Newly opened hotels in Turkey: Best resorts for your trip in 2024

Beach in Fethiye Turkey

Turkey, at least in my mind, has always been a prime destination for all things sun-and-beach: Turkish Turquoise Coast is practically synonymous with having a good time! Why argue? A rugged shore hugging the coastline clad with forested hilltops in some places, manicured and daily swept fine sand beaches in other, — Turkish Riviera fits the needs and wants of virtually every traveler, especially the one that’s sun-starved and pamper-ready.

Since Türkiye — the country’s new official name — is such a popular tourist destination, new hotels get built here faster than anywhere else. They are like mushrooms after the rain, popping up here and there, virtually out of nowhere!

We’ve always loved staying at brand-new hotels: Everything is squeaky clean and in its best condition (it’s all downhill from there). If you also enjoy to play Marco Polo during your vacation, then this list of newly opened hotels in Turkey is for you!

Side note: The focus here will be exclusively on the coastal regions, both Aegean and Mediterranean shores. However, we have a couple of posts that will help you find a place to stay in either Istanbul (with a helpful itinerary and a plan for a fulfilling layover in the city to boot) or Cappadocia. The hotels mentioned there won’t be new per se, but still worthy of your attention.

Article contents

  1. Why choose a newly opened hotel in Turkey?
  2. Turkey hotels set to open in 2024
    in Belek
    in Side
    in Didim
    in Bodrum
    in Fethiye
    in Alanya
  3. New Turkey hotels opened in 2023
  4. New Turkey hotels opened in 2022
  5. Things you need to know before traveling to Turkey
  6. Final thoughts

Why choose a newly opened hotel in Turkey?

New hotel in Fethiye

Before we dive deeper into the topic, we feel it’s important to note that there is a certain level of risk involved when you’re booking a stay at a hotel that’s newly opened (or even months before its official opening).

There are a few things that might be “off” or that can completely derail your vacation:

  • Some hotels open before they’re even completed! That means that there might be construction noise and mess in the building or on the premises, the beach might not yet look up to par, and hotel staff might’ve not yet found their groove, resulting in total chaos, top to bottom.
  • Some constructions blow through all the deadlines and fail to open in time at all. But don’t worry, in this case, if you purchased your tour through a travel agent, you will be moved to another hotel of the same level.
  • Some hotels get advertised as completely new, when in reality they’re just new and improved: Some already functioning hotel gets renovated and revamped, but overall it is not as spick-and-span as one might hope it would be. This knowledge is particularly handy when you’re searching for newly opened hotels in Turkey by yourself, since we’ve done the ground work and noted such cases in this list ourselves.

Now that’s that out of the way, let’s do a 180 and turn to all the things we LOVE about staying at the hotel that’s just opened for business:

  • Every single thing in a new hotel is just that: New! Virgin! Pristine! Your butt will be the first to sit on that lounger, your dandruff will be the first to graze those pillowcases, and your back will be the first to get scratched by that giant water slide! Let’s face it: Being a pioneer at something is pure excitement, no matter how trivial that “something” is.
  • New hotels opening in Turkey usually have much lower prices during their first run. Their main objective is to lure in as many guests as possible with the low prices and show off their facilities so that those visitors will come back next season. You don’t get the same chance twice: The hotels that receive great reviews from their first season usually double (if not triple) the prices next year.
  • Piggybacking from the previous point, the levels of service in newly opened hotels are usually off-the-charts! Management will do anything to get that five-star review from each and every guest, and that means you will be taken care of to the best of the staff’s abilities!

Because booking a newly opened hotel is such a gamble, you can wait a couple of months after it’s started operating and then check the real reviews to play it safe. But if you love the adrenaline, take the leap: Success comes to those who take risks, even if success is just laying by the pool and having a grand time.

Turkey hotels set to open in 2024

Bodrum Turkey sea

This year, it seems that opulence and grandeur are the forerunners of Turkish hospitality: There hasn’t been that many five-star hotels opening since pre-pandemic! It’s a good opportunity to treat yourself to a nice vacation at a luxury resort: You will get the cream of the crop level of service for the price of a stay at a four-star hotel. The few resorts that have three or four stars aren’t new: They’re generally opening up after a major renovation.

Here are the hotels we will look into in this section:

Ethno Belek
Photo from ethnohotels

Do not be surprised to find clearly photoshopped (sometimes very poorly photoshopped) pictures on the hotels’ websites. Turks are in no rush to take actual shots of their finished products; your best bet to see the actual state of things will be to wait for the first guests to leave their reviews.

Without further ado, here are new hotels opening in Turkey in 2024: We’ve compiled all the info and links you will need to plan your stay.

Newly opened hotels in Belek

Ethno Belek 2
Photo from ethnohotels

⚡️Scheduled to open in May 2024
⚡️Type of resort: Ultra All-Inclusive

One of the newest additions to Turkey’s grand Adalya Hotels chain (their shining star, 5* Adalya Elite Lara, has long been attracting visitors with its charm and outstanding service), Ethno Belek is a definite step-up into the more bold and unique design concept. With the reputation that spectacular, Adalya Hotels can up their game and take risks wherever needed. It is expected that Ethno Belek will carry on their legacy of premium facilities and unyielding focus on the guests, especially with a price tag that significant. In this case, however, it’s not a rip-off, — you are guaranteed to get the exceptional level of service that you pay for!

