Visiting Dubai, UAE in September — 2024: Our review

Dubai in september

Is September a good time to visit Dubai? This topic is highly controversial amongst holidaymakers, as September in the UAE is not exactly peak tourist season yet. As a result, plenty of travelers believe that the weather is simply too hot for a pleasant vacation in Dubai.

Personally, we believe that there are plenty of benefits to booking your next vacation in the UAE for September. In this article, we set out to tell you all the weather details, emirates general differences, and must-see tourist attractions that shine the much-needed light on the topic of planning your trip for September 2024. Buckle up, this one is a doozy!

Article contents

  1. Dubai weather in September
  2. Which Emirate to choose for your trip?
  3. Our best Dubai hotel recommendations
  4. Must-do UAE experiences
  5. Is going to Dubai in September worth it? Our review

Dubai weather in September

La Mer beach in Dubai

Okay, let’s start with a burning topic of weather in Dubai in September. It is kind of a pun, since the average scorching-hot temps of summer months have not yet receded in the beginning of September, and the added high humidity levels do a good job of amplifying the feeling of entering a sauna every time you go outside.

  • Is September still hot in Dubai? Yes, and objectively so: The usual day temperatures are fluctuating somewhere around +38°C / 101°F.

Of course, it’s way more tolerable than the temperatures of the three months preceding September. Summer months in Dubai can only be described as hell on Earth, where no living being can survive a walk in a not air-conditioned area.

How hot is Dubai on a run-of-the-mill September night? When the sun finally settles behind the horizon, both UAE residents and Emirate visitors start to show their noses from their climate-controlled dwellings and the city comes back to life. As the days go on, there are more and more people in the streets of Dubai, and by the end of September the city is back in high gear: Peak tourist season is finally here.

Here’s a little table of average temperatures that you can refer to when starting to think about your holiday in the UAE:


Average air temperature

Average water temperature

Start of September

End of September


+38°C / 101°F




+38°C / 101°F



Ras Al Khaimah

+39°C / 102°F



Abu Dhabi

+39°C / 102°F




+36°C / 97°F



End of September and early October are great times for a family vacation, as the prices are just starting their climb, but the weather is already manageable enough to get the most out of your trip. Dubai in October is one of the three contenders for the title of the best experience of a trip to the UAE. To learn more about the best time to travel to UAE, and Dubai specifically, head on over to our article here, where we break down the weather and everything that comes with it month by month, in great detail.

As for average September water temperatures by Dubai shoreline, +33°C is the number you can expect to see the majority of the time. For people who are bad with numbers: Imagine you’re swimming in your morning cup of coffee. And no, it’s not a cold brew or an iced latte, it’s regular black coffee with just a dash of cream, on a hotter side of things. Some people are quite enjoying getting into water of this temperature (you can cannonball into it without worrying about brain freeze or cold shock). Others are more focused on getting back to the hotel and cooling off in one of the more adequately temperature-controlled pools. We understand both parties — to each their own!

You can expect water to be this way along all the Emirates that face the Persian Gulf. But if you want to experience a more temperate climate, choose Fujairah, which faces the Gulf of Oman, and is always a couple degrees cooler than its Persian Gulf-facing sisters.

Is September a good time to visit the UAE?

Dubai weather in September

Visiting the UAE in September is not a bad idea, after all! You can start enjoying activities requiring time outside, like going to the beach or taking part in tours and other experiences. Desert safari and camel rides are already tolerable enough for you to have a fantastic time. Keep reading to see our list of fun things to do in the UAE in September!

While we’re on the topic, let’s figure out what to wear in Dubai in September. Weather-wise, stick to light-toned clothing made out of natural materials (cotton, linen, and silk are lifesavers in hotter climates). Culture-wise, try to be conscious of the dominant religion of the Emirates (Islam) and avoid showing too much skin.

