Where to Stay in Boracay, Philippines? Station 1, 2, and 3 (+ 2 more beaches)

ferra hotel and garden suites

Before we spent an unforgettable week in Boracay in December, we were anxious and (quite seriously) stressed out about the question of accommodation on the island.

Turns out, we aren’t the only ones who can get this worked up — since our trip, our close friends and you, our dear readers, have been nagging us (in a good way) about where to stay in Boracay. So, the idea of this article came to life — a pleasantly organized list of places worth looking into for a first-time visitor of Boracay.

Article contents

  1. Which area in Boracay should you choose for the first time?
  2. White Beach (Station 1)
  3. White Beach (Station 2)
    Where to stay in Boracay — Station 1 or 2?
  4. White Beach (Station 3)
    Which Station — 1,2 or 3 — is better in Boracay?
  5. 3 hotels with private beaches in Boracay
  6. Bulabog Beach
  7. Puka Beach
  8. Things you need to know before traveling to Boracay
  9. 7 best hotels to stay in Boracay

Which area in Boracay should you choose for the first time?

White beach Boracay

So, you’ve landed in Caticlan Airport (remember that there’s no Boracay Airport, so Caticlan is as close as you can get to the island), what now? Well, for starters, you’re about to embark on a journey full of switching different types of transportation and paying several fees (for our step-by-step guide, be sure to consult with the article here).

Once you’ve actually arrived on Boracay Island and your feet touched the warm sand and gentle ocean waves, it’s time to head straight to the hotel you’ve (hopefully) already picked out in one of the many beautiful areas of Boracay.

While we do hope that our recommendations will make you stick with us till the end of the article, we’ve decided to give you a short rundown of the best areas to stay in Boracay.

Where to stay in Boracay for your first visit?
White Beach is the center of Boracay in every sense of the word; it’s where most of life happens on the island — entertainment, relaxation, and partying-wise. The beach is divided into three stations, which we will cover more in the next part, but for now, here are some of our lodging recommendations on White Beach, Boracay:

  • 3* Zuzuni Boutique Hotel — located in a serene and quaint Station 1 of White Beach, this boutique hotel offers an intimate getaway into a world-class level of relaxation and pure bliss. The accommodations are light and airy, you will feel on cloud nine the moment you walk into your room! Prices start at about $70 a night.
  • 4* Coast Boracay — beachfront hotel situated in the bustling Station 2 seems like a dream vacation place. After all, their motto is “Feel Free to Coast Along!”, which we are totally on board with! Rooms start at $145 a night.
  • 4* Ferra Hotel and Garden Suites — our personal pick for the week- vacation on the island; the hotel got us sold with their impeccable service (and price)! Rooms start at $55 per night.

White beach station 1

Where to stay in Boracay beachfront?
Bulabog Beach (or the back beach, as some people call it) seems to be the most rational choice of lodging super close to the beach without the extra cash that White Beach resorts pocket just because of their popularity. But we have to warn you: You can’t take a dip in the waters of Bulabog as this beach is kitesurfers’ hotspot. Bulabog beachfront hotels include, but are not limited to, the following gems:

  • 2* Levantin Boracay — on the quieter (and cheaper) side of Bulabog Beach, Levantin Hotel is perfect for those who want to roll out of bed and straight into the ocean (not quite, but you get the idea). Rooms here start at $25 per night, which is a bargain for Boracay.
  • 4* 7Stones Boracay — a perfect resort for watching the sun rise over the water from the comfort of your room (which starts at around $100 per night).
Surf side boracay resort and spa 2 Surf side boracay resort and spa

Where to stay in Boracay on a budget?
Station 3 of Boracay’s White Beach is where most of the seasoned backpackers choose to stay during their time on the island. It’s true that the area provides cheaper accommodation options; the particular ones that come to mind are these properties:

  • Kommons by Kamino — great budget hostel, it’s hard to believe that you get this level of service and room quality for just $25 per night!
  • Surfside Boracay Resort — perfect place to stay for travelers on a budget, this resort offers great accommodation in a quieter area of the island. Rooms start at $50 per night (don’t forget to pop into their amazing spa center!)

Where to stay in Boracay for nightlife?
Station 2 of White Beach is where the party never ends, with music blasting from bars and clubs into the wee hours of the night. We wouldn’t recommend the area for travelers with family (should you still find yourself in Station 2, be sure to bring some good noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs). Just to give you a taste of what Station 2 has to offer:

  • 5* Henann Palm Beach Resort — amazing world-class resort, with more than adequate prices of rooms (while having a spectacular outdoor pool with a pool bar). Rooms start at $110 a night.

