciding where to stay in Maldives is a key concern (when is it not?), this section of the article might be of particular interest to you. Searching for new resorts in the Maldives for the blog has already turned our dream of visiting the islands into a reality once, and the process has now become a hobby of ours: Thankfully, the subjects always look pretty exciting!

All of the hotels mentioned below are scheduled to open in 2025, but as we know, plans can sometimes change. While the dates may not be set in stone, it’s always nice to have an idea of what to expect, right? After all, dreaming of a luxurious vacation is never a waste of time. Here are the upcoming resorts in Maldives 2025:


The famous luxury brand is setting its foot in the Maldives promising something extraordinary to any splendor appreciator. Located in Raa Atoll, this resort will feature 54 luxurious villas — both overwater or beach-side — including an exclusive one on its own private island (we can’t even imagine the rates it’ll go for once the resort is open). But no matter which one you choose, you can expect your own private pool (beach villas) or an easy access to the ocean (overwater villas).

The design reins are in the hands of the same esteemed Italian architectural firm behind Bulgari’s other properties. So we can expect to see something tasteful, graceful and completely sustainable. Dining options will feature four signature Bulgari culinary experiences: Two Italian restaurants, one Chinese and one Japanese. Two of these restaurants will be helmed by Michelin-starred chefs. Among entertainment options are a Bulgari Spa, fitness and yoga centers, a concept store with a curated selection of high-end fashion, and even a private library.

Overall, this resort does sound like a pure paradise. The only question is — how affordable would it be (our guess is not at all)?

beach resort in maldives


Here is another new resort opening in the Maldives in 2025. Nestled in the breathtaking Kaafu Atoll, this luxurious resort will sprawl across two idyllic islands: The larger island will host 73 villas and the main pavilion of the hotel whilst the smaller island is marketed as an exclusive sanctuary where guests can truly immerse themselves in tranquility.

There is not much else to add. The resort is promoting its design that takes inspiration from the graceful curves and mesmerizing forms of the manta ray. That sounds great and would be exciting to see. Wellness facility center with several fitness spaces is mentioned amongst other activities. Food options are quite diverse — there will be five restaurants of internationally renowned brands serving guests dishes ranging from fresh seafood specialties to exquisite global flavors.


If all of the above options were part of bigger and already well-renowned hotel brands, this resort is a fresh addition to the world of luxury hospitality. This might serve as a big advantage for holidaymakers — as a newcomer, Nammos Resort will probably go above and beyond in delivering an exceptional experience for its first guests, trying to establish itself as a unique and memorable destination.

On paper, everything looks charming. The resort is situated on a private island uniquely designed to resemble a water drop, offering an intimate and picturesque setting. It will have 7 branded island villas, 17 water villas, and 24 beach villas. The design of the resort emphasizes delicate structures and the use of natural materials, so an environment that combines modern luxury with an organic, island-inspired aesthetic is expected.

maldives island from above 2


Originally set to open in 2025, Rosewood Hotels & Resorts moved their Maldives debut to 2027. What is already known about the place? Situated in a pristine lagoon in South Malé Atoll, Rosewood Ranfaru will feature 120 villas, both beachfront and overwater, catering to various preferences and needs. The villas will range in size, from intimate one-bedroom retreats with private pools to expansive accommodations on private islands.

One of the standout aspects of Rosewood Ranfaru will be its family-friendly amenities. The resort promises a host of activities, including swimming pools and a variety of water sports. Add a special Explorer’s Club for kids that seems to focus on adventurous activities around the island and you’re set for a family-friendly getaway!

All in all, the resort frequently emphasizes the term “ultra-luxury,” which will be combined with their signature “A Sense of Place” philosophy. This approach ensures a deep connection to the natural beauty of the Maldives, promising an immersive and authentic experience. The finer details of what Rosewood Ranfaru will offer are still to be unveiled, but expectations are definitely high.

maldives blue water


There isn’t still that much information about this five-star resort on the coral island in Dhaalu Atoll. The only headline about this place you can find captures your attention with a lead of “new luxury hotel opening 2025 in the Maldives”, without divulging any additional information needed to make an informed decision. Our guess is that the resort would start welcoming guests some time at the end of the year.