Is it hot in the UAE in September? As we’ve already mentioned before, harsh hot climate of Persian Gulf-facing emirates, of which Dubai is a part of, is still very prominent during the first part of the month. If you’re a person who doesn’t handle heat well, plan your trip on the second part of September, or stick to resorts located in the general Fujairah area.

Dubai travel requirements

Dubai has lifted its mandatory Covid entry requirements in January of 2023, so the country’s guests are no longer required to show proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test.

Which Emirate to choose for your trip in September?

Marina beach and ain Dubai

Given the title of the text, we will start our list with the star of the show, the wonderful emirate of Dubai. Keep reading to find out other emirates we feel you will enjoy staying at, each different in style, climate, location, and entertainment options.

  • Dubai

Dubai is often referred to as the “city of superlatives”, with the most over-the-top buildings, infrastructure, entertainment options, and quality of living one can imagine.

It’s also the most famous emirate (despite not being the actual capital of the UAE), and its accolades are commonly known in every part of the world. Can you imagine that just a century ago, the city was a mere fishing village with population of no more than a few hundred people?

Now Dubai is a hub of glitz and glamour (just watch a couple of episodes of The Real Housewives of Dubai to get the full scope of lavish lifestyles the well-to-do emirate residents practice and preach), as well as a scientific forefront of all the latest discoveries happening in areas ranging from space exploration to microbiology.

Visiting Dubai in September seems like a great opportunity to combine city-style vacation (hitting the clubs, Michelin-star restaurants, and shopping till you drop) with a beach getaway. And let us tell you, beaches in Dubai are something else entirely! Blindingly white sand and clear blue waters of La Mer Beach or JBR Beach are contrasted with towering skyscrapers and giant tourist attractions that surround these beach oases.

As expected, prices in Dubai are higher than in other emirates, but the level of care and thought put into every tourist’s time spent here is truly worth it. Imagine yourself a sheikh for a day, at least that’s what we did and we loved every second of it!

The more we travel to Dubai, the more useful articles we post on our blog about this destination:
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Given all the great things we have to say about Dubai of United Arab Emirates, it’s not the only place here worth looking into! Some of our recommendations extend to the following emirates.

  • Sharjah and Ajman

beach in the UAE

Located just an hour away from Dubai, these two emirates feel like an entirely different world.

They sport more spacious beaches with a lot fewer people. Hotels here are less expensive, but still uphold a level of luxury service. The majority of the hotels are very kid-friendly, providing ample entertainment and food options for little ones. Because of that, we advise you to look into booking your vacation in a resort inside either Sharjah or Ajman if you’re traveling with children. Or if you just want to getaway somewhere that’s quiet, peaceful, and far away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai.

If local tourist attractions might seem too dull for you, you can always get one of the many tours that will take you to either Dubai or Abu Dhabi’s best locations in record time. Yet before do not forget to check out a couple of new places like Rain Room installation and House of Wisdom (which is a library and museum) in Sharjah and to kayak at Ajman’s Al Zorah Nature Reserve to see pink flamingoes!

Most of the people staying at either Sharjah or Ajman claim that their vacations’ vibes are very chill, leaving them feeling like they’re miles away from civilization. While it’s true that these emirates carry more of a historic allure, when compared to the bigger UAE cities, they’re not in any way recluses of the modern world. Truth be told, any city will feel outdated and regressing into the past when compared to Dubai. Have you seen its Museum of the Future?

  • Ras Al Khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah beach

Ras Al Khaimah is the northernmost emirate out of all the UAE. Its inherent flair is most closely related to that of Turkey’s all-inclusive resorts.

The emirate is great for people who love to be dropped off at a resort and then picked up only when the time is up. Resorts here can be compared to small cities, where you can find anything you could possibly need while on vacation.

Despite the fact that there’s not much to see and experience outside resort limits, it’s what’s inside that counts: Pearly white sand beaches, crystal clear water (pretty shallow by the shoreline, great for kids), top-notch dining options, and overall luxurious accommodations. Lots of well-to-do clans choose Ras Al Khaimah resorts for their family vacations, as the plentiful children entertainment options and fun animators can guarantee the parents a relaxing time away from their usual duties.