White Beach — Station 1

Station 1 in Boracay

As we’ve already mentioned in one of our previous articles, Boracay isn’t just White Beach. But chances are it’s where you’ll stay if it’s your first time on the island.

White Beach is divided into three stations, with each of them having certain unique features that make them standout. Walking along the coastline of White Beach is a wonderful experience: You get to witness the atmosphere of the stations which virtually melt into each other (even though most island guests don’t reach Station 3, but more on this later).

Station 1, in our opinion, is the best stretch of sand on White Beach. The area is serene and quiet, there aren’t many cafes or bars near the beach itself (which is super wide here, by the way), so you won’t be bothered by locals trying to sell their services and other vacationers disturbing your personal space. Although we can’t promise anything about paddleboarding newbies, who might accidentally hit you over the head with their paddle, but chances of that happening in Station 1 are lower than in other parts of White Beach.

Things to see and do in Station 1:

  • Do a little sightseeing and go out to Willy’s Rock during low tide. One of the most popular tourist attractions of the area, Willy’s Rock is a volcanic rock formation with a shrine dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary sitting on top of it. The statue glows in the dark, so don’t freak out when you see something glowing in the water after having one too many drinks at the beachfront bar.
  • Explore the adjacent Diniwid Beach, which you can access by taking a tricycle ride, or like a true adventurous spirit by taking a winding footpath over limestone from the end of Station 1. The beach is a hidden gem of Boracay and is filled with local pups waiting to be petted (or rather, waiting for a piece of whatever you’re snacking on).
  • Watch the sunset from The Sunny Side Cafe’s terrace, while having a delicious dinner (probably mainly centered around fish, which is super fresh here) — a wonderful experience through and through!
  • Make use out of the gentle descent into the water (especially if you’re not an experienced swimmer).
  • Lay down on the sand and work on that tan!

If you’re sold on the idea of making home for yourself in this part of White Beach, there’s only one question left: “Where is Boracay Station 1 located?”. You see, we always look at the map of Boracay and pick a point in the middle of White Beach (there’s a map a few scrolls below for easy understanding), and that would be Station 2. The north-western chunk of the beach is Station 1, which you can usually guess by the wider stretch of sand.

Here’s a list of some of our handpicked Boracay accommodations in Station 1, which we found to be the best Station on Boracay Island for first-timers:

  • Boracay Backpackers — a great budget-friendly hostel that lives up to its name; while most of the backpackers coming to Boracay gravitate towards Station 3 of White Beach, it’s Boracay Backpackers hostel of Station 1 that groups this category of travelers together under one roof in a more high-end part of the island. Rooms here start at $26 a night.
  • Frendz Hostel Boracay — it’s technically located in-between Stations 1 & 2 of White Beach, but we decided to list this hostel here. Why? Well, because it’s one of the cheaper accommodations in Station 1, which is famous for having mainly 5-star hotels as possible options. Rooms here still go for around $58, which is absurd for a hostel, but the level of service is well-worth the price!
  • 3* IL Mare Sakura Resort Boracay — a leap and a half in the level of service compared to the previously mentioned places (which is, of course, reflected in the price), this resort is a highly reviewed one in Station 1 of White Beach. Rooms start at $98 per night, which is a fair price for this kind of establishment.
  • 3* Boracay Haven Suites — a hotel in the same price category as the last one, this lodging option stands out with its on-site restaurant. The guests praise the Mango Shrimp Tacos and the mango lassi in particular (maybe they should rename the hotel Mango Haven Suites? We’d be up for it!). Rooms start at $98 a night.
  • 4* Two Seasons Boracay Resort — we’ve already mentioned most of the affordable living options of Station 1. So this one is a luxurious little treat — the Two Seasons Resort is an upscale vacation experience, which doesn’t make you go bankrupt right away (unlike it’s absurdly expensive neighbors). Rooms here start at $128 per night.

White Beach — Station 2: Is it the best station to stay in Boracay?

Station 2 in Boracay

Based purely on our personal experience of two young people traveling to this paradise on earth to simply have a good time, we feel that Station 2 of White Beach is where you need to stay in Boracay, especially if it’s your first time on the island.

