Top-rated Dubai beaches you must consider for your next getaway

Al mamzar beach Deira

With the long-established reputation of being a playground for the wealthy, Dubai is a place most people consider to be the most lavish getaway in the world. This, of course, includes miles of pristine white-sand beaches pampered up with high-tone beachfront entertainment options.

Because of the head-spinning amount of choices each beachgoer faces when they land in Dubai, we decided to go ahead and create this comprehensive guide on Dubai’s very best beaches where you’re guaranteed to feel as happy as a clam!

Article contents

  1. Top 6 Dubai beaches (Bonus content: A popular beach club)
    Marina Beach
    Jumeirah Beach
    Sunset Beach
    Kite Beach
    La Mer
    Al Mamzar
    Zero Gravity Beach Club
  2. List of best resort hotels in Dubai
  3. Dubai travel expenses
  4. Things to know about beach etiquette in Dubai
  5. Final thoughts

Our list of top 6 Dubai beaches (Bonus content: A popular beach club)

If you’ve never been to Dubai (your novice status, hopefully, won’t last very long: Dubai is the ultimate travel destination whether you’re a baller or a pauper), you might be under the impression that its beaches are all similar: Too modern and somewhat posh, like everything else here.

Absolutely not! There’s quite a bit of variety to them: Some of Dubai beaches claim to be the “it” party spaces, some are more isolated, some have an incredible infrastructure and are great for family outings, etc. The common traits that belong to each and every beach in Dubai are the unbelievable softness of incredibly fine sand, azure water (although there are a few places where it gets a hint muddier during the day), and gentle waves (storms are a rare (verging on non-existent) occurrence, since Dubai is facing the Persian Gulf, protected from the ocean).

What we really appreciate about beaches in Dubai is the fact that most of them are completely free to enter; and even the ones that do require an entry fee are pleasantly affordable. Another fact that is worth mentioning is the rarity of resort hotels with their own beaches in Dubai: Compared to Turkish seaside towns, where almost every resort has its little chunk of waterfront, the Emirate’s options are few and far between (although the ones that do exist can outperform almost every resort worldwide, service- and entertainment-wise).

Before we get into the list of top Dubai beaches, we need to make a statement: We absolutely adore visiting the UAE in general and Dubai in particular. Whether it’s a simple layover, or a destination for a week-long getaway, — we are always giddy with excitement when planning our trip to Dubai. There’s always something new that needs to be explored: A new restaurant, museum, a giant artificial island (!). That’s why we’ve made countless pilgrimages to the Emirates over the years, and that’s why we’re so excited to lift up the curtain on the best beaches in Dubai to visit in 2024.

Side note: We will try to remain as unbiased as possible, but be warned: After reading this article, your suitcase with a bunch of swimwear and flip-flops will magically appear at your door, with Dubai calling your name from the distance, siren-style.

Marina beach and Blue Waters

We’ve primed you up enough, so what are Dubai’s best beaches?

  • Marina Beach, or JBR Beach
  • Jumeirah Beach
  • Sunset Beach
  • Kite Beach
  • La Mer
  • Al Mamzar

Marina Beach

Marina beach 2

Personal beach score: 9/10

Let’s start off with our personal favorite Dubai beach on the list — Marina Beach, which is also sometimes referred to as JBR beach. Located in one of Dubai’s most luxurious residential areas (although, let’s face it, you will have trouble finding a place that is not opulent or grand in some way while in Dubai) — Dubai Marina, the beach is always clad with both easily impressed tourists and chic locals, creating a unique and welcoming atmosphere by the waterfront.

A pleasantly crowded place, Marina Beach is sure to exceed your expectations:

  • The prime location of Marina Beach is highlighted by a short walking distance from the closest DMCC metro station;
  • It boasts a well-earned reputation as one of the best free beaches in Dubai;
  • It is both family-friendly and accommodating to a younger crowd.