Ras Al Khaimah in September means starting the day early with a tanning session, followed by a swim, and a couple of mimosas (as this part of the Emirates is totally okay with alcohol consumption).

  • Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Beach

Abu Dhabi is a capital of the United Arab Emirates in every sense of the word: Culturally (that’s where the sister-museum of the Louvre stands), historically, and economically.

Tourists usually come here to expand their knowledge of the Emirates and to seek the thrill of many adventures the city has to offer. Abu Dhabi is where the ultra-modern city skyline is mixed with lush oases of greenery; where the wonderfully preserved Arabic architecture, in all its pompous glory, co-exists with crazy-looking giant attractions of theme parks. Pay a visit to the Ferrari World to see the impressive distinction of adventure and the neighboring historical sites.

Beach vacation here is not a priority, and the local beaches aren’t as impressive and infrastructurally developed as those of Dubai. Still, in the evenings, the Corniche waterfront promenade is where life happens in Abu Dhabi. Go out there and watch the best-dressed and unbelievably rich people stroll along the shoreline in their iconic luxury brand ensembles. Ah, the joy and envy of people-watching!

  • Fujairah

Fujairah is as different from the other emirates on our list as the usual Instagram post is from reality, but not in a bad way!

Geographically, it’s the only emirate that faces the Gulf of Oman and not the Persian Gulf, creating a much milder climate. The surrounding mountains contribute greatly to the weather abnormalities of the region, and you can feel it right away. Fujairah is usually a few degrees colder than Dubai, for example.

The emirate is for people who are tired of the pretentiousness that exudes from other Arabic megapolises: In Fujairah, skyscrapers give way to mountains, and luxury shopping to snorkeling by the reef together with brightly-colored fishies.

Most of the resorts here are all-inclusive, which is a good thing, since there’s nothing much to do outside their limits. Fujairah is not as crowded as the other emirates, but not for the lack of nice experiences, — the location of the emirate is a tricky one. It sits off the beaten track, and the journey here, while not impossible, is longer than to other emirates. In our opinion, it’s a good thing, since those who cover the distance are rewarded with almost untouched nature and locals who aren’t yet looking to take advantage of the naïve tourists.

Each emirate has something that will make you want to spend your September vacation inside its limits (or explore the neighboring cities on day trips), so, ultimately, to each their own. You decide whether you want to stroll around Abu Dhabi’s museums, go on a shopping spree in one of the Dubai malls, or hunker down in one of the luxurious resorts of Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, or Fujairah (choosing the one based on the quantity of children activities or the climate and time spend on the road).

Our best Dubai hotel recommendations for September 2024

Burj Khalifa in Dubai

No matter which booking website you use, one thing stays the same: The ample number of Dubai hotels, fluctuating around the five hundred mark. The almost absurd pool of options can lead to a full-on indecisiveness disorder, if undertaken without any additional help of info. Don’t worry though: Here’s where we come into play, as the sheer quantity of options doesn’t scare us even a little bit! Our range of expertise guarantees we will find the best hotels based on your wants and needs.

One thing about hotels in Dubai worth mentioning is the amazing level of service: Even three-star hotels pride themselves on top-notch guest experiences and eat-off-the-floor level of clean rooms. Plus, if you’re visiting Dubai in September (meaning our answer to how hot is it in Dubai in September didn’t scare you away), you’ll be more than happy with hotel prices. High tourist season hasn’t kicked in yet during the month of September, meaning you can have your cake and eat it too — lounge at one of the many five-star dwellings for the price of the usual three-star hotel room!

Now, for the actual Dubai hotel recommendations: We’ve compiled a list of the best-reviewed hotels in the general emirate area. We hope that at least one of them will be a great match for your holiday expectations!

Side note: The prices mentioned here are for a 7-night two-person stay, so budget accordingly.

