Traveling to Dubai, UAE in December (2024)

UAE, Dubai in december

Planning on visiting the UAE in December? Get ready for the ultimate rollercoaster of emotions! December in Dubai is probably one of the most turbulent months price-wise. Obviously, the prices skyrocket over the holiday season. But there is a perfect period leading up to the holidays when the vacation prices are so low that only the sound of a text message with a trip confirmation brings you back to your senses.

We know it all from experience — we’ve visited the UAE in December three times already. We’ve probably seen all the sights of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, gaining valuable info about planning the perfect trip to the Emirates along the way. Most importantly, how to get the vacation of your dreams without spending a whole year’s salary!

In this article, we’ll share the most helpful tips about visiting Dubai (and the UAE in general) in December — what weather to expect, what hotel to choose, and what things to put on your bucket list. Get ready to take notes and save useful links!

Article contents

  1. Dubai weather in December
  2. Travel expenses for your December trip
  3. Which Emirate to choose for your trip?
  4. Our list of Dubai neighborhoods + Dubai hotels top picks
  5. Things to do in Dubai in December
  6. Is going to Dubai in December worth it? Our review

Dubai weather in December

Dubai Marina in December

Is December still hot in Dubai? December in Dubai, as well as the Emirates in general, is as close to perfect as it gets. It’s quite nice during the day — the temperature is around +27°C (80°F). The sea is still warm enough to swim.

Side note: We know that your carry-on will probably be jam-packed with swimsuit options and breezy little outfits, but we still encourage you to leave some room for sunscreen. Trust us, you don’t want to be red and peely for the rest of your vacation, as just a few hours without sunblock under December sun here can easily make you the color of a baboon’s butt. Unless you appreciate this particular hue of red, reapply your sunscreen religiously!

How hot is Dubai on December night? The nights here are pleasantly cool, so pack a perfect outfit for your evening walks — jeans and a sweater would work. Remember, layers are your friends when traveling somewhere you’ve never been before!

Unlike crazy temperatures of May or September in Dubai, there is no exhausting heat in December, so — hooray! — you can actually walk around the city and not just haunt the air-conditioned shopping malls for hours on end.

How warm is the sea in December? In early December it is very comfortable to swim in Dubai. The water temperature is on average +25°C (77°F). We personally love swimming here even at the end of December: The water is refreshing, and it doesn’t feel like you’re diving into a heated pool. And we’re not alone in this sentiment: There are tons of tourists enjoying the sea and catching the last sunny days of the year (some even sporting Santa Claus attire) around New Year’s and Christmas.

Is December a good time to visit the UAE?

Dubai in december

Is December a good time to visit Dubai and the Emirates? Absolutely! What’s a better way to celebrate the end of the year than by catching the last of the sun rays, getting a tan, and taking tons of photos of Christmas Dubai — with its holiday fairs and even artificial snow?

To make your December trip planning to the Emirates a little easier, we’ve compiled a small table of the weather all throughout the UAE during this month:


Average air temperature

Average water temperature

Start of December

End of December


+26°C / 79°F




+26°C / 79°F




+26°C / 79°F



Ras Al Khaimah

+25°C / 77°F



Abu Dhabi

+25°C / 77°F




+24°C / 75°F



Which Emirate is the warmest in December? Air temperatures are pretty much the same in the Emirates during the month of December, but Fujairah takes the cake by having the warmest sea temps. Fujairah can be considered somewhat of an anomaly of the UAE, since it’s the only emirate that faces the Gulf of Oman and not the Persian Gulf. It has a much milder climate and is perfect for a family trip!

Travel expenses for your December trip to the UAE

Safari in Dubai

As we’ve mentioned before, visiting Dubai in December can be both terribly expensive and surprisingly cheap — it all depends on the dates of your trip and the prep time. There is no secret here: Booking your trip for December several months in advance can save you a buck or two (or a hundred). The high season starts mid-December with the plane rates peaking on December 20-24th.

  • If you’re flying to the Emirates from the States, then the transatlantic journey will probably be your biggest expense. Be ready to pay around $1,500 for a round trip per person during the slow season and up to $2,500 during the peak season. In comparison, the flight to Dubai in October would be around $1,000 — and you can find similar tickets for December with a 3-hour layover.
  • Flying from Europe is way cheaper — but only if you are ready to sacrifice a bit of your comfort and pick a flight with layovers. That option would be around $400 for a round trip any time other than the holidays when the prices reach $800 even with a few stops along the way. Direct flights cost $700–$800 and the rate is pretty much the same throughout the year.