You will be pleased to learn that the hotel grounds aren’t overfilled with structures:

  • Apart from the main seven-story building and the area that is exclusively filled with villas hiding in the tree shade, the territory is left intentionally open. A large beach is the main focus here, with pool areas so spacious that you won’t feel crowded even when hotel is at full capacity.

The style concept of Ethno Belek is elusive, and that’s what makes staying here so exciting. While the overall picture seems to be modern-leaning, with rooms and villas clad in abstract and even futuristic shapes (the shiny metallic lamps have always reminded me of spaceships, but the hotel’s warm-toned color palette offsets the clean harsh vibe that usually accompanies all things modern), you can definitely find hints of historical folk influences all throughout. Macramé wall hangings and exciting Turkish tile patterns are dead giveaways of the more eclectic look! If you want to dive deeper into the cultural side of the hotel’s concept, head on over to Ethno Belek’s very own art gallery: Here, you’ll be able to see the works of local artists that blend contemporary influences with traditional ethnic motifs.

As we’ve mentioned before, there’s nothing even slightly budget-friendly about Ethno Belek: You won’t find a “standard” room option here, no matter how hard you look. The main accommodation types at Ethno are deluxe/superior rooms with either a jacuzzi or a direct pool access (swim-up rooms are the epitome of extravagance, in my opinion). There’re also giant suites and sprawling villas that are perfect for travelers with family or large companies. The view options here are just as exciting: You can choose either a sea view (!) or a forest view (!!), depending on what you’re in the mood for.

The hotel amenities at Ethno are also on the unique side: On top of the usual spa facilities and services like a hammam and massages, guests can also partake in singing bowl therapy. Although chargeable, we wouldn’t miss the experience for the world: It sounds (ha) pretty wonderful!

As for Ethno’s other advantageous characteristics, we should definitely highlight two large pools and eight (!) water slides for both children and adults — water activities are one of the main draws of the place. The favorable location right on the beach also helps lure guests to this resort — one super short walk from your room gets you to a large 300-meter beach stretch, filled with free loungers and umbrellas. A gem-like view of the Mediterranean paired with fine warm sand create the atmosphere of a paradise, worth every penny you will spend on your time here.

  • The cheapest room options at Ethno Belek start at €500 per night at the start of the season. As the summer goes on, the prices go up: In August, don’t except to pay less than €700–€800 a night.

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Newly opened hotels in Side

New Hotel in Side Drinks in the New Hotel in Side

⚡️Scheduled to open on June 1st, 2024
⚡️Type of resort: Ultra All-Inclusive

We predict that as soon as it opens, Side Moon Palace Hotel will be the place for both families with children and happy couples on their romantic getaways. The posh column-clad and Renaissance-leaning facade of the hotel’s main building is a nice contrast with the usual resort facilities, like its own water park and loungers on every square inch of the pool areas. The overall room design is sophisticated, understated even: Neutral grey-beige tones are perfect for a relaxing stay, just stylish enough to keep your inner aesthetics snob at bay.

  • While standard rooms at Side Moon Palace are everything you want and more, there’s one thing they generally lack — the sea view (however, the panoramas of the hotel territory and beyond are pretty nice to look at).

If you want to see the sun set behind the deep blue sea every night, you will have to splurge on the rooms higher up: Most of them are the same size as the ones downstairs, but come with luxurious add-ons, like your very own jacuzzi in the room. There are also fantastic family rooms that are big enough for your small army of younglings, as well as spectacular swim-up rooms — your bed and the pool have never been closer!

When it comes to entertainment, the hotel tops the chart of places to stay in Turkey for fun and adventure: Side Moon Palace’s kids’ club comes with amazing programs and wonderful staff, while the more adult-centered leisure activities include a visit to a decked-out fitness center, a surveyal of extensive spa facilities, aqua-aerobics, tennis, beach volleyball, foam parties (!), disco nights (!!), and many others. The indoor pool is the main feature of the hotel — though it is located indoors, it’s as giant as it could be (1500 m2); with outdoor pools significantly falling short in size. The aquapark is also divided into sections for children and grownups, thus creating a place where entire families can spend most of the time in — any resort in Turkey that is centered around family stays will have at least some sort of a water park, and Side Moon Palace takes it to another level!

One of the only drawbacks of the hotel is its location: It’s not set right on the beach. The free transfers will take you the extra 900 meters to the closest shore, which makes up for the slight inconvenience. The beach is amazing though, and perfect for families with kids: It’s a fine sand beach, with even and subtle descent into the water, that is mostly calm.

You can visit one of the few on-site à la carte restaurants (one with traditional Turkish cuisine), a local patisserie and plenty of tiny cafes and snack bars scattered around the territory.

  • Standard rooms at Side Moon Palace Hotel start at €400 a night at the time of hotel’s opening, and then rise towards a €550 mark further on into the summer months.

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⚡️Scheduled to open in June 2024
⚡️Type of resort: All-Inclusive

A fun hotel from the well-known Turkish chain Dream World, Dream Fun World is supposed to carry the concept of a mini-town, although the number of rooms here is quite modest — once completed, the hotel will be home to 350 dwellings. Unlike Whittier, Alaska (a one-building town), this gem on the Mediterranean shore gathers people under one roof not out of necessity, but because the guests have everything they want right at their fingertips — the all-inclusive concept makes sure of that.