  • 3* Rove Trade Centre — super sleek and modern-looking hotel that sits on the intersection of new and old Dubai. The location is one of the top qualities of this hotel: The beach is very close, and most popular tourist attractions are a stone’s throw away. The service here is impeccable (five-star level, no less), the rooms are fresh and clean, providing all the usual hotel amenities. Great Wi-Fi, a gym, a pool, and breakfast buffet will make your stay at the Rove Hotel a pleasant one. Plus, you will be ecstatic to learn that the walls in the hotel are super thick by the UAE standards, so there’s virtually zero chance for you to be disturbed by your neighbors.
    Cheapest room: $450/week stay
  • 5* Golden Sands Hotel Creek — the most budget-friendly five-star hotel we’ve ever seen! Golden Sands Hotel Creek is extremely well-reviewed, and for good reasons: its waterfront location means that some rooms will have the unbeatable Dubai Creek views, while superb service quality and spacious suites will guarantee an amazing stay. Bonus point: Rooftop pool means evening swims with a drink in hand, and first-row seats to the magical show that is sunset in Dubai.
    Cheapest room: $600/week stay
  • 4* Canopy by Hilton Dubai — located on the other side of the Dubai Creek from the previously mentioned Golden Sands Hotel Creek, this four-star hotel is heaven for the younger crowd. With the focus on modern design and eco-friendly materials, your stay here is guaranteed to be uniquely exciting. In the evenings, go down to the restaurant and enjoy the delectable meals accompanied with soul-touching live music; or, if you want a little more action, — head to the bar, grab a drink, and join a party! Leave at least one day to explore the neighboring historical Al Fahidi district, famous for being home to Al Shindagha Museum, which was definitely a highlight of our latest trip to Dubai!
    Cheapest room: $324/week stay
  • 5* Park Hyatt Dubai — the ultimate indulgence of any traveler, this hotel has everything: Lush green territory filled to the brim with colorful flowerbeds and made alive by birdsong, a huge lagoon with an artificial, yet outstandingly delightful white sand beach, a golf course, and an attentive personnel. Yes, this hotel is among the top luxury Dubai hotels, and it (literally) comes at a hefty price. And yet, the level of service and attention to the smallest details that make your stay a relaxing getaway in the middle of the city’s hustle and bustle are worth every penny, in our opinion. If you (God forbid) don’t have a clue where to start experiencing the lavish lifestyle as the Park Hyatt’s guest, we’ve got you covered: Go down to the lagoon and watch the sunset, and then, as the weather gets a little chilly (by Dubai’s September standards), head over to a lounge by an open fire. Ah, the dream! One can easily spend an entire month like this.
    Cheapest room: $1600/week stay

Must-do UAE experiences in September

As we’ve managed to establish above, Dubai’s September weather, especially the late part of the month, caters not only to laying on the beach, but also to exploring the city on foot. Personally, we managed to walk at least 10k steps a day, continuously discovering hidden gems of this city.

Visiting Dubai in September, even the first half of the month, seems like a good idea because, unlike other emirates, it’s not all about beach-style vacations. There are so many places to visit in Dubai, and, thankfully, most of them have air-conditioning.

Dubai is a multifaceted place, where history and innovation are so closely intertwined that one cannot exist without the other. Keeping this in mind, here’s our list of must-visit places one should consider exploring when in Dubai:

  • Burj Khalifa — the world’s tallest building draws hundreds of tourists each day to its viewing decks for a chance to see the emirate from above. A few of the floors, namely 124, 125, and 148, are open to the public for $42, depending on the website you use to purchase them. And let us tell you: The price could be higher for the awe-striking 360-degree view of Dubai that opens up from the decks. This activity isn’t for people who suffer from vertigo: The city looks more like an anthill when you look at it from above (through glass floors, no less!), which adds a degree of unease to the whole experience.
    Pro tip: To get the best view of the tower itself, head on over to the rooftop of the Burj Club, which gives you spectacular vantage point of both the Tower and the Dubai Fountain. Relax by the pool, or, if your visit coincides with a Saturday morning, stay for a BBQ brunch — an experience sought-after by Dubai residents (this should tell you a lot about the impeccable quality of both food and service).