Side note: Create a tracker of your desired flight through WayAway website. That way you can see all the price fluctuations and snag your tickets when they’re at their cheapest!

The hotel prices in the Emirates range vastly depending on the resort and the hotel star rating. While the different class levels are easy to navigate, choosing a more budget-friendly resort can be tricky. In short, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah are the resorts that don’t have that much going on in December, so the accommodation prices here tend to be more affordable.

The hotel prices range in the Emirates according to not just the number of stars the hotel has, but also according to the resort. For your convenience, we’ve made a comparative table of average hotel prices in different Emirates.

Side note: The prices mentioned here are for a 1-night two-person stay, so budget accordingly.

Emirate 3-star hotel 4-star hotel 5-star hotel
Dubai $160 $250 $300
Sharjah $100 $130 $200
Ras Al Khaimah $80 $150 $180
Abu Dhabi $120 $160 $220
Fujairah $60 $80 $140

Keep in mind — there’s a hotel tax of 10% as well as a 10% service charge in the UAE. Both of them are not usually reflected in the prices until the very last proceeding-to-pay step.

Which Emirate to choose for your tip?

burj khalifa at the top

Obviously, choosing the perfect resort can’t be based on just prices. Every Emirate has its own vibe. Let’s dive into a little recap of each of them, so you can make a well-informed decision!

  • Dubai

It’s the largest and most tourist-oriented city in the Emirates. Because of that, you might think that it’s too mainstream: Stop this line of thought right away. A sparkling dream, the city manages to surprise you every time! Half a century ago Dubai was just a small fishing village with the vast desert surrounding it, but look at it now — it’s richer and more advanced than any European country. The tallest building in the world is located here, as well as the biggest shopping mall, the largest indoor aquarium, the ultramodern metro system, etc. Often referred to as the city of superlatives due to the plethora of its accolades, Dubai can be astronomically expensive. However, with the help of our article here, you can enjoy all that Dubai has to offer and not go broke in the process.

Dubai is definitely the best resort in terms of getting it all — relaxing on the beach and exploring the rich cultural and historical areas of the city. There are several fantastic beaches in the city, most of them are free and open to the public. There are more than enough tourist attractions (with new ones popping up like mushrooms after a rain) — you won’t be able to see it all even if you spend every waking moment of your week-long vacation seeking out new places and experiences. And a great bonus is that you can find virtually any tour tailored to your preferences here: Both inside the Emirate and outside its limits. Tourism in Dubai, in our opinion, is as developed as this industry can be.

  • Abu Dhabi
Emirates palace in Abu Dhabi Marina beach in Dubai

This is the capital of the UAE and the greenest Emirate. The government has invested heavily in landscaping in Abu-Dhabi, so it’s really nice to take a stroll along the waterfront or in one of the lusciously green parks. The city is as modern as Dubai — it has its fair share of breathtaking skyscrapers and well-developed infrastructure. The list of cool things to do here can go on for a while: There is enough entertainment for both kids and adults.

The biggest drawback of the capital is its beaches. Mangroves are fiercely protected in Abu Dhabi, and they tend to grow along the coast. There are three decent beaches in total in the city, so most tourists prefer to spend two to three days in the capital and then move somewhere else. We totally support that decision. It’s nice to come to Abu Dhabi for a couple of nights to check out the Sheikh Zayd Mosque, Louvre Museum, and the local amusement parks.

  • Sharjah and Ajman

Beach in UAE

These two are the quiet Emirates. The beaches here are wide and almost deserted. The hotels are cheaper than in other places, especially the five-star all-inclusive ones. It’s a paradise for those seeking rescue from the city hustle and bustle and a tried and tested beach vacation. But it also comes with a price — there is not much to do outside of the hotels (though we have to admit the hotels are fabulous and affordable). Here is a silver lining: Sharjah borders Dubai. You can get to the city in 30 minutes on public transport.

Pro tip: Remember that Sharjah is a dry Emirate. You won’t find alcohol anywhere — not in restaurants, hotels, or stores. If you’re planning to come here for your vacation, your trip will be a sober one!

Ajman is a bit further away from Dubai, but it’s even cheaper than Sharjah. If you want to save a few hundred bucks on your vacation and still get a perfect tan on a pretty decent beach, then considering these two Emirates is a good idea.

  • Ras Al Khaimah

The most inexpensive trips often lead tourists to Ras Al Khaimah. And it works for those whose goal is primarily to enjoy the sea on a budget — without shopping sprees in high-end boutiques or lavish nights out. Every fancy resort in Ras Al Khaimah costs the same as a standard no-frills five-star hotel in Dubai. Pretty sweet, if we say so ourselves!