But forget about the main building, nobody comes to a resort in Turkey to spend all of their time cooped up in their room (though the colorful design is a pleasant touch). The hotel’s main pull comes from its two (!) water parks. Both bright and modern, they are the ultimate attraction for kids and adults alike. The first park has the tamer slides that are great for people of all ages who aren’t that fond of extremes; the second one, however, is where all bets are off — promptly labeled as the place exclusively for the 18+ crowd, it has all the adrenaline-inducing rides, from Black Hole to Whirlpool. Since the parks are set outside, they are both seasonal; take note that they open on April 15 and close as the season comes to an end — on October 15.

Side note: Dream Fun World is one of the few newly opened hotels in Turkey that practically scream they’re family-friendly. And while the aquapark supports the sentiment, you have to keep in mind that the kids’ club here is only for children aged 4–12. So, if your rugrat doesn’t fit the criteria, no fun games for them; at least, not at the hands of local animators. You will have to make do on your own, or bring a nanny.

Tired of artificially made pools and fake waves? Then head on over to the beach — though Dream Fun World is located a little away from the beachfront (800 meters till the closest beach), the free transfer and ample beach amenities will make you cut the hotel some slack. The loungers and umbrellas are free, cocktail and snack bars won’t let you get famished, and the pure vibes are as pleasant as they come.

Everything else about the hotel is pretty on par with its five-star status: Luxurious, but low-key at the same time. The rooms are mostly standard (fitting three guests), with a few great family room options. When it comes to food, the all-inclusive concept works within a set time limit — you will find lots of delectable dishes ready anywhere between 10 a.m. and midnight. Guests who spend minimum of five nights at the hotel get a free dinner at one of the on-site à la carte restaurants (just make sure to make a reservation beforehand).

Newly opened hotels in Didim

Photo from barutanda

⚡️Scheduled to open in May 2024
⚡️Type of resort: Ultra All-Inclusive

For over 50 years, Barut Hotel chain has been one of the select few brands headlining Turkish hospitality sector. To tell you the truth, they do it brilliantly and with apparent ease, as if it was second nature — a couple of years ago, we had the pleasure of staying at the five-star Acanthus & Cennet Barut Collection in Side and saw first-hand the top-quality levels of service and facilities.

Now, Barut has finally made it to the Aegean shore, and we could not be happier. The extraordinary blues of the sea paired with golden fine sand of the Delice Peninsula are the perfect setting for a relaxing getaway. The closeness to Didim means winning proximity to the area’s main tourist attractions: Ancient ruins of a few old cities, like Priene, Miletus and Didyma. Culture buffs, rejoice! You didn’t think that an all-inclusive Turkish resort could have such a rich cultural program, but here we are!

With more than 500 rooms and many luxe villas, accommodation options at Anda Barut Collection match a wide variety of guests’ needs: There are deluxe rooms and penthouse suites, rooms with sea views and swim-up rooms, — the choice is yours! Because the hotel is so set on accommodating every type of traveler, the entire territory is divided into three areas:

  • Adult-only zone (16+), with adult-only restaurants, private pools perfect for laying the day away, and nightly DJ sets that will not play Baby Shark under any circumstances!
  • Family zone, with large and airy family suites and exciting animation program made specifically with kids and their parents in mind.
  • Community zone, where guests of all ages are welcome: Entertainment is neither too provocative nor too boringly safe, everybody will have a great time dancing and listening to live music that ranges from exciting folk songs to the works of the world’s classics!

Barut’s spa facilities lean hard into holistic approach to wellness: The list of both traditional and modern services provide is definitely on the long side. If you’re not a fan of working out at the gym (although the hotel’s fitness center is better than some of the highest rated gyms near you), consider booking yourself a spa day: Treat yourself to a Turkish Bath experience, followed by a massage session (the talented masseurs here know virtually every type of massage, so you’re guaranteed to feel reborn after an hour or so).

pamukkale turkey

More into active leisure? No problem — Anda Barut Collection has its own Adventure Park. It’s good to know that this is no ordinary aquapark with a small kids’ playground in the corner. Barut Adventure Park is also known for its “carnival” area that’s equipped with a merry-go-round, bumper cars, a trampoline, master-class zones, and even a mini roller coaster. What’s more, the park includes a basketball court, a couple of tennis courts, and also a “Mini Club” for the littles: A kids’ garden and a chocolate factory (!) are something out of a fairytale, truly!

And how can we forget about the beach — Anda Barut Collection sits right by the water, so your everyday commute to the pleasant waters of the Aegean Sea won’t be long. The beach is part sand, part pebble: Even here, the hotel is giving you a choice to pick whatever floats your boat that day. So, whether you’ll choose gentle sand exfoliation or a Lego brick-esque pebble therapy, you’re guaranteed to be satisfied!

  • All this cache of perks is bound to come with a price: In May, right as the hotel opens and the staff finds its footing, the cheapest room will cost you around €500 a night. But when the season’s at its peak, in July, there are no rooms at the hotel cheaper than €1,100 per night. Having been to the sister hotel in Side, we are certain that all of the services provided are well worth the money.

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Newly opened hotels in Bodrum

Photo from cajabymaxxroyal

5* MAXX ROYAL BODRUM (Göltürkbükü)
⚡️Scheduled to open in April 2024
⚡️Type of resort: All-Inclusive

A third Maxx Resort outpost on the Turkish land (other two hotels calling Belek and Kemer their homes), Maxx Royal Bodrum is the most anticipated hotel opening in Turkey in 2024, and with reason! This hotel chain is the epitome of indulgence and luxurious austerity, loved by both staycationing Turks who cherish abundance and style and international jetset that craves to hit a reset button on their lives. The resort focuses on all things simple and opulent at the same time: The big design swing that absolutely hits is brutal minimalism that is offset by warm tones and an abundance of native greenery.