Burj Khalifa from Dubai Frame

  • The Dubai Fountain’s evening show is a sight you cannot miss: Being the world’s tallest performing fountain (now you get why Dubai is sometimes called the city of superlatives?), the sight of water splatters “dancing” to the music, changing colors, and generally hypnotizing the heck out of the onlookers, is the one for the books! The shows are on every evening, and they’re free (!). The performance starts at 6 p.m. and plays every half an hour until 11 p.m.
  • Desert Safari — taking a jeep out on a desert safari in Dubai is an Arabic equivalent of getting on a scary-looking roller coaster, as the adrenaline you get from literally jumping over dunes in trucks is on par with that of a ride in a theme park, if not stronger.
    Pro tip: Choose the tours that fall on the second part of the day, so that you can watch the sunset in the desert and even walk on a slowly cooling sand without the fear of burning your feet.
    Depending on the added activities, be it camel rides or lunch, the prices differ greatly. Plan on spending at least $35 per person.

Safari in Dubai

  • Palm Jumeirah — one of the many artificially created islands by the coast of Dubai (don’t confuse it with its younger (and bigger) sister — Palm Jebel Ali — which is still under construction), Palm Jumeirah is a must-see place when you come to Dubai. You can actually walk around the island for free, which is a great thing for a traveler on a budget.
    Pro tip: To get the best view of the Palm, head up the Palm Tower, where an observation deck named quite predictably — The View at the Palm — sports spectacular 360 degree panoramas of the island, the water, and Dubai’s skyline. The view, in our humble opinion, is better than that from Burj Khalifa! The deck is located on the 52d floor, but if you want, you can have a more bone-chillingly extreme experience: Skydive over the Palm with a parachute. Can you imagine the cool pics and videos you’ll get out of the experience? Get on it if you want to get the reputation of a daredevil!
    The ordinary entry ticket to The View of the Palm starts at $20, which is a steal considered the pure spectacle of looking at the fascinating structures both on and surrounding the island.

Palm Jumeirah

  • Aquariums — perfect for families with children, or just for adults who like to relax while looking at the fish (we don’t judge!). There are a few places to catch Zen energy when met with marine creatures, but the most notable is (of course) one of the largest indoor aquariums in the world — Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Located inside the Dubai Mall (every shopaholic’s dream, since there are more than 1200 shops!), it’s one of the most popular tourist attractions of the emirate.
    Pro tip: There are many experiences you can get inside the Aquarium, the most worth it, in our opinion, are a visit to the Penguin Cave, a glass-bottom boat tour, and a King Croc sighting.
    Another cool place to see the fish and other sea animals is the Lost Chambers Aquarium, located at the Atlantis, the Palm. The whole space is done in a style of a long-lost city of Atlantis, which adds a nice twist to the whole experience.
    Both of the aquariums’ entry tickets are not absurdly priced: You will pay around $30–$40 for a standard experience. Plus, hiding out in an air-conditioned, dimly lit spaces when the sun is at its highest outside is a great tip to enjoy your trip to Dubai in September.
  • Museum of the Future — one of the newer tourist attractions of Dubai that has managed to get the world’s attention long before it opened: The Museum of the Future is one of the most daring architectural experiments that the UAE have undertaken in recent years. Unique in shape and design, the space isn’t just nice to look at: It’s what’s on the inside that’s even more impressive. Basically, you can look into the future of the world (namely, its state in the year 2071): Each component, be it space exploration, robotization, artificial intelligence, or preserving of the species, is mind-blowing, to say the least.
    Pro tip: Make sure to book the tickets a month or so in advance, as demand is always at its all-time high, even in September.
    General entry to the museum is $40 per person.