Station 2 is where it’s at: All the best clubs, bars, restaurants, and other forms of entertainment are condensed into this stretch of land. Station 2 is also the loudest part of White Beach — there are tons of tourists excitedly talking over each other at beachfront hotels, the locals are competing who can yell louder to get your attention to buy their services, the constant construction noises, and the booming beats of music coming virtually from every corner. We definitely don’t think that Station 2 should be your first choice if you’re traveling with children.

Things to see and do in Station 2:

  • Buy your way through (or dine your way through) D’Mall — a unique Boracay mall experience
  • Get a fruit shake from the best on the island — Jonah’s Fruit Shake (we found ourselves taking the long way from our hotel just to pop in here and order one of their delicious shakes)
  • If you find beauty in simple pleasures and aren’t feeling adventurous when it comes to food and drink, Station 2 can help you out — there’s a Starbucks and a McDonald’s here, so you can get caffeinated the way you’re used to
  • The descent into the water is still gentle here, so if you have younglings with you, it’s a perfect place for a first swimming lesson!
  • Station 2 is widely known as the best area for Boracay nightlife, so get your party clothes on and go out!
  • Get a massage! We were lucky enough to have our hotel (Ferra Hotel and Garden Suites) get us a professional massage specialist to the premises, without us having to go anywhere!

A crowned party scene area, Station 2 still has some quiet little spaces where nightlife won’t be such a problem. With most of the hotels here including some sort of soundproofing systems, you can rest easy and sleep soundly (just don’t open the window). Some of these oasis-like hotels (and some located in the belly of the action) are the following:

  • 2* Isla Gecko Resort — located in the main touristic area of Station 2, near D’Mall, this resort gives you a great advantage in terms of its environment. You can save a pretty penny on going out to local shops (maybe get a traditional Filipino breakfast of Tapsilog (fried rice, eggs and meat) while you’re at it?). Rooms here start at $48 per night.
  • 3* Ferra Hotel and Garden Suites — we absolutely loved staying in this hotel! It cost us $175 for a 3-days stay, which is great considering the degree of thought and care put into our vacation on the hotel’s premises. It took us around 7–10 minutes at a leisurely pace to reach the beach, so we were far enough from the craziness of nightlife, but close enough to not get burned on our way to the beach.
  • 3* Red Coco Inn de Boracay — the hotel is located further inland, closer to the main road, so it’s easier to hail any type of public transport of the island (mostly tricycles). The rooms are small but clean, and there’s an outdoor pool! Rooms start at $48 a night.
  • 3* Commander Suites de Boracay — not a beachfront property, but a strong contender of the best place to stay in Boracay. There’s a pool and a fitness center for those who can’t live without muscle gains even on vacation. Rooms start at $81 per night.
  • 3* Nigi Nigi Nu Noos ‘e’ Nu Nu Noos — a unique lodging situation that consists of beautiful Polynesian-style cottages, which offer spectacular garden views. Accommodations here have huge balconies for admiring the surroundings (beware of mosquitos though, you could get eaten alive in the evenings by these little monsters). Rooms here start at $82 per night.

Where to stay in Boracay — Station 1 or 2? Our opinion

To sum up all of our findings, we make an obvious distinction you should keep in mind when deciding where to stay in Boracay — Station 1 or 2: Station 1 is the best area for a relaxing getaway where your main concern is tan lines. Station 2 is perfect for nightlife. The beach itself is great in both stations, with little to no waves, crystal clear water and fine white sand, but Station 1’s part of the beach is not as crowded as the one of Station 2.

White Beach — Station 3: Where to stay in Boracay on a budget

Station 3 in Boracay

Station 3 of White Beach is where the nature takes back a little more of its rights, without the cleanliness and perfectionism of the previous two stations. The sand is coarser and not that blinding white color, the descent into the water is steeper, and the water can get a little choppy at times. Plus, the overall look of the beach gets muddied up by tons of boats by the boat station not so far off.

Don’t get us wrong, we still loved exploring the station! For the most part, we enjoyed the lack of crowds, since the majority of tourists usually don’t wander off further Station 2. The thicker line of palm trees also added a certain allure — you feel like a character in The Blue Lagoon!