  • Forget about standard rooms: At Maxx Royal Bodrum, we’re talking Presidential Hill Villas (btw, this option comes with helicopter transfers, yacht tours, a butler, heated saltwater pools, and even the menu of room scents and pillows! If it isn’t luxury, I don’t know what is)!

The more “tame” options, however, include: Suites (the most humble and compact rooms, that are “only” 75 m2), villas that range from studios all the way to actual two-story buildings, and lagunas — chic giant boltholes with a private pool and two terraces. Rooms with a view are obviously more expensive (anything with the word “hill” is what you’re looking for), but let’s face it — if you’re dropping that much cash on your stay, what’s an additional charge for the stunning view of the sun setting behind azure sea?

Food is taken very seriously here: Maxx Wellbeing Restaurant (a continuation of Maxx Wellbeing Spa) will help you stay on your health journey, while Caviar Caspia (famous for, you’ve guessed it, caviar!) and the Twenty 4 restaurant that serves traditional Turkish cuisine will let you go nuts and eat whatever your heart desires! On-site chocolatier and ice-cream parlors will definitely hit the nail on your sugar-free coffin, but oh, what a worthy sweet indulgence it is! For partying, you can never go wrong with the world-famous Scorpios beach club — a second foray of the originally Mykonos’s club scene.

When it comes to hotel amenities, it is hard to stop yourself from going down the rabbit hole of all the spa treatments that Maxx provides: From infrared sauna to traditional hammams, to a sensory deprivation tank! It definitely sounds Goop-adjacent, but these facilities actually help you relax and get into a better mental and physical state in the process. The plentiful pools are also a dream: There are six of them altogether, some heated, some saltwater, and one lagoon-like; it’s sequestered among the shade of the trees, ensconced in them like a natural lake.

A private beach at Maxx Royal Bodrum is a thing of beauty: Because of its favorable location, the shore opens up on head-spinning views of both lush forests hugging the hills and the never-ending blue expanse of the sea. The loungers and umbrellas are free (could you imagine if they weren’t :D), but beautiful private cabanas are for villa residents only. The view of the sunset is best from the pier: Don’t worry, it never gets overcrowded — its 111 meters long!

Despite what you might have assumed, Maxx Royal Bodrum is great for families with children! The Maxxi Land children’s club has all kind of activities for kids aged 0–17. The smallest younglings will have round-the-clock supervision of the trained staff, while the older groups will be occupied with age-appropriate games, master-classes, movie screenings, and even sports events!

  • As you can expect, the prices for staying at even the humblest of Maxx Royal Bodrum suites will be astronomical: At the beginning of the season, a room will cost you around €800 a night, and the prices rise with the temperatures. In July and August, you will spend a minimum of €2,000 per night here. Tighten those belts, it’s time to save up for your trip to Bodrum in 2024!

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Bodrum Turkey

5* HYDE BODRUM (Torba)
⚡️Scheduled to open in April 2024
⚡️Type of resort: Ultra All-Inclusive

Hyde’s first-ever hotel in Turkey is rumored to follow in the footsteps of its big well-established brothers and sisters (Hyde already has hotels in Ibiza, Dubai, and Miami; with others set to open in London, Perth, and Mazatlán).

Here, in Bodrum, Hyde will morph the best of both worlds: The all-inclusive resort experience with a true party destination. This is where you stay for nightlife in Turkey — you won’t even have to leave the hotel premises to dance the night away, and what can be better than this? Forget about night and day! Here, your waking hours will be spent dancing and having a grand ole’ time, no matter on what time of day they fall.

  • It goes without saying that Hyde Bodrum is exclusively for adults: With the experiences provided, we doubt that families would ever consider it to be the first choice of where to stay in Turkey, but still, a little clarification was in order!

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s look into the facilities: Hyde Bodrum is a pretty compact hotel (which is a rare thing for a resort on the Turkish coast), with only 211 rooms and 4 villas open for guests. Since it’s a five-star hotel (even if it is more festival-atmosphere-leaning), all the usual services are provided, in state-of-the-art condition: Wonderful fitness center and fully equipped spa will help you reset for yet another round of partying into the wee hours of the morning.

And while nature isn’t really the focus of Hyde Bodrum (although the design choices make the hotel seamlessly blend into the scenery, not interfering with the whole lively party atmosphere), it is set in a one-of-a-kind location: With the sparkling waters of the Aegean coast on the one hand, and lush and verdant national parks of the Bodrum Peninsula on the other. Because of that, you can spend your days in true LA fashion: Party all night, and then cleanse with a juice while you’re hiking in the wilderness (only to go back to the hotel and start all the fun all over again).

When your energy resources get completely drained, shoot for a relaxing day on the beach — get some Vitamin D on Hyde Bodrum’s private sand beach that’s located mere 200 meters away from the hotel.

Newly opened hotels in Fethiye

Beach in Fethiye

5* LIBERTY SIGNA (Göltürkbükü)
⚡️Scheduled to open in May 2024
⚡️Type of resort: Ultra All-Inclusive

Set on Turkey’s famed Turquoise Coast, Liberty Signa is a mere 15 kilometers away from Fethiye — an established tourist destination, now getting a second wind as more and more young travelers flock to its shores. A true nomad’s paradise, you will get the world-class treatment and mind-boggling natural landscapes at Fethiye, all without the crowds that usually accompany such amenities.