The Emirate is pretty far from the cultural hub — it’s 100 kilometers away from Dubai. So, traveling back and forth for dinner in a Michelin star restaurant is not really an option. Otherwise, Ras Al Khaimah has all you need — a good infrastructure and more lenient laws surrounding alcohol distribution (morning mimosas are back, baby!). If your dream vacation is a luxurious hotel with a nice pool and a neat and tidy beach, this Emirate is a solid choice.

  • Fujairah

This one is very different from all the other Emirates. It’s even considered to be a local wonder. All of the UAE’s seaside resorts are located on the Persian Gulf, but Fujairah is on the Gulf of Oman. As we’ve mentioned before, the water temperature here is warmer, so it makes the Emirate the ultimate destination for swimming enthusiasts, especially in December.

The nature here is also different: It feels like you’re in a different country. You won’t find the familiar desert landscape here. And we’re sure that your breath will be taken away by picturesque gorges and canyons, wide sandy beaches, and even mountains! They say Fujairah is the perfect spot for diving activities, as the sea life here is very robust and colorful.

Which neighborhood to choose for your stay in Dubai?

Marina Dubai eye

If you’ve decided that Dubai would be your best bet for a vacation you’ve envisioned, the next step is to figure out where in the city you’ll feel most comfortable. Sometimes it can be tedious to delve into the intricacies of the city infrastructure, but do not worry — we’ve made a short guide to the Dubai districts that explains it all quick and easy, with no dilly dallying:

  • Downtown Dubai — the very center of the city with the biggest concentration of remarkable architectural achievements and touristic spots. Downtown is easy to locate — just look for the iconic Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Two things distinguish this area — exorbitant prices and a general lack of beaches that are easy to reach on foot. It doesn’t make much sense for a tourist to stay here unless the purpose of the trip is shopping, luxury restaurants, and taking photos against the backdrop of skyscrapers.
  • Dubai Marina — the most family-friendly district of the city. However, it is not lacking in prestige compared to the city center. This is the perfect area in Dubai, located near the sea. It is effectively separated from the main bustling highway by skyscrapers, thus creating its own little world with everything you might need from great beaches to opulent nightlife entertainment.
  • The Palm Jumeirah — if there is anything more expensive than the city center, it would be Palm Jumeirah. It is a district in Dubai with its own beaches and an entire man-made island in the shape of a palm tree. Here, you won’t find grocery stores, and there are very few independent (non-hotel) restaurants. Affordable options are scarce, and public transportation is non-existent. The mainland is connected to Palm Jumeirah by a monorail, with one-way tickets costing around 20 AED ($6): You can also take a taxi for a similar price. In other words, everything is designed for an exclusive experience within the exquisite local hotels.
  • Deira — one of the districts with quite attractive prices. The budget-friendly allure can be mostly attributed to the district’s location on the outskirts of Dubai. Don’t rush to dismiss it though! Deira is a quite popular district. Apart from easy-on-the-pocket hotel and food prices, it’s also conveniently located close to the airport. Plus, all metro lines intersect here, which means almost the entirety of Dubai is at your disposal. While there are no beaches in Deira, you can easily reach a nice beach, Al Mamzar, for just 2 AED (50 cents) and a 30-minute bus ride (or for 15–20 AED ($4–$6) by taxi).
  • Bur Dubai — located across the bay from Deira, Bur Dubai was established earlier than any other district. In the distant past, when there were no Burj Khalifa or other skyscrapers in the Emirates, and locals traveled not in Ferraris but on camels, Bur Dubai was the center of life.
    Some remnants of its past still remain here, at least in terms of architecture, along with the vibrant hustle and bustle that adds to the unique charm of the area. There are a number of worthy attractions here as well: historic Al Bastakiya Quarter, Zabeel Palace, and Dubai Frame.
  • Al Barsha — a hidden gem for budget-conscious tourists, situated between Downtown and Dubai Marina. The neighborhood does not border the sea or have direct beach access but most local hotels provide free transfers to the beach. The main attraction for tourists in Al Barsha is the Mall of the Emirates, as it is surrounded by hotels (many of them are part of well-known chains) at affordable prices and has a metro station. The neighborhood is ideal for those who want to stay close to the city center without overpaying.