Things to see and do in Station 3:

  • Enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of the station, talk to the interesting crowd that usually gathers here: Backpackers, new-age hippies, nomads, and the like. There are plenty of interesting life stories to be discovered in such community!
  • Swim your heart out! The water gets deep pretty fast, which is perfect for experienced swimmers!
  • Set your breakfast needs met at the Sunny Side Café — their morning coffee was amazing, gave us the energy to explore the whole of Boracay!
  • Speaking of breakfast — no matter how late you woke up, 8 by the Beach has you covered with their all-day breakfast. A godsend after a night out!
  • Since Station 3 is the best station on Boracay Island for travelers on a budget, go explore other stations and spend the money you saved with cheaper accommodation on souvenirs!

Most of the hotels in Station 3 are located very close to the beach (again, driving that Blue Lagoon comparison home). What’s more, the lodging options are smaller and cheaper: In our heads, it’s a perfect combo for tourists with restless feet who cannot stay in their room for long, no matter how lavish and luxurious it is. Some of the hotels we recommend you look into are the following:

  • Kommons by Kamino — a cute little hostel with clean rooms that lets you explore the best of Boracay beaches (White Beach) for the truly amazing price of rooms that go for $25 a night.
  • 3* Surfside Boracay Resort — the cheapest beachfront hotel in Boracay that provides charming lodging options under the shade of palm trees surrounding the property. The on-site spa center is just what you need to take your vacation from zero to a hundred in a matter of minutes! We almost stayed here before finally settling on the Ferra Hotel, since we were afraid that we would be too far away from the action. Turns out, our fears were unfounded, since the island is actually pretty small and nowhere is too far from the center. Rooms here start at $50 per night.
  • 3* 357 Boracay Resort — with the ability to book a room with a marvelous sea view, this resort established itself as a strong player for its station in the competition of which station is best in Boracay. Rooms here start at $65 per night.
  • 2* Boracay Pito Huts — a unique way of living — in huts down on the beach, gives you a nudge to answer a question of which station in Boracay is the best to stay in for a nature lover in the direction of crowning Station 3. Waking up, opening your door and stepping onto the warm sand — this is what dreams are made of! Huts start at $75 per night.
  • 2* Cocoloco Beach Resort — a great family-owned place, fit for an amazing, quiet and cozy stay in Station 3! Most of the reviews marvel at the size of the rooms, which are big enough to get your steps in without leaving the premises. Rooms start at $86 per night.

Which Station — 1,2 or 3 — is better in Boracay?

Station 1,2,3 Boracay

Ultimately, after our week in Boracay, we came to the conclusion that there is no one “best” station on the island. Boracay stations differences are exactly what make each of them so unique and inviting to the island’s many visitors.

The slight changes of the sand’s overall look and quality, the number of beachfront properties, and the quantity of people lining the said beach at the same time is what Boracay’s Stations 1, 2 and 3 differences are all about.
If you’re more of a visual person, here are Stations 1, 2 and 3 of White Beach in Boracay on the map:

Station 1,2,3 in Boracay on the map

To sum up our findings:

  • Which station in Boracay is best for a first-time visitor? — Station 1
  • Which station in Boracay is best for nightlife? — Station 2
  • Which station in Boracay is cheaper? — Station 3

We strongly advice you walk along the coast and see the Boracay stations differences for yourself — get a feel of each area and decide which one speaks to your soul better than others. While we did stay in Station 2, Station 1’s incredibly wide and beautiful stretch of the beach called our name the entire duration of our trip!

3 hotels with private beaches in Boracay

Fairways Bluewater Boracay
Credits: wikimedia.org

Boracay is no stranger to luxury accommodation, and who’s surprised? This ultimate paradise, with sights straight out of a Bounty commercial, makes you want to spend your last hard-earned dime just to experience all the island has to offer to its full extent.

Let’s think what you consider to be an indicator of a lavish lodging experience — is it huge rooms? spa center on-site? Michelin-star restaurant? breakfast buffet? Yes, those are all the things that are a given for a top-notch vacation. But in our opinion, having a private beach is what makes one establishment stand out in front of the others. Because, as we’ve probably mentioned, the famous White Beach is a public beach with zero amenities allowed.

So, what are the best hotels with a private beach in Boracay?