Liberty Signa is a true tribute to the area it calls home: While surrounded by swaths of untouched nature (forests, gorges, waterfalls, — all magnificent in their own right), the hotel welcomes in all the greenery. The giant territory is adorned with all the native plants you could think of, and this natural tie-in doesn’t stop there: Yes, some areas around the pool get plenty of shade from the towering palm trees, but your hotel room is also linked to the surrounding landscapes, from unique floral design in the otherwise neutral tone bedroom to emerald green marble countertops in the bathroom.

Speaking of the sheer size of the hotel grounds, the whole construction will blow your hat off: There are 18 (!) four-story buildings that house 561 rooms, six (!) à la carte restaurants, two big outdoor pools (and two indoor pools, smaller in size, but still very impressive), and a water park with eight slides (five for adults and three for children, we feel it’s a fair division)! There are rumors that Liberty Signa will also have its very own art gallery, so look out for this exciting part of the hotel’s cultural program!

And how can we forget about the beach — located on the truly spectacular slice of the Turkish coastline, Liberty Signa’s private beach is super close to the hotel’s main grounds. A five-minute walk will take you to a sand/pebble beach (the descent into the water might be a tad stony in some parts, but there’s a wooden boardwalk, so your feet will come out of the experience unscathed) equipped with everything you want and more: Beach cocktail and snack bars galore, as well as free sun loungers and umbrellas. If you want to leisure in style, look into renting a cabana; it costs extra, but at least the opportunity’s there: Other five-star hotels usually reserve these chic beach hangout structures for their most prized guests, which can feel a little elitist if we say so ourselves.

Newly opened hotels in Alanya

Beach in Turkey photo from above

⚡️Scheduled to open in May 2024
⚡️Type of resort: Ultra All-Inclusive

It seems that Eftalia Hotels have a monopoly on resorts in Alanya: Eftalia Blue Hotel will be their seventh foray into the world of premium accommodations in the greater Antalya area. If you’ve tried and loved any of the other six resorts, you are guaranteed to enjoy this one — Eftalia Blue doesn’t drop the ball on anything, from entertainment to facilities.

One curious note that separates this hotel from the aforementioned options is the fact that there’s just one main five-story building that holds 500 rooms. There are no other accommodation choices: No villas, lagunas, or bungalows, — you decide whether it’s a plus for you or if you want to have some degree of separation from the other hotel guests (if not so much in price, but at least in status). No matter how you look at it though, we can all agree that Eftalia Blue’s design of facilities is more on the no-frills end of the spectrum, but it still has plenty of premium comforts to offer!

  • One giant bonus of Eftalia Blue is the free access to Eftalia Island that you get if you’re a guest of the hotel.

How can one describe Eftalia Island? It’s the ultimate adventureland set right by the water, where Eftalia bedfellows from other hotels of this chain can spend their time playing, eating, swimming, and tanning. The Island is one of the largest pool/beach complexes of the area that includes a kilometer-long stretch of fine sand beach (there are some pebbles here and there, but they’re not a nuisance), five snack bars, two large pools, a water park (the cherry on top of the whole experience), bars, a children’s club, and even an à la carte restaurant! While located a little way off from the hotel in question, the free transfers here are available; so definitely make use of the opportunity and take a gander at this capital of fun on the Turkish coast!

Eftalia Blue itself is no barren land as well; the facilities here are ample, thus supporting its five-star status. The hotel has eight (!) bars, four restaurants, and its very own water park, though it fades in comparison to Eftalia Island. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still new and fun, but it mostly caters to children. That’s why Eftalia Blue is one of the best newly opened hotels in Turkey to stay in with kids — their aquapark is very eye-catching, with cute structures in shapes of towers, a splash zone, and a couple of pools with moderately sized slides. If you crave more adventure though, head on over to Eftalia Island — their water park has 14 (!) slides, ranging from adrenaline-inducing and extreme to the ones that even your grandma could conquer.

Honorable mentions

Beach in Bodrum 2

It goes without saying that this is not an exhaustive list of ALL the new hotels opening in Turkey in 2024, there’re just so many that fly under the radar due to lack of publicity or very early stages of construction.

Here are a couple more hotels that are set to open in 2024 that you can keep an eye out in the upcoming months:

  • 5* Regnum Sun Zeynep Hotel & Spa (Belek) — ultra all-inclusive hotel set right on the shoreline; with a private fine sand beach and a fairly large territory — the hotel grounds are set to cover 117 000 m2;
  • 5* Liberty Hanel Hotel (Fethiye) — an ambitiously designed hotel complex (a tad futuristic for our liking, but we’ll see what they will cook up in the end), another one in the famed line of Liberty Hotels. With a staggering room fund of 700 (!) rooms, the hotel was supposed to open its doors in 2023, but the construction got delayed, resulting in rumored opening date to be moved to sometime in 2024. That’s as accurate a date as we’ve managed to find, so put your Google alert on Liberty Hanel Hotel if you want to be the first to know the news.

New Turkey hotels opened in 2023

Rixos Park Belek 3
Photo from Rixos

It seemed to be that the horrible tragedy that struck Turkey at the beginning of 2023 would irreversibly damage the country’s hospitality sector. And while it’s true that the first days after the devastating earthquakes saw a drop in the number of hotels booked, this decrease didn’t last long. Since tourism is the driving force of Turkish economics, the government has made it their mission to attract as many tourists as possible to help keep things afloat. In some ways, people who spent their vacation in Turkey in 2023 have directly contributed to helping the country get back on its feet.