What is already known? They promise that there will be 49 modern and spacious villas (again, both on the water and by the beach) and, as any expensive 5-star resort, they assure that the island’s infrastructure has been arranged to the highest standard, so all Maldives enthusiasts are sure to enjoy it here. Well, we’ll find out soon enough.

However, one thing is already as clear as day: One should not expect average or even reasonable prices from a hotel that offers guests the option to use a private seaplane to reach the island where the villas are located.

Our personal all-time favorite hotel recs in the Maldives

maldives beach

Here is our list of personally verified high-quality hotels that falls under one major caveat — the budget for a stay at one of these haunts is less than $1,000 per day during high season. If you want to lower that bar even more, think about traveling during off-season!

The list of the best resorts is not limited to these five. It’s more of a directional recommendation — what to aim for to have a great time in the Maldives without any “but’s” in your experience.

  • 5* Dhawa Ihuru — a reliable hotel that brings together the beauty of the Maldives (beach and reefs), privacy (with only 45 villas in the resort), and a short and inexpensive 15-minute speedboat transfer to the location. There’s the ocean, snorkeling, spa, and excellent all-inclusive with alcohol. There are no overwater villas here, and the room design is slightly outdated, but the views from the windows are still stunning.
    Rating of 9,2 out of 10; from $400 per night
  • 5* Cocoon Maldives — perfect for a first trip to the Maldives. It offers refreshingly attractive villas (including those iconic overwater ones if you’re keen to try), all-inclusive dining and beverages without exorbitant prices, and a full-on paradise island experience. Plus, there is enough entertainment to last you a whole stay.
    Rating of 9 out of 10; from $500 per night
  • 5* LUX* South Ari Atoll — influencers flock to this hotel for its picturesque beauty and aesthetic appeal. It’s clear why: The hotel’s located on a large, vibrant island; it’s extremely aesthetic in both villa design and the surrounding landscapes. Beach villas offer direct access to the ocean, while overwater villas boast the most incredible baths with views of endles turquoise expanses.
    Rating of 9,4 out of 10; from $200 per night
  • 4* OBLU NATURE Helengeli — a good hotel where the speedboat transfer is already included in the price, so there is no need to pay an additional $200-$300 fee per person to get here. This hotel is located next to a newer resort (where they charge $900 for the boat), making it a real Sophie’s choice for you: What will it be, fresh digs or budget-friendly transfer? Oblu Nature is a 4-star property with “only” 3 restaurants serving all-inclusive meals, and it has received pleasant reviews — superb! The island itself is large and green, with abundant marine life due to its proximity to a nearby reef.
    Rating of 9 out of 10; from $570 per night
  • 4* Kuredu Island Resort&Spa — a hidden gem with an excellent price-to-quality ratio on a picturesque jungle island.
    Rating of 8,9 out of 10; from $210 per night

And of course, we cannot help but once again praise a couple of outstanding new hotels in the Maldives from 2021 — Patina, showcased as an incredibly beautiful and modern hotel (it is definitely in the running to become one of the best in the world!), and Cora Cora, seen as a pleasant resort with reasonable all-inclusive rates.

Final thoughts

While we believe that all views and experiences are pretty subjective, these reviews can be used as handy guidelines for planning your future Maldives getaways. No matter which new hotel you choose, you can rest easy knowing that you’re cosplaying the early world explorers, but with an added bonus of great comfort: Finding new territories to call home, even for a little while is an exciting undertaking!

If you want to share your personal thoughts about staying at one of the listed Maldives hotels (or some that were not mentioned, our guide is constantly growing and expanding), feel free to write your experiences in the comments down below!

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