  • 4* Fairways & Bluewater Boracay — covering an astounding 80-hectare piece of land, the resort is located on the eastern part of Boracay. The property has more than 850 rooms which start as low as $66! The resort has a huge golf course and its own private white sand beach, so you can relax after scoring a hole in one imagining you’re on a deserted island (with beach clubs and cooling drinks though). Talk about a top wish on your bucket list!
  • 5* Crimson Resort and Spa Boracay — one of the greatest Boracay beachfront hotels with an infinity pool overlooking the sea. The property is fronted by Punta Bunga Beach, which has lately been coined as Station Zero. Sounds fancy and futuristic, but that’s the power of marketing for you! The beautiful area of station Zero makes for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation experience — whether you’re traveling with family in hopes of adventures or with your partner with romance in mind. Rooms start at $287 a night.
  • 5* Shangri-La Boracay — a whole complex hiding in lush greenery, which provides a simply luxurious experience for your Boracay vacation. The resort actually opens up on two beaches: Punta Bunga Beach (which it shares with Crimson Resort and Movenpick Resort) and Banyugan Beach. Both of the options feel secluded enough to enjoy your tanning sessions in private, but with comfortable beach amenities. We aren’t usually easily impressed by the prices, since anything can be unfairly highly priced. But in this case, we feel that the substantial pricing clearly corresponds with the property being one of the best hotels with private beach(es) in Boracay. Rooms start at $428 a night.

The hotels we’ve listed here are not cheap (unless you’re a Rockefeller descendant), but the ability to spend your hours by the water in a relative isolation is what makes us suggest you stay in one of the properties while on Boracay, even if only for one night.

Bulabog Beach

Bulabog beach

Various water activities in general (and kite surfing in particular) seem to be the most sought-after things to do on Boracay Island. If you’re an experienced kite surfing enthusiast, you probably already know where to stay in Boracay to practice the sport. If you’re a newbie, we’ve got you!

Bulabog Beach is the way to go if you want to live and breathe kite surfing without spending the precious time on getting to and from the beach.

If you don’t participate in surfing yourself, Bulabog Beach is still a worthy destination to sit back and “watch from the bleachers” all the action happening on the water. It’s not the best idea to come to Bulabog Beach for a tanning session or a short swim as the beach is littered with seaweed and the water is quite choppy due to strong winds. The waves can get pretty big, so much so that experienced swimmers can have a hard time fighting the currents.

Bulabog and White Beach on the map

Thinking about making Bulabog Beach your second home while on Boracay (most people do it to save the money on accommodation), but still want to enjoy the best beach of the island? Don’t worry — White Beach with its soft sand and clear waters is just 10 minutes away!

So, here are some of the lodging options near Bulabog Beach (we mainly considered beachfront properties, as they’re more interesting than those that are further inland):

  • 2* Levantin Boracay — a budget-friendly hotel option in a quieter part of the beach. Chill vibes all around, a nice place to relax after a long day of exploring the island. Rooms start at $43 per night.
  • 3* Palassa Private Residences — a beautiful beachfront property with brightly colored rooms to light up your mood even in the Boracay’s gloomy off-season. Most rooms have an ultimate million-dollar view, overlooking the never-ending azure waters of the Sibuyan Sea. Rooms start at $71 per night.
  • 3* Aissatou Beach Resort — fantastic beachfront location that lets you roll out of bed and onto a surfing board (the resort provides kite surfing lessons for those less experienced). Rooms start at $82 per night.
  • 4* 7Stones Boracay — on a more expensive side of Boracay’s properties, this hotel offers rooms with a personal jacuzzi (!), a roofdeck (!!), and a private pool (!!!). Need we say more? It’s totally worth the starting price of rooms at $146 a night.

Puka Beach

Puka beach

When you’re looking up the information on where to stay in Boracay, Puka Beach is definitely not the first option that comes up in your search. The beach is located on the farthest northern tip of Boracay island, with seemingly no appropriate lodging in sight. While it’s true that hotel options are quite limited here, the best natural areas around the beach are a substantial selling point (at least in our minds).

Puka Beach (or Puka Shell Beach) is one of the last parts of Boracay that still retained its beauty untouched by humans. The whole vibe of the area is super laid-back, which you get as soon as you enter the beach — you are greeted with a Puka sign made out of driftwood!

There are a few places where you can get food and souvenirs (mostly grouped together near the entrance), but other than that, the beach is in its preserved natural glory. To enjoy the peace and serenity of the area, we recommend driving out here during sunset, when most of the island’s guests are fighting for a front-row seat on White Beach.
To get to Puka Beach from D’Mall, you’ll have to pay 40 pesos per person or 200 pesos to rent a whole vehicle. To get back to White Beach, it’s usually 100 pesos for two passengers.