Our list of Turkey hotels that opened in 2023:

Now, let’s look into these resorts with more fervor and attention to detail:

Newly opened hotels in Belek

Trip to Turkey

⚡️Date of opening: April 1, 2023

Fully restored ex-Club Magic Life Imperial, this new specimen of Rixos hotels has managed to keep the beautiful green territory of the aforementioned five-star dweller fully intact, only adding the extra *Rixos* flair — a new fully equipped gym and a greatly improved and polished beach club.

The rooms got a major revamp: All 358 of them, spread over the two main buildings, got a facelift and an exciting fresh design. One of the buildings in question is especially interesting to look at: Obvious Turkish influences result in beautiful arches, terracotta-hued exterior, and overall Oriental motifs. Even the rooms here carry the names of “Oriental” and “Sultan” suites, which is just plain exciting! If you want an experience you will remember for the rest of your life, definitely shoot for a room here.

Most of the rooms at either complex have stunning views over the lovely on-site garden; but if you can’t imagine living so close to the water and not see it from your room, choose the options on the upper floors — that way, you will get to wake up to the sea breeze lightly swaying the curtains and the panoramas of the bright turquoise sea knocking on your windows.

For guests who appreciate some extra zhuzh to their experience and aren’t afraid to pay extra, Rixos Park has three gorgeous villas that offer the finest level of splendor ever created. Apart from beautiful spaces filled to the rafters with both modern accents and traditional motifs, your stay here means you can live like a king (or a sultan, in this case).

  • For extra charge, you can get your very own butler (it’s like you’re in Maldives, but even better!); but the “included” stuff is even more fun — you get free access to the Turkish Disneyland, the Land of Legends for the entirety of your stay at Rixos, as well as free transfer to the park, and a free dinner at one of the park’s many restaurants.

Out of all Rixos hotels, Rixos Park Belek is the closest hotel to the Land of Legends park, so naturally it’s the best place to stay in Turkey if you’re traveling with children.

Rixos Park Belek is set right on the beachfront, and the beach itself is one of the best parts of your stay here — a large slice of the waterfront and the green grass in front of it provide ample opportunities for sunbathing and general dilly-dallying. Other notable hotel spaces include nine (!) pools, six bars, two à la carte restaurants, a patisserie that’s open 24/7 (perfect for those late-night pain au chocolat cravings), an improved spa center and other facilities that are so prevalent in all ultra all-inclusive concept hotels.

  • Because Rixos Park Belek is a relatively new player on the scene, this is your perfect opportunity to experience the legendary level of service under the Rixos name, but for a still moderately affordable price (affordable is too strong a word here, but you get what I mean!). You will not pay more than €300–€400 a night for the cheapest room option here during the upcoming high season.

Book your stay at Rixos Park Belek through >>

Newly opened hotels in Side

New Hotel in Side Barut

⚡️Date of opening: May 2023

Arcanus Trendline Resort’s main draw is its “affordable” five-star status. The clear and simple layout of the hotel makes your stay here a straightforward journey from a weary traveler to a relaxed holidaymaker — with the main building on one side, a pool and a water park right next to it, the only thing you also need is a beach… which is kind of a bummer, because the resort isn’t set on the shoreline. The free transfer and well-equipped private beach make up for the disappointment, and the price of rooms, again, warms the heart even of the harshest critics.

As for the overall design, you get your usual five-star resort that’s not trying to blaze the trail with eye-catching choices: The rooms pay homage to the local setting with a serene and neutral palette, lots of light, wood, sand-ish color finishes, and a few green accents dotted around.

Pools at Arcanus Trendline Resort are on the bigger side, which is always pleasant: Even during peak season and full capacity, you won’t have to elbow fellow tourists out of the way as you breaststroke across. If screaming children splashing in your immediate vicinity are your worst fear, don’t worry: The hotel has a whole pool dedicated exclusively to adults. Plus, the kids wouldn’t want to spend their time in the boring pool anyway: Arcanus Trendline Resort has a stunning water park: Bright colors will attract the rugrats, and 14 (!) water slides will keep them occupied for hours.

Your stay at Arcanus Trendline Resort is guaranteed to be a fulfilling one: A great gym, giant spa center, a kids’ club, and tons of entertainment options can make even a hard-headed workaholic leave their laptop in the room and enjoy everything the hotel has to offer.

  • As we’ve mentioned above, the prices at Arcanus Trendline Resort are enticing, to say the least: In May, you can get a standard room for as low as €120 a night; and even at the peak of tourist season, the price doesn’t rise above the €300 mark. Such a steal for a five-star hotel!

Book your stay at Arcanus Trendline Resort through >>

Beach in Side Turkey

⚡️Date of opening: March 2023

Where to stay in Turkey on a romantic getaway? Look no further than Stella Elite Resort & Spa! This crescent-shaped hotel is perfect for couples and just grownups who want to get away from all the children in their lives (we see you, tired parents on their first vacation away from their kids). Why, you ask? Well, the hotel is for adults only (16+), which means no more tiny monsters throwing tantrums on the beach and waking you up with their screams at six in the morning.

Side note: Traveling with children? Don’t get your panties in a bunch — your tiny angles would’ve been so bored here: There are no kids’ clubs or water slides anywhere on the hotel premises. Keep looking!