There’s a wide array of activities you can take part in while at Marina Beach: Due to its wildly comfortable and well thought-out infrastructure (with a stunning backdrop of high-rise residential buildings), the list of things to do here is pretty long:

  • Dress in your Sunday best and parade down the iconic Walk JBR — a long promenade lined with countless cafes and restaurants (not all of them super fancy, there’s Starbucks and McDonalds for the average Joe). The area lights up at night: The atmosphere here after sunset is that of an exclusive club but without the super loud music: Perfect, in every way!
  • Face your fears at the nearby Skydive Dubai center: Propel towards the ground with an experienced instructor on a tandem dive (the cost of the experience starts at $700) and try and enjoy unparalleled views of the Palm.
  • Admire the grandiosity that is Ain Dubai — world’s largest Ferris wheel. You can’t miss it: As you lie on Marina Beach, it’s right there in front of you. Sadly, this mammoth of a structure still remains closed indefinitely after a short working stint. So you will have to resort to adoring the wheel from afar, without actually getting to experience the thrill of looking at Dubai skyline from atop.
  • Enjoy the many inflatable attractions at AquaFun Water Park (world’s largest inflatable waterpark, you get the idea) — water slides, climbing walls; the park is the ultimate destination if you want to have a perfect day at Marina Beach with children.
  • For even crazier adventures, saddle up the mighty camel and ride into the sunset! No, we haven’t completely lost our minds; there are a few camel handlers that encourage you to sit on a very unstable construction on the back of a camel that can spit on you. The rates aren’t set, so try your hand at some good old haggling!
  • Relax and enjoy the scenery from the water by partaking in one of the Dubai Marina yacht tours. They can be as lavish as you want them to be: With bottle service and elaborate dinners, the sky’s the limit!
  • Speaking of dinner, while you’re in Dubai Marina area, make sure to pop into a couple of our personal favorite eateries: Urban (seafood) and Pims (bubble tea!).

Marina beach in september

As for the general expenses that you might run into when spending a day at Marina Beach, here’s a short breakdown:

  • 🪙 The entrance and changing rooms are free;
  • 🪙 A short shower session (90 seconds) will cost you 5 AED ($1,4). The amount of incredibly fine sand you’re bound to accumulate in every crevice of your body might require you to pay twice though, so keep this in mind;
  • 🪙 A sunbed with a towel will be yours for the day for 120 AED ($33), and borrowing two beach umbrellas at once will cost you 225 AED ($61). It’s a genuine rip-off, in our opinion, but at least the option is there.

Marina Beach



+ it’s free
+ It’s super clean, even despite the amount of human traffic the beach sees each day
+ It’s very easy to get to (read below for details)
+ The infrastructure is top-notch and makes the place extremely practical and fun
+ The water is devoid of any dangerous activities (jet skis and the like)

— it’s really crowded. We’ve been here at all times of the day and it’s never empty
— It doesn’t have any natural shade. Bringing or renting an umbrella is highly recommended
— The water isn’t exactly crystal clear, which makes perfect sense with Palm Jumeirah and the port being so close

Where to stay near Marina Beach:

  • Lunar Hostel Plus (from $35 a night) — a surprisingly affordable lodging option in one of the most expensive parts of the city, Lunar Hostel Plus features an on-site bar, a terrace, and a lounge that makes the place busy and friendly, creating a perfect atmosphere for meeting new people and finding company to explore Dubai with even if you’re travelling by yourself.
  • 5* Address Dubai Marina (from $330 per night) — a more luxurious hotel stay option, Address Dubai boasts its own pools (with a separate one for kids), a bar by the infinity pool on the 4th floor, a spa, a fitness center with a sauna, a restaurant that features the finest dishes from most of the world’s cuisines, outdoor dining, a lounge, — and so much more to make you comfortable and keep you busy. But, if you still want to go to the beach, Marina Beach is about a 5-minute walk away, and there are other beaches at hand as well.

Marina Beach harbour

How to get to Marina Beach? It’s easier to get here in comparison to other beaches. So this is an obvious choice in case you are looking for a good beach in the central part of Dubai.

  • By metro: The closest station to Marina Beach is DMCC station. After you get off, it’s a short 20-minute walk to the shoreline. Personally, we stayed at Hampton By Hilton Dubai (located within a brisk walk from the Mall Of The Emirates metro station) and frequented Marina Beach every day, due to its convenient location;
  • By taxi: For travelers that despise public transport (although it is quite extraordinary in the Emirates), grabbing a cab might be a better idea. Keep in mind though: It won’t be cheap. A ride to Marina Beach from the Atlantis Hotel (about 6 miles) cost us 30 AED ($8).
  • By a rented car: Assuming you’ve resorted to taking things into your own hands (by that we mean renting a car from our beloved service — Localrent), and consequently managing to navigate crazy Dubai traffic, you will have to leave your four-wheeled friend somewhere while you’re gallivanting on the beach. Parking at Marina Beach costs $5.

Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach from View the Palm

Personal beach score: 6/10

Jumeirah Public Beach was the first beach in Dubai that we saw with our own eyes, after looking at the pictures of the iconic, highly developed, and super clean waterfronts for years leading up to our trip to the Emirates. Back in 2014, we stopped here with an excursion from Ras Al Khaimah for a photo with the famous “Sail Hotel” — Burj Al Arab. During our 2019 trip, we visited Jumeirah Beach almost daily, since our hotel provided a free comfortable transfer right to the beachfront — many Dubai hotels offer such shuttle services to Jumeirah at no additional cost.

What are the key characteristics that you should know about Jumeirah Beach before you leave your hotel with a thick layer of sunscreen and a few top beach reads under your arm? Well, there are a few:

  • The beach is both long and wide. Its soft golden sand doesn’t seem to hide any imperfections when looked at from afar, but when you investigate closer, you’ll see a good amount of limestone chunks roughing up the otherwise pristine sand texture. And how can we forget about the usual companions of all public beaches — every beachgoer’s worst nemesis in the face of cigarette butts.
  • The place is popular, but the infrastructure seems to be a little underdeveloped (even for our very humble and unassuming tastes). It’s not the worst thing in the world, there still are all the usual amenities scattered all around the entire length of the beach: public bathrooms, showers, and lounger rentals. They are, however, few and far between.
  • Other than that, there’s not much else the beach has in store for the holidaymakers, besides a long promenade that is usually filled to the brim by runners in the mornings and people leisurely strolling along the waterfront in the evenings.

While the biggest draw of the beach has always been the spectacular view of Burj Al Arab — the legendary hotel with a silhouette resembling a sail; now Burj Al Arab is half-hidden from view by another construction which is a gargantuan Jumeirah Beach Hotel. So, Jumeirah Beach is not the prime location for the ultimate view of the hotel anymore.

Burj Al Arab

The good news is, the construction sites that used to crowd the beach from both sides have subsided in volume: So the overall look and feel of Jumeirah Beach is much more pleasant now.

In all honesty, we wouldn’t go out of our way to specifically go to Jumeirah Public Beach, unless a free transfer is involved. Even then, we would use the opportunity to explore some of the other Dubai beaches: Kite Beach is just a brisk walk away; and Marina Beach or La Mer can be easily accessed by a short taxi ride.

Jumeirah Beach



+ It’s free
+ Exciting (yet not full, as of recent) view of Burj Al Arab
+ There’s Souk Madinat close by, where you can get lost among the stalls for hours on end
+ Beautiful promenade along the sea towards Sunset and Kite beaches
+ Many city hotels provide free shuttles to Jumeirah

— It’s really crowded. There are hordes of tourists clamoring all over the beachfront, fighting for the ultimate photo op, and making swimming without bumping into people an impossible challenge
— Sand is not as clean and pristine as you would like it to be
— Almost zero infrastructure

Where to stay near Jumeirah Beach:

  • 5* Jumeirah Beach Hotel (from $530 a night) — an absolute family-friendly gem of a hotel. While you relax and unwind, your children will be overjoyed with the endless fun and entertainment available to them. Let them explore the wonders of the kids’ zone, where their laughter and happiness will echo throughout the hotel.
  • 5* Jumeirah Al Qasr (from $600 per night) — a spectacular hotel where you will discover a private beach adorned with soft sand and delightful amenities such as complimentary fresh fruit and refreshing cool towels, among other things (you can imagine the bigger picture by the room rates).
  • 5* Jumeirah Al Naseem Hotel (from $900 a night) — a hotel with otherworldly levels of service, where a private beach ensures a vacation filled with sun, sand, and boundless fun. With this exclusive feature just steps away, you will not have to worry about making the journey elsewhere. As an added bonus, guests of Jumeirah Al Naseem Hotel also enjoy complimentary access to the thrilling Wild Wadi Waterpark.

How to get to Jumeirah Beach? Well, with Jumeirah, the only two options are either a transfer or a cab. Not the best beach in terms of transport.

  • Wait, we take that back: Another possibility is taking on a nice and long three-mile walk from the Mall of Emirates subway station. Under the scorching Dubai sun, you will hallucinate that you’re Moses wandering in the desert: What we’re trying to say is, don’t do it! And don’t ask us why we did this either.