Our best Dubai hotel recommendations for December 2024

Hotel in apartments in Dubai

There are more than 400 hotels in Dubai: From luxurious five-stars to three-stars with excellent service. For a long time now the most profitable industry in Dubai has been tourism, and not oil or trade, as one might imagine. Indeed, the hospitality is on another level here: Even the cheapest hotels will always have the freshest linen on the beds, and the administrator at the reception will not leave you high and dry, without addressing your concerns.

We have seen many hotels in Dubai and know a thing or two about them. Here is a hand-picked list of the hotels you’d want to return to again and again:

  • 5* Atlantis The Royal — the talk of the year and we obviously couldn’t leave it out of our list. Atlantis the Royal is definitely the ultimate destination in Dubai (Beyoncé performed at its Grand Opening, for God’s sake!). Condé Nast wrote a bunch of rave reviews about it. If you want to experience Dubai in December in all its glory, then this is the way to do it.
    One night in mid-December will cost you $1,900 for two with a king-size bed and a fabulous breakfast included.
  • 5* Jumeirah Beach Hotel — the wave-shaped hotel is located on Jumeirah Beach. All rooms overlook the Persian Gulf and the famous sail-shaped Burj Al Arab hotel (Dubai has an affinity to make its buildings look like something else, as you can see). The hotel has 10 restaurants, 5 swimming pools, a climbing wall, and the famous Wild Wadi water park. Hotel guests can enjoy the slides for free!
    The cheapest room for one night but with breakfast and water slides included is $1,700 for two.
  • 5* Golden Sands-Dubai Creek — the most budget five-star hotel that has perfect reviews. The hotel has a prime waterfront location and the staff is always smiling and helpful. The rooms are spacious, some with a view of the bay. Plus, there is a rooftop pool!
    The cheapest room for one night for two is $400 with breakfast included.
  • 5* 25hours Hotel Dubai One Central — this is heaven for the creative traveler crowd with a lot of nice co-working spaces. The hotel also has a rooftop pool and a bar which makes it a great option for anyone ready to discover the joys of a luxurious lifestyle for a decent price.
    The cheapest room for one night for two is $250.
  • 4* Riu Dubai — the hotel was built in 2020, so it is still new and fresh. It’s located next to a spacious beach with beautiful sunsets. The hotel’s main feature is the all-inclusive system that includes alcohol: This is a rarity for hotels in the Emirates, so Riu is often in high demand. There is one disadvantage though — it is located in Deira, so getting to the main attractions might be a pickle. But you can take the metro to save some money (not a bad thing, considering how fast the trains move in Dubai — you’ll reach your destination in no time).
    A minimum one-night stay for two is $400 or more.
  • 4* DoubleTree by Hilton Al Barsha — a standard city hotel in Dubai with a 10-minute walk from the subway, meaning you can easily go to both the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Marina. It’s a clean European-style hotel with a delicious breakfast.
    The cheapest room for one night for two is $300.
  • 3* Rove La Mer — a cool budget option to enjoy both the city and the beach types of a vacation. There is a wonderful La Mer beach nearby and a lot of hip places to have a nice and inexpensive dinner. This is a great option for those looking for a place to relax with comfort and on a budget.
    The cheapest room for one night for two is $270.
  • Al Seef Heritage Hotel Dubai — something completely different, but super authentic. This place is a perfect way to discover the roots of Dubai. Located in the heart of Dubai’s Old City, the hotel decor and vibe are all about preserving tradition (in the best way possible) — even the playground here is rustic-looking, perfectly on theme!
    The cheapest room for one night for two is $170.

Things to do in the UAE in December

There are plenty of entertainment options in the Emirates — ranging from free activities like the singing fountain show near Burj Khalifa to those that require three-digit sums (such as a helicopter ride, which is definitely worth it, btw). Tourists will definitely have plenty to do, especially visiting Dubai in December when it shines and sparkles with festive decorations. Apologies in advance, as we’ll be using quite a lot of superlatives while describing the most popular locations:

  • Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world, and checking it out is like visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It’s grand, iconic, and everyone will tell you it’s a must-visit. However, don’t feel pressured to go there immediately. Personally, we only went to check out the views on our fourth visit to Dubai. The entrance fee to the observation deck starts at $47, with the price rising during sunset hours.
    Pro tip: If you plan to visit both Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall Aquarium, consider purchasing a combo ticket. It’s way more cost-effective this way, plus, you’ll be killing two iconic Dubai birds with one stone!