Tourists that have already stayed at Stella Elite Resort speak highly of the hotel’s gym and spa centers. The indoor pool is pretty unique in design, but all the fun happens outdoors: There’s an amazing pool bar where you can get a refreshing beverage and hang out in the warm sun with your feet dangling in the water. All the fund drinks are bound to make you hungry though: The hotel has four restaurants (two of them à la carte), one patisserie, and three other bars (the Irish Pub the best of them all) that does at least some semblance of food (elevated bar snacks, anyone?).

The only downsides of Stella Elite Resort are its somewhat compact territory (at least compared to other hotels on our list) and its relative remoteness from the beach (we’re talking mere 750 meters, but when in the grand scheme of Turkish resorts, that’s almost as good as 50 miles). Free transfers to the beach are abundant, and soft white sand makes you forget all the troubles, but it’s still worth noting that when you’re on hotel grounds, you’re way closer to the nearest market than the beach.

  • The humble price tag of Stella Elite Resort is a perfect opportunity for you to check out the five-star hotel scene in Turkey without dropping exorbitant amounts of cash on the experience. Standard room at the start of the season will cost you €130, while during the months of July and August, the numbers double: €250 per night is the cheapest option you’ll get.

Book your stay at Side Stella Elite Resort & Spa through >>

Beach and Promenade in Side

⚡️Date of opening: June 2023

For the past 20 years, Victory hotels have been at the top of the lists of the best places to stay in Turkey. Their world-famous hotels Victory Resort Hotel and Victory Be Mine have been home to more than one million (!) guests over the years, and this new addition of Victory Volare Hotel seems to be quickly catching up to its predecessors.

It seems that the design drafting board was the same for Victory Volare compared to its older siblings, but hey, if it ain’t broke — don’t break it! Given the fact that Victory Be Mine is located right next to the new hotel, the whole complex is starting to look fused together, like it was planned this way. Still, Victory Volare looks a tad more futuristic, in my opinion: Minimalist adornments both on the inside and the outside, as well as an exclusively neutral palette (50 Shades of Grey is quietly crying in the corner on this one, as well as 60 shades of beige, 70 shades of ivory, 80 shades of off-white… you get the picture) create a background that only highlights the bright green color of the palms and the deep blue hues of the pools.

However, beneath this discreet (and yet sophisticated) exterior, there’s a lot going on at Victory Volare, amenities-wise: Two outdoor pools, one indoor pool, children’s splash zone, and a water park consisting of five slides for adults and four for the little ones (the overall pool coverage is an impressive 1,750 m2). Other notable spaces include five à la carte restaurants, two patisseries, and an ice-cream parlor. The hotel’s private beach is not super close though: It’s set a kilometer away from the hotel, and is accessed by a free transfer. A beach of fine white sand is definitely worth the trip, just saying!

Newly opened hotels in Kemer

Kemer from the drone

⚡️Date of opening: April 1, 2023

Nestled between towering mountains and deep blue Mediterranean Sea, a small neighborhood of Beldibi is a life saver for a weary traveler: As you drive towards Kemer, your eye catches something beautiful in the peripheral vision. That, my friend, is the new Balmy Beach Resort, a mirage, a true heaven on earth, the only beach resort you will want to come back to again and again.

The hotel was built in 2019, but after only three years in operation it closed to undergo a major facelift: The hotel management is very meticulous about the state of things, and the slightest signs of wear-and-tear are not tolerated here. So, after getting the best possible upgrade on what was already a fantastic list of amenities, Balmy Beach Resort is again, open for business. As Daft Punk would say, it’s now Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. And we believe them!

Balmy Beach Resort is an adult-only hotel, which again, is a nice palate cleanser after dozens of newly opened hotels in Turkey that cater specifically to travelers with children. Here, adults can behave like adults (to a certain, socially acceptable and morally conscious degree): Whether its lounging by the pool with a refreshing cocktail in hand or dancing the night away at one of Balmy’s Silent Disco raves (you know the ones, where music plays in headphones and it looks like it’s a bunch of dorks vibing in silence).

Speaking of vibes, Balmy Beach Resort stuck to the winning modern/boho formula: Expect a lot of bamboo, large open windows, and overall light tones, with some eclectic accents. Comfort and luxury go hand-in-hand here: The style of some of the top Bali hotels realized in this corner of Turkey and swim-up rooms that you can roll out of bed and into the water seem like a winning combo for a fantastic stay!

Revamped and reimagined fitness and spa centers, restaurants serving best dishes from various international cuisines, — you will not catch Balmy Beach Resort slipping in any facet of the services provided. The beach is the best part: Its super close, neat, and well equipped. Sure, there’re some pebbles here and there, but think of them more as a free foot massage!

  • Price-wise, four-star Balmy Beach Resort is climbing the charts compared to the two five-star hotels we’ve described above. It’s not as crazy as Bodrum’s Maxx Royal, but it’s getting there: The cheapest room at Balmy Beach Resort will start at €350 per night at the start of the season, with peak prices reaching €650 a night and more.

Book your stay at Balmy Beach Resort Kemer through >>

Newly opened hotels in Alanya

a la carte restaurant in Turkey

⚡️Date of opening: May 2023

Serenity Queen Hotel is hidden away in the small and humble neighborhood of Konaklı, just 12 kilometers from Alanya. Headlining the roaster of stunning, ever-starrier palace hotels (it does look like a literal palace, so we’re not exaggerating), Serenity Queen Hotel’s winning location right by the beach sets it dramatically apart from the others, making it the best place to stay in Turkey for relaxing by the water. The hotel’s long beach of fine white sand, equipped with sleek chillout areas facing the dazzling Mediterranean, is a thing to write home about; and definitely worth the price of this five-star hotel.