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach

Personal beach score: 5/10

Also known as Umm Suqeim Night Swimming Beach, Sunset Beach is located within walking distance of the aforementioned Jumeirah Beach. Imagine this: A sandy oasis created solely for the purpose of capturing the perfect Instagram shot. Yes, this beach is primarily meant for photo sessions and not for taking a refreshing swim in the water.

In fact, tourists are brought in by buses specifically to strike a pose with the majestic Burj Al Arab Hotel (which again, is now half-hidden from view by another hotel in front of it), leaving little space for actual swimming. It is puzzling why they did not consider offering free selfie sticks here, given that the main objective appears to be gaining Instagram followers rather than enjoying the sea.

There’s little to be said about the beach infrastructure: Those who use the beach for its intended purpose of sunbathing and simply relaxing under the sun should bring their own towels. No sunbeds are available, but (thankfully) there are changing cabins, showers, and restrooms. The best part is that they won’t cost you a dime.

Sunset Beach



+ It’s free
+ Ample photo opportunities with Burj Al Arab peeking over another (also excitingly beautiful) building
+ Convenient and spacious waterfront promenade that runs along the coast
+ Tranquil atmosphere and fewer crowds, which makes it an ideal spot for a leisurely and romantic stroll

— Poor infrastructure, verging on non-existent
— Not the easiest beach to get to

Where to stay near Sunset Beach:

  • 5* Rixos Premium Dubai JBR (from $360 a night) — if you are seeking to revel in the charm of Sunset Beach and craving a hotel with a vibrant party scene, Rixos Premium Dubai JBR is an obvious choice. Positioned along the beachfront, this hotel boasts an energetic atmosphere, hosting exhilarating events and parties that infuse the ambiance with life. Prepare for a spirited experience that will leave you captivated and enthralled.
  • 5* One&Only Royal Mirage (from $600 a night) — while it may seem like a challenge to reach the stunning shores near Sunset Beach, residing in a haven like One&Only Royal Mirage transforms the entire experience. Not only will you bid farewell to any transportation woes, but you will also be rewarded with an extraordinary sea escape — a private beach boasting the purest, cleanest sands, where relaxation and bliss await your arrival.

How to get to Sunset Beach? Taking a taxi is probably your best bet. It will not break the bank if you are in the vicinity, but if you are looking for some budget-friendly options, we would recommend either Kite Beach, which is a bit farther down the coastline, or Marina Beach, which is easily accessible via the metro.

Kite Beach

Kite Beach

Personal beach score: 7/10

While seemingly being ideal even under close inspection, the best part about Kite Beach is that it’s absolutely free to visit. This picturesque expanse offers an ideal setting for leisurely walks, especially during the pleasant months of late autumn or winter when the heat is more bearable.

Kite Beach appears to be surprisingly pristine and not too crowded. It is a popular spot for kite surfers who appreciate the favorable waves created by the wind. Don’t worry though: The wave enthusiasts aren’t always here, so you will have ample opportunities to swim peacefully without worrying about being hit over the head with a surf board.

The beach provides all the essential amenities for visitors, including showers, restrooms, and changing rooms. However, there is a limited number of sunbeds available, mostly located near the few cafes scattered along the coastline. If you wish to secure a comfortable sunbed, you have the option to rent one by purchasing a cocktail (we’re not exactly sure on the logistics, but the bartenders will usually cut you a deal). The safety of beachgoers here is prioritized, with the presence of vigilant lifeguards and police.

  • Pecently, we had the pleasure of revisiting this beach, marking our fifth trip to the UAE. On this particular visit, we stumbled upon the delightful SALT café, renowned for its mouthwatering burgers, French fries, and delectable ice cream. What makes this café truly special is that you still order from the van-looking structure reminiscent of old Volkswagen bus (hippies and beaches always did go together). That’s what the café used to be during its humble beginnings as a take-out only spot. Now, SALT sports a sprawling indoor area, as well as plenty of outside seating, where you can enjoy your original sliders and mango ice-cream al fresco. We found it convenient that the café’s prices and menus could be easily accessed by scanning a QR code.

Kite Beach



+ It’s free
+ Peaceful atmosphere due to the lack of crowds
+ It’s very clean

— Hard to get to; there aren’t many hotels around the area either
— Not a lot of shade: If you’re not careful, you can easily get a sunburn
— Not a lot of entertainment opportunities

How to get to Kite Beach? If you’re wondering how to reach Kite Beach, there are a few options to consider:

  • The most convenient method is to take a taxi, since it’ll take around 40 minutes of walking from the nearest metro station — Onpassive Metro Station — to finally reach the warm sands of Kite Beach;
  • Alternatively, you have the choice to enjoy a leisurely stroll from the neighboring beaches;
  • Another viable option is to rent a car, providing you with the flexibility to explore at your own pace.