From White beach to Puka beach on the map

There aren’t many hotels that are located close to Puka Beach itself, we found this one to be the most up-to-standard in the walkable vicinity:

  • 3* Alta Vista de Boracay — located on a hillside in Yapak area of Boracay, this hotel provides top-tier service to make your stay on the island as convenient and relaxing as it can be. Puka Beach is just 5 minutes away, and there is a free shuttle service that can take you to the center of the island. Rooms start at $106 per night.

Best Airbnb in Yapak area of Boracay:

Both of the rooms are actually located within Alta Vista de Boracay’s resort, but are put on Airbnb’s website by separate hosts. We’re not sure on what this deal is, but we do know that the reviews are great and the rooms are cheaper when booked in advance through Airbnb’s website.

Things you need to know before traveling to Boracay

ferra hotel and garden suites pool

Now that you skimmed through our makeshift Boracay Island neighborhood guide, hopefully narrowing down on the area you want to stay in for your upcoming trip, it’s time to explore the other important questions concerning Boracay.

How do you get to Boracay? — This part seems scary for most travelers, since it implies lots of steps, receipts, and a substantial amount of paperwork (well, not THAT much, but there are more than three pieces of paper you’ll be required to fill out). To make the journey easier for you, we created our step-by-step guide on how to get to Boracay from Caticlan Airport (there are lots of pictures and even a video detailing this crucial part of your travels). Check it out and save yourself a headache!

What do you need to know before traveling to Boracay? — We have an extremely informative article on 15 things to know before your trip to Boracay Island, Philippines in 2023, which is a must read, in our opinion. Click on the link and find out why you can’t come to the island without a figured-out lodging situation and why you can’t work as a fire dancer on White Beach (we know, what a bummer!).

What are the most interesting things to do in Boracay? — It’s true that the island is small and has a limited array of entertainment, but it still has some peculiar things to fill your time with. Check out our article on best things to do in Boracay to learn why you need to avoid the sneaky monkeys on your way to the top of Mount Luho and figure out whether there are actual crocodiles on Crocodile island.

We feel that these articles will set you up with a pretty extensive guide for tourists going to Boracay, so make sure to read every single one!

7 best hotels to stay in Boracay

Hotel in Boracay

Even though we feel like we’ve already given you plenty of hotel options to choose from for your stay in Boracay, we decided to round up the best lodging situations (no matter the area — West, South, North of the island) we could think of, sorted by price:

  1. 3* Surfside Boracay Resort — perfect beachfront hotel in Station 3 of White Beach, it’s top-notch amenities and the beautiful environment (hello, palm trees!) will make you think you didn’t see a couple of zeros in the room’s price. The on-site spa will make your stay here as relaxing as it can get on this amazing little island. Rooms start at $49 per night.
  2. 3* Ferra Hotel and Garden Suites — we hope that you aren’t tired of us mentioning the Ferra Hotel, but if you just stay here, you’ll realize what the buzz is all about! It’s budget-friendly, yes, but the service made us think we were staying at a 5-star hotel, no less. Rooms start at $56 per night.
  3. 3* Palassa Private Residences — quiet beachfront location on Bulabog Beach is a treasure enough to choose this resort as your home away from home on Boracay Island. The uniquely colorful décor and amazing sea view are just cherries on top of the perfect experience of your stay here. Rooms start at $71 per night.
  4. 3* Nigi Nigi Nu Noos ‘e’ Nu Nu Noos — another example of Station 2 of White Beach providing a unique lodging experience. The little huts are set deep into the gardens, creating beautiful respite from the sweltering heat. Rooms here start at $82 per night.
  5. 4* Le Soleil de Boracay Hotel — a perfect hotel located in Station 2 of White Beach (this one not mentioned above, since Station 2 has the widest array of lodging choices), close to all the main attractions, but far enough from D’Mall so you can relax by the outdoor pool in a near-bliss silence. Rooms start at $101 per night.
  6. 4* Coast Boracay — great beachfront hotel option of Station 2 (we see the repetition, but the area is literally the heart of life on Boracay, go figure it’ll have the best hotels); a dream vacation destination due to the world-class level of service and the beautiful rooms (which start at $143/night).
  7. 5* Shangri-La Boracay — a huge hotel complex fronted by two private beaches and set in the lush tropical greenery, Shangri-La is the best hotel on our list. The rooms are obviously expensive, but if you have the means to treat yourself, we feel like you should do it in this hotel! Rooms start at $428 a night.

And there you have it! We hope that you managed to find a hotel that suits your needs the best before your trip to Boracay in 2023. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below!

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