burj khalifa from Dubai Frame

  • If you end up going, also check out the fountains near Burj Khalifa. They offer a mesmerizing show of water, color, light, and music. It takes place daily starting at 6 p.m. and occurs every half hour. The performance lasts for about 4 minutes and is accompanied by Arabic or contemporary music. It’s impossible to take your eyes off the fountains, except for occasional glances at the beautiful illuminated Burj Khalifa.
  • While we’re on the topic of spectacular Dubai shows, you cannot leave the Emirate without paying a visit to La Perle by Dragone live show. It’s a Las Vegas-esque show (when it comes to all the glitz and pizzazz) with acrobats, tightrope walkers, and dozens of other unique artists all performing in an aqua-themed multimedia production. Overall, it’s not something you should miss!

la perle dubai show

  • There are a couple of other fantastic viewing points in the city. The first one is Dubai Frame — the observation deck in the form of a giant photo frame. From the top, you can enjoy a beautiful panorama, with the historic districts of Dubai on one side and modern areas on the other. One strip of the Frame’s floor is transparent, which can be quite exhilarating to step on. The price of $14 per adult in relation to the views you get is definitely worth it!
  • Another option is to check out the View at The Palm. A visit here costs more than to Dubai Frame and less than to Burj Khalifa. It is located on the 52nd floor of the Palm Tower. From there, you can enjoy views of the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, and the city itself. Dubai is a very stretched-out city, so each viewing point we visited offered a completely different experience.
  • Okay, there is one more option to see the city from an aerial view — get a helicopter tour! It’s definitely one of the most thrilling experiences you can have in Dubai — and one of the most affordable in the world. The price of a tour depends on the duration. You can choose between 12 minutes, 17 minutes, or 22 minutes of flight time.
  • Miracle Garden — a vast park with flowers galore. You can find Disney palaces, cartoon characters, princesses, ballerinas, and our personal favorite — the Emirates airline plane — all made out of flowers!

Miracle Garden Dubai

  • The already familiar neighborhood of Dubai Marina. It’s perfect for a walk among the skyscrapers and a dinner at one of the cozy restaurants along the waterfront. We also recommend you cruise on the Marina and catch a sunset from the water. There are different options available for every budget: from a pleasant one-hour tour to a luxurious BBQ on deck.
  • Another wonderful neighborhood to walk around is the historical Al Fahidi. You should come here to see what a typical seaside district of Dubai looked like a hundred years ago. This place has low-rise buildings made of light-colored stone, cozy cafes and vibrant restaurants, beautiful souvenir shops, and a charming atmosphere. While in the area, make sure to check out Al Shindagha Museum where you’ll learn all about the history of the Emirates.
  • Art enthusiasts should plan a trip to Al Serkal Avenue — the creative hub of Dubai that occupies old warehouses in the former industrial district. The area is known for its unique blend of art, design, and fashion.
  • While there are plenty of city highlights tours in Dubai (even walking tours), we, as people who really appreciate freedom of movement, recommend you create your own itinerary based on the attractions above. To achieve the best travel time to sightseeing ratio, consider renting a car through our favorite service Localrent. That way, you’ll be set to explore whatever it that you want to see in Dubai.

Safari in Dubai in december

If you have already seen everything in Dubai or want to learn more about other Emirates, here are some things we recommend:

  • A day trip to the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi. The cost usually ranges from $50 to $150 per person. Make sure it includes Sheikh Zayed Mosque — its exterior was the inspiration for the backdrop of Disney’s animated film “Aladdin”; and a visit to the Louvre — the association with the French Louvre is not unfounded. The museum of culture and art in Abu Dhabi was created as part of a project to bridge the gap between East and West, with close collaboration with France.
  • Take a trip to Sharjah to experience the sensation of walking through rain without getting wet. Yes! That’s the idea behind an immersive art installation called the Rain Room, and it’s super fun. Afterwards, check out the House of Wisdom — an amazing library and an iconic cultural hub.

Dubai is also known for its culinary scene. The city offers a wide range of dining options, from traditional Emirati cuisine to international flavors from around the world. We just couldn’t stay away from sharing some of the places with you!