La Mer

La Mer Beach

Personal beach score: 9,5/10

We would give La Mer a perfect 10/10 score, if only it would be easier to get to. Otherwise, it is really that perfect, and the greatest encapsulation of all that is great about Dubai beaches.

Personally, we would narrow down our favorite Dubai beaches to Marina Beach (described above) and La Mer. Why La Mer? Well:

  • It’s free to enter (which seems illegal, given the fact how developed the infrastructure here is);
  • The beach is meticulously maintained, ensuring a pleasant experience for all;
  • It’s relatively new: It first welcomed visitors in 2018;
  • La Mer is truly the winner of Dubai beaches when it comes to the visibility of the ocean floor: Its crystal-clear waters mirror the incredibly azure sky, creating an unforgettable picture in your mind’s eye;
  • The beach is almost never overcrowded, allowing you to revel in a serene and tranquil environment.

At La Mer Beach, a captivating feature awaits: A modern water park situated on an artificial island that splits the beach into two distinct sections. During our visit, we found ourselves particularly drawn to the left side.

La Mer Beach 2

To enhance your comfort of dilly-dallying at La Mer, make sure to revel in its state-of-the-art infrastructure:

  • The beach is well-equipped with convenient facilities, including showers, toilets, and changing rooms. They are no ordinary either: It’s a collection of whimsical houses painted in a rainbow of colors, with an array of wooden benches in various creative shapes sprinkled all around them;
  • An umbrella and a sunbed amounts for 80 AED ($22). Alternatively, a standalone sunbed can be secured for 60 AED ($16,3);
  • And we can’t forget about coffee — La Mer is home to a Starbucks Reserve, which definitely offers a memorable and flavorful experience.

La Mer



+ It’s free
+ Gentle slope into the sea
+ It’s new
+ Great infrastructure
+ A well-maintained promenade in close proximity, which contributes to the relaxed and comfortable ambiance of the beach

— Relatively hard to get to
— Smaller and more compact than other Dubai beaches

Where to stay near La Mer:

  • 5* Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai (from $570 a night) — a polished and upscale hotel that offers a range of luxurious amenities, including a spa, fitness center, and rooftop pool, providing guests with opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation. The resort boasts several exquisite dining options, serving a variety of cuisines. Due to its popularity, the resort can get crowded, especially during peak seasons, which may result in less privacy and a bustling atmosphere.
  • 5* Mandarin Oriental Jumeira (from $980 a night) — a hotel that is renowned for its luxurious and elegant ambiance, offering guests a sophisticated and upscale experience with top-notch service and amenities. Due to its luxurious offerings and prime location, the Mandarin Oriental Jumeira is positioned at a higher price point, making it a more expensive option compared to other accommodations in the area. While the hotel offers a serene and secluded environment, it is located a bit farther from the bustling city center of Dubai. This may require additional travel time for guests wishing to explore the main attractions and landmarks.

How to get to La Mer? The most viable option here is taking a taxi. Even though the beach isn’t too far from Burj Khalifa (approximately two miles), you have to remember that Dubai isn’t a walkable city: The distances may not be grand, but it will take you thrice as much time and effort to get to your destination here than it would in any other city. Limited sidewalk space, constant construction, and the weather are not your friends if you want to walk to the beach in Dubai.

  • Taxi fares to La Mer may vary, with prices ranging from 25 to 30 AED ($7-8) when traveling from Kite Beach to La Mer, and approximately 18 to 25 AED ($5-7) for the journey from La Mer to Burj Khalifa.

Al Mamzar

Al Mamzar Beach

Personal beach score: 9/10

Al Mamzar is a unique destination in Dubai — it combines sprawling park grounds and a few of small (but incredibly well-maintained) beaches. Due to the level of service you get here, the entrance to the park isn’t free: You will have to pay 5 AED ($1,4) per person; or, if you drove here (which is the most likely scenario), parking and entry fee will amount to 30 AED ($8).

This is the most isolated beach out of the other Dubai beaches on our list: It’s located in the Deira neighborhood, far away from the city center; adjacent to the emirate of Sharjah. Because of that, the air of exclusivity is prominent over the park grounds — it also helps that the crowds are a rare occurrence at Al Mamzar, even at sunset during peak tourist season (which is the best time to come here, by the way — the pleasant weather and beautiful scenery make for a wonderful experience).