Maybe you’ll agree with me, maybe not, but the pictures of the hotel’s interiors remind me in a way of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Montecito house — lots of marble, moody lighting, royal and cave-like (think ambient and safe) at the same time, with grand architectural gestures and luxurious leitmotifs (no “those” candles though, which is a relief). Our favorite hotel’s intricately designed space is one of the bars: Reminiscent of an opulent speakeasy, it is mostly dark, illuminated with the color that could only be described as Veuve Clicquot yellow — a strong contender for the Architectural Digest spread, no doubt!

All 223 hotel rooms are styled the same way: Elegant, decadent, but with a touch of tasteful restraint. Walking down to a breakfast service evokes the same feeling as being a valued guest at some royal castle (albeit its modern itineration). Upper floors of Serenity Queen Hotel open up on a stunning panorama of the water — it’s a true seaside escape, after all!

But the sea isn’t always calm; so head on over to the hotel’s many pools for a refreshing midday dip. The pools, both indoor and outdoor, would probably satisfy grownups better than children: The kids’ section is relatively small, with not much going on in terms of all day entertainment. Kid stuff aside, Serenity Queen Hotel is rumored to become the ultimate destination for honeymooners on Turkish coast: It’s opulent, it’s romantic, it’s exciting for both the eyes and the soul!

  • Standard rooms at Serenity Queen Hotel go for €200–€300 a night, with the price rising towards mid-July – early August. Dirt-cheap for the deluxe level of service and the lavish decor, if I say so myself!

Book your stay at Serenity Queen Hotel through >>

New Turkey hotels opened in 2022


2022 was a rough year for Turkish hotel industry. It’s hard to imagine the amount of money lost from giant resorts sitting empty over the course of the pandemic. It’s even harder to imagine building new hotels during that time, but it happened!

Some hotels opened in 2022 have been waiting for their big moment for two years, and they definitely made a huge splash when it finally happened. There are plenty of luxury resorts still kicking (successfully, might I add) from that era, so don’t disregard them because they’ll be turning three this year!

Here are some worthy options for your next Turkish Riviera getaway:

While we only focus on the first three here, other few hotels still deserve a gander, so keep that in mind when making your decision.

Newly opened hotels in Side

5* SELECTUM FAMILY RESORT SIDE — a wonderful five-star hotel that recently underwent a major renovation, opening its doors to tourists on April 1, 2022. Based on the reviews of the place, we can conclude that it’s a great hotel to stay in for travelers with family. A beautiful well-kept beach set mere 150 meters from the hotel is a cherry on top of Selectum Family Resort! The prices also warm the heart: A standard room will cost anywhere between €200 and €350, depending on the month.

Newly opened hotels in Belek

5* ELA EXCELLENCE — the hotel has been in operation since 2013, but in 2022 it got a major facelift, so now it’s as good as new! Ella Excellence is pure luxury in a bowl: From top-notch services to overall opulent design choices, your stay here will be heralded by beauty and comfort! All of these perks come with a price though: The cheapest accommodation option will cost you around €350 at the beginning of the season, with July–August prices doubling that: You’ll have to cash out €700 big ones!

5* CULLINAN BELEK — going for a morning swim, then hitting a few holes on a sprawling golf course before committing to all-you-can-eat buffet, courtesy of the all-inclusive hotel concept, — sounds like a dream, right? Well, at Cullinan Belek, this dream is your everyday reality. This cache of perks (and dozens of other, expectedly upscale amenities that Cullinan Belek has up their sleeve) justifies the prices: in May, you can enjoy your stay for €500 a night; but if you want to lay on the beach under the scorching-hot August sun, then you’ll pay no less than €1,300 per night (the amount that most resembles a sultan’s ransom, but I digress).

Things you need to know before traveling to Turkey

Sea in Turkey

To be honest, the topic deserves its own entire article, since Turkey is such an enigmatic country full of surprises, secrets, and potential faux pas on your part (the world-famous shoe brush scam is the one most people are familiar with).

For the time being, we thought we would answer the main questions that usually come up when you plan your Turkey vacation:

  • What is the best time to visit Turkey? Shoulder season (April, May/September, October) seems to have the winning formula: It’s not super hot, but all the perks of starting (or ending) high season are in order. We have a detailed September guide that will help you navigate your trip if it falls on this month. Still, some people like it hot: Traveling to Turkey in August comes with its challenges, but we have you covered with all the info you might need.
  • How to get around Turkey? If you plan to hit a few coastal towns, or even explore some exciting destinations further inland, you might want to think about renting a car in Turkey. From rental prices to fines, we have compiled an exhaustive list of everything you need to know to rent a car in Turkey, check it out!
  • Is Turkey safe? The resorts you’ll be staying at are their own completely safe worlds, but if you plan to venture out, don’t worry about locals trying to scam you or harm you in any way — Turks are one of the friendliest and most welcoming people in the world! Just keep your wits about you like you would normally do in an unfamiliar setting and you’ll be fine!

Final thoughts

We hope that our list of brand-new hotels in Turkey has helped you find a place for your next getaway. All in all, we stand by our statement: Turkish