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Hey, I’m Irina, one of the people behind Tripwis travel blog, and I’m about to tell you the story on how you’ve ended up reading this page. I’ve always wanted to share the immeasureable knowledge of a good coffee place in the city of X and a good hiking itinerary in the mountains of Y with the world. A scenic walk (or trek) and a nice cup of joe after — what else you would ask for on a beautiful weekend in Cape Town (or Melbourne? or Seoul?)

Having been blessed with the opportunity to explore these two staple activities in many different countries of our globe, I’ve long looked for the platform to pour my experience. Socials? Google maps reviews? Video content? Nah, too ephemeral and with a short lifespan. I’ve wanted something that would last for more than 24 hours of Instagram stories. And besides, I am kind of keen on letters… 

That’s how we’ve come up Tripwis travel blog in 2020 (yep, a perfect moment, I know). And our project is not about miles in the mountains or limitless cups of coffee only. We craft extremely useful and fun articles (Are Aussies early birds or night owls??) and wholesome guides to the places we’ve visited (Berlin, Boracay island, Istanbul and many more are on the go!). We might be a bit late in the world of blogging, however the power of the fresh and newly-published posts is on our side!  

Who are we, by the way?

  • It’s me (hi), Irina
  • And Igor who is my partner in crime, or, better say, in traveling

I hope you enjoy our posts and feel free to contact us here.

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