As for the vital characteristics of the beach itself (although manicured park lawns with natural shade of coconut trees make for a spectacular BBQ spot, thus making it the ultimate family destination), they could not be more perfect:

  • There are all of the usual beach amenities you can think of, each in mint and working condition;
  • The gentle decent into the water (we’re talking 15 meters of knee-high water level) is exactly what you need if you’ve got little ones in tow;
  • Cafes, restaurants, a pool, children playgrounds, — you can always find something to fill your time with while at Al Mamzar;
  • There even are chalet rentals, which are great for beachgoers who want to go all out when on vacation!

Al Mamzar



+ Even though the entry isn’t free, it’s perfectly affordable
+ Great infrastructure
+ Lots of greenery around
+ No crowds

— Too far away from the city center (but great if your base is in Deira)
— Mondays and Wednesdays are for women only, which is a bummer for the Roman Empire thinking humans (i.e. dudes)

Where to stay near Al Mamzar:

  • 5* Mövenpick Al Mamzar (from $70 a night) — home away from home: Fully furnished rooms of the hotel are a perfect backdrop for a pleasant and relaxing stay. Modern design choices and a rooftop pool are nice additions to the mix: Throw in a free transfer to Al Mamzar and this surprisingly affordable 5-star hotel becomes the ultimate destination of the area.
  • 5* Hyatt Regency Dubai (from $180 a night) — set in the heart of Dubai’s historic neighborhood, the hotel wins you over by the closeness to the emirate’s many souks. Modern rooms are a nice contrast to the surrounding hustle and bustle of the heritage area; and a state-of-the-art fitness center and tennis courts make you remember that you’re staying at a 5-star hotel after all.

Al Mamzar Beach 2

How to get to Al Mamzar? Al Mamzar is best reached by taxi (or a rented car): There aren’t any metro stations. However, if your hotel is located in Deira neighborhood, there might even be free transfer to the beach.

  • If you reside in Sharjah — Dubai’s neighboring emirate — then you might also get a free hotel shuttle service to Al Mamzar. Don’t count on it, however, since the majority of hotels there will offer you a transfer to the main public beach of the emirate in favor of crossing into Dubai territory.

Bonus content: Zero Gravity Beach Club

Nestled at the far right end of Marina Beach (with a noisy neighbor of Skydive Dubai right opposite the grounds), Zero Gravity Beach Club is the ultimate destination for Dubai’s visiting party animals. A great restaurant by day that moonlights as a club by night, the venue has a stunning pool (with glass railings, might we add) with a poolside bar and its own private chunk of the beach. The whole area isn’t huge by any means, but there’s always enough sunbeds to go around!

Why people love to come to Zero Gravity Beach Club while on vacation in Dubai:

  • It’s hip, modern, and always on trend: You will hardly see anyone over 50 partying away at the beach club (unless they’re not a regular grandparent, but a cool one);
  • Alcohol! The Emirates have incredibly strict laws surrounding alcohol consumption, so the club is one of the few rare instances when you can comfortably lounge on the beach with a cocktail in your hand;
  • Food, glorious food! You would think that a beach club would serve a pretty subpar menu, but not Zero Gravity! While not sporting a Michelin star (yet), the restaurant is a culinary waterfront destination of any foodie that sets food on the Emirates soil (or rather sand).

Make sure to track the events and day rates charts on the club’s official website: Mondays and Tuesdays are free for the ladies, which is a great thing to keep in mind when putting a girls’ night out on your Dubai itinerary.

  • On average, plan on spending anywhere between 200 and 400 AED ($50-100) on an entry fee (which includes access to the pool, unlimited drinks (during a certain time window), and your own sunbed. But, as you know with any entertainment venue in Dubai, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the amount of money you can pay to make the experience at Zero Gravity as perfect and outlandish as your heart desires.

List of best resort hotels in Dubai

Our hotel in Dubai Hilton

Good news: There are more than 40 hotels in Dubai that have their own private beaches.

Bad news: Most of them are 5-star resorts, which means an average tourist likely won’t get to experience all the pros of staying this close to the water. There are a few 4-star hotels that provide a similar level of service, but they’re just as expensive: So, if you’re used to living it up in some 3-star hotel in Turkey that has its own shoreline, think again; in Dubai you’ll have to pay thrice as much for the same opportunities.

Most of Dubai’s resort hotels are cramped in two areas: Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina. It’s not that surprising, since these are the most luxurious and trendy areas in Dubai (and our favorites, might we add) that face the water. There are a few that are set closer in distance to Burj Khalifa, as close as they can get without actually deserting the waterfront (thus nullifying their hotel-with-a-private-beach status).

A few of the best resort hotels in Dubai:

All pretty expensive, but the costs are justified: If you want to live like a royal in Dubai, close your eyes and pick any of the hotels from the list above. Got funds to spare? Then what are you waiting for!

Dubai travel expenses

dirham money

We know that we’ve played up the rumor that Dubai is one of the most expensive destinations in the world. While it may be true in some cases, traveling here can be an exciting adventure if you plan your budget right. You’re in luck, since we have a whole article detailing the expenses you might plan for when traveling to the Emirates: From accommodation and plane tickets to your morning coffee outings.

We can’t leave you hanging here without giving you at least a couple tips on how you can save money on your trip to Dubai in 2024, accommodation-wise:

  • Try and find a hotel in Deira neighborhood: Not only will you be closer to the historic humble beginnings of this sprawling megapolis, but you will save a buck on lodging options, that’s a guarantee;
  • Consider staying in Sharjah altogether: It’s only 30 minutes away from Dubai’s center, but the hotel scene is much more affordable here.

You can also save a significant amount of money during low tourist season: However, there seem to be more downsides to the idea than upsides (crazy hot Dubai temperatures will make you forget about that 10% decrease in hotel room prices in no time). To navigate the best time to visit Dubai, make sure to consult with our article here.

Things to know about beach etiquette in Dubai

Marina beach

Apart from the usual polite-human protocol, there are a few rules that are particular to Dubai beaches:

  • You can wear your swimsuit at the beach and nowhere else: Again, if we compare the situation to Turkey, in Dubai you will be asked politely (but sternly) to use a coverup when venturing outside beachfront limits (to a store or to a cafe);
  • Do not drink in public: Limit your alcohol consumption to hotels and restaurants that have a license for that. Otherwise, make your Dubai vacation a sober one;
  • Remember that some beaches do have women-only days here: Out of all the beaches mentioned, you will have to keep track of days of the week only if you plan on relaxing at Al Mamzar.

Final thoughts

The pointe Dubai

Personally, Dubai has become our favorite destination for a beach vacation over the years. No matter how much time we have in the city, we find ourselves drawn to the warm sand of Marina Beach and choppy waters of Kite Beach. Each waterfront location has its unique characteristics that might work best for different kinds of travelers.

FAQs on Dubai beaches

+ Is it free to go to the beach in Dubai?
Yes, the majority of the beaches in Dubai require no entry fee. There are a few exceptions, but they are still very affordable.

+ Is it safe to swim in the sea in Dubai?
Yes, since the emirate faces the Persian Gulf, the waters here are relatively calm year-round. The waves are safe and never too high.

+ What is the best beach in Dubai near a metro station?
Marina Beach seems to be the closest and the easiest to reach from any point of the emirate.

+ What is the best beach for nighttime swimming in Dubai?
Sunset Beach, hence the name.

+ What beaches are perfect for taking a photo with Burj Al Arab?
Jumeirah and Sunset beaches, although the view isn’t the same as it was before the year 2021 (but still spectacular).

+ What is the best beach in Dubai for families?
It’s a tie among Marina Beach, La Mer, and Al Mamzar: Each has something unique to offer for a pleasant family outing.

+ What are Dubai’s best beaches for large groups?
Jumeirah Beach, due to its vast grounds, and Marina Beach due to the sheer amount of fun activities to fill your time with.

+ What are the best surfing beaches in Dubai?

We can think of one ultimate Dubai surfing destination — Kite Beach. You don’t need to look for another spot, this one’s perfect for all of your surfing wishes.

We hope that we managed to lift up a certain on a mysterious topic of
Dubai’s beaches and intrigue you enough to book a ticket to the Emirates for your next getaway. To fill your Dubai travel plans with places other than sandy beaches, make sure to read our perfect one day Dubai itinerary and consult with our list of the best viewpoints in the emirate.

We think that’s pretty much it: Get your swimsuit and your snorkel mask ready, it’s time to hit Dubai beaches! If you have any questions regarding the topic, make sure to leave them in the comments below.

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