Museum of the Future

  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi — given the close proximity of Dubai to Abu Dhabi, you can easily book a day trip to the capital of the UAE. The cherry on top of the tour is a visit to the pearly-white Sheikh Zayed Mosque, one of the rare instances when non-Muslims can enter the mosque’s premises. The building looks like something out of The Thousand and One Nights: No pictures, even professional ones, can do the mosque justice, as it’s simply too beautiful to be captured.
    Pro tip: Be mindful of your outfit choices, and try to respect the religious beliefs of the locals. Don’t wear anything too revealing (this applies to both men and women, by the way), and bring a scarf to cover the head upon entering the mosque (this part is ladies-only).
    Day trips from Dubai to Abu Dhabi range greatly, but the basic tour that gets you inside Sheikh Zayed Mosque will cost you around $70.
  • Ain Dubai — the world’s tallest Ferris wheel, this tourist attraction is best looked at from one of Dubai’s beaches: Marina Beach being the prime spot to get a look at this giant beauty in its full glory. One ride takes about 40 minutes to complete, that’s how ginormous the wheel is. Surprisingly, it’s not a super scary experience: The pods have windows, the wheel turns extremely slow, and the 360-degree views of the iconic sail-shaped Burj Al Arab Hotel, the Palm Jumeirah, Burj Kalifa and other prominent Dubai structures will make you forget about the actual heights the ride takes you to.
    Pro tip: Unfortunately, Ain Dubai has been closed for maintenance since March 2022. However, the structure itself is impressive, so at least you can enjoy its view from afar.
  • Dubai Miracle Garden — world’s largest natural flower garden and the ultimate family outing destination.
    Is Dubai Miracle Garden open in September? Unfortunately, the garden operates mainly during winter months, when cooler temperatures make more than 150 million flowers go into full bloom.
    However, we just couldn’t resist mentioning this attraction, as the sheer amount of beauty presented here can blow your socks off. Last year, the attraction opened at the end of October, but each year is different. Keep a close watch of the garden’s official website to stay up-to-date with the changes of the schedule and exciting new announcements.

Miracle Garden

Truthfully, there are countless of entertainment options and places of historical significance peppered all around Dubai. It’s really hard to list them all (especially with the astronomical rate the emirate creates new spaces and structures), but if it’s your first time in Dubai, you’ll be set by visiting the spots we’ve mentioned above.

September 2024 Dubai event lineup

The Barn Dubai

Before getting into the ordinary, non-religious or national-oriented events, let’s figure out whether there are any Dubai holidays in September. Turns out, there is a major holiday that celebrates the birthday of Muhammad, which is very important for people practicing Islam. In 2024, Mawlid (the actual name of the holiday) is celebrated on the 15th of September. Muslims spend this holy day fasting and reading the Quran, meaning there are virtually no celebrations, only quiet observations. Know these facts and act accordingly!

As for the concerts in Dubai in September 2024, we haven’t yet found any household names that will tour in the UAE during this month (Macklemore is set to play his concert on October 4th). It doesn’t mean that international artists don’t include the UAE in their world tours: In 2023, for example, the Emirates welcomed such artists as Guns N’ Roses, Demi Lovato, The Backstreet Boys, Travis Scott, Bryan Adams, and many others. Keep your eyes peeled, maybe your faves will decide to pay a visit to Dubai in September after all!

Unfortunately, if you’re a huge sports fan, you’ll be disappointed to learn that due to high temperatures that are still present in September, sports events here are not held during this month. Set your sights on traveling to Dubai in March, since the world-renowned Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships, or simply Dubai Open, usually falls on the tail end of February – beginning of March.

Plus, for all of you auto racing enthusiasts, keep in mind that F1 2024 is predicted to have its 25th round in late November/early December in Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi. Just sayin’!

Prices in Dubai in September

Alserkal Avenue Dubai Coffee shop

Tourists are known to show super-human abilities, being more than able to withstand harsh environments if it means they do so at a profit. So, bargain-oriented travelers are starting to flock to Dubai as early as the beginning of September.