  • Al Ustadi Special Kebab is a hidden gem of Persian food in Dubai. It’s known for delicious kebabs and traditional Middle Eastern cuisine. Located in the historic neighborhood of Bur Dubai, Al Ustadi has been serving locals and tourists for decades and has become a pretty popular destination among all groups! On average, a meal for one person here is $13–$15.
  • SALT Burgers started as a food truck business and has expanded to multiple locations across Dubai. It has gained a loyal following in Dubai for its tasty burgers, relaxed atmosphere, and the nostalgic charm of their food truck roots. It’s a popular spot among locals and tourists alike, and their locations can get busy during peak times. A burger meal with a side and a drink is $16–$20.
  • The Grey is a space with a bistro-cum-supper club feeling (as they call themselves) and it’s very precise. You can just grab a great (but pricey) coffee here or have a full-scale dining experience. The menu at The Grey showcases a fusion of international flavors and culinary techniques, with dishes that combine modern and traditional elements. It’s very hip, so book in advance! Expect to pay $80–$135 per person for a full dining experience, including drinks.
  • Roberto’s Ristorante is quite an acclaimed Italian restaurant: You are guaranteed to enjoy drinks and food here. The view from the restaurant also doesn’t disappoint: There is a terrace with a fantastic city skyline in front of it. If you want to have such an amazing experience, make sure to make a reservation in advance. Dinner will cost you $90–$120 per person.
  • The Barn is rustic and cozy. The interior is very Instagrammable, and coffee and pastries are delicious. The brand actually comes from Berlin and Dubai is their first attempt to win over the world. Seems like it’s working! Another advantage — it’s located right in the heart of Dubai. A cup of cappuccino is around $7.
  • The Coffee Lab — there is never too much good coffee! This coffee shop also serves great breakfasts (might get sold out pretty quickly though) that pair nicely with your Spanish Latte or Flat White. A cup of cappuccino is $6,5.
  • 11 Woodfire — as you can probably guess, the place is known for its wood-fired cuisine. It also has one Michelin star and is surprisingly quite affordable! Make sure to pair your dish with great homemade kombucha. Main course and a beverage cost around $30–$40 per person.

Is going to Dubai in December worth it? Our review

dessert in dubai

Is December the best time to visit Dubai? In our opinion, it is certainly one of the best months for a vacation here. You can relax on the beach in your swimsuit during the day, and in the evening you can show off all the best outfits that fit into your suitcase.

We wholeheartedly support the positive reviews of tourists about visiting Dubai in December. This month doesn’t have suffocating heat — the weather is comfortable for sightseeing. It’s also great for families with children — no need to worry about heat strokes and sunburns. However, it’s important to use sunscreen, as even in cloudy weather, delicate unprepared skin can get sunburned.

There is one point that might put you off visiting Dubai in December: The water may seem cool to those who are more sensitive to cold. However, even they usually admit that after a couple of minutes, you get used to the water and don’t want to leave the Gulf.

New Year’s celebration in Dubai

While Christmas is usually considered the time when families gather together under one roof, New Year’s is all about having the best time possible, regardless of the location (and that generally involves traveling).

New Year’s in Dubai is celebrated in a fun and grandiose manner — as expected in the Emirates. The epicenter of the festivities is the Burj Khalifa. Here, you’ll find illuminations, fountains, fireworks, and crowds of happy tourists, locals, and expats.

Here are a few tips if you’ve decided to celebrate New Year’s in Dubai:

  • Book your plane tickets/hotel several months in advance, preferably during the summer. This will allow you to find the best deals.
  • Check with the hotel about their New Year’s Eve dinners. Some places require you to attend them (which can get super expensive fast), while others offer the holiday dinner as an optional service.
  • Restaurants with the best views get booked well in advance of December 31st. Plan ahead for your perfect New Year’s evening.
  • If you’re renting a car, avoid going to the city center. Dubai experiences heavy traffic on December 31st.
  • The main New Year’s fireworks are launched at the Burj Khalifa, the Burj Al Arab Hotel, and at the Atlantis on the Palm. Choose whatever speaks to you more.

Pros and cons of going to Dubai in December

+ It’s not as hot as in summer. You’ll have comfortable temps all throughout the month, perfect for doing plenty of sightseeing.
+ The ticket and hotel prices are reasonable until mid-December.
+ The weather is still great for both swimming and sunbathing.
+ New Year celebrations you’ll never experience anywhere else.

— The majority of tourists fly to the UAE at the end of December, for Christmas and New Year holidays, making the prices rise to extremes fast.
— In the second half of the month, there are many more crowds in the city.
— For especially cold-blooded holidaymakers, the water may seem too cool in Dubai.

While December is our personal favorite time to visit Dubai, we can’t gatekeep other months that might work better for your personal needs. To learn more about the best times to visit Dubai, feel free to consult with our guide here.

We hope that our guide to planning your December vacation in Dubai has been helpful to you, in any shape or form. If you have any questions regarding the topic, please leave them in the comments down below. Jingle bells, Emirates all the way!

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