Even though the first half of the month is, as a rule of thumb, cheaper; try to plan your vacation on the second part of September. While it’s true that there are more people out on the streets, but the number of tourists is nowhere close to that of high season. Plus, the weather is much more bearable, meaning you can enjoy early morning tanning sessions and evening long walks through the bustling megapolis streets.

While Dubai-in-September’s main topic of discussion is the weather, it doesn’t mean that tourists have magically forgotten about their most feared topic: Prices. Thankfully, we have a full article that details our budget for our recent trip to Dubai, which can help you plan your spending accordingly.

Is going to Dubai in September worth it? Our review

Beach in Dubai

Ultimately, traveling to the UAE in September of 2024 is not for the faint-hearted. If you tolerate heat well, however, then you’ll get the best of both worlds: Mostly empty beaches and low-season hotel prices (with the level of service so high it reaches the top of Burj Khalifa).

Whether you want a beach holiday or a strictly shopping tour of the emirate, don’t forget about the importance of SPF. Sun protection is no joke here, as even ten minutes under the midday sun can turn your skin into a color of a freshly cooked lobster. Reapply your sunscreen religiously, and always wear a hat.

Bonus content alert! Being huge foodies and coffee aficionados ourselves, we’re always looking to further our list of food places worth looking into when visiting a new city. If you’re anything like us, you’ll appreciate the following short list of our favorite Dubai establishments:

  • The Grey — extremely trendy place in the general Jumeirah area, perfect for breakfast or brunch. Get yourself a cold brew and pair it with either an order of Turkish eggs or croque madame. Both options are finger-lickin’ good!
  • % Arabica — originally Japanese chain of quality coffeeshops that prides itself on the exceptional coffee it serves in each and every location. You can find % Arabica at any major area in Dubai: Be it the Dubai Mall, the Palm, Dubai Marina, and three others.
  • SALT — with a huge Instagram following (look at their page, it’s very unique and enchanting), this food-truck-turned-restaurant burger joint is the ultimate destination when you’re in Dubai Marina neighborhood. The name SALT was inspired by sea water, so naturally, you can find these spots by the beach: Either La Mer or Kite Beach, both locations serve kick-ass burgers and fries!

Pros and cons of going to Dubai in September

Bus From Abu-Dhabi to Dubai

While arguably not being the best time to visit Dubai, September should still be on the table when planning your vacation to the UAE. As for the pros and cons of this decision (and just general for and against points), here are a few we could think of:

+ Prices of flights to Dubai in September have not yet reached their peak numbers

+ Plenty of (air-conditioned) entertainment options

+ Possibility to easily rent a car through LocalRent service, with plenty of car options to choose from

+ Great water temperatures, perfect for swimming if you’re not a fan of the cold

+ Great prices on hotels that provide a higher level of service than stated (take, for instance, a three-star hotel — you’re guaranteed to get a five-star experience 99% of the time)

+ Virtually certified positive answer to the question “Is Dubai safe to travel?”

+ Continuous development of infrastructure, people-oriented establishments, luxury everywhere you look… And have we mentioned air conditioners yet?

— Travel prices have gone up significantly in recent years

— Cannot yet spend the entire day on the beach in fear of getting either a sunburn or a heatstroke, forcing you to plan around the sun position in the sky

— The heat, paired with high humidity levels, might be too much for travelers with certain health conditions (or crazy hair, have you seen that Friends episode when Monica’s hair gets super frizzy?)

— The water might seem too hot for some people, making them opt out of beach time in favor of refreshing hotel pools

— You may fall in love with Dubai, making you rearrange your entire life so that you can move here! That’s the ultimate travel fear though, so keep strong!

Visiting Dubai in September, in our opinion, is a great way to save money on traveling to such an expensive country as the UAE, but only on the condition that you don’t mind working around the still high temperatures.

We hope that our little Dubai travel guide helped you make the ultimate decision of whether or not to keep the month of September in mind for your next trip. Tell us, have you ever traveled to the UAE in September? Did you like it? We’re looking forward to reading your answers in the comments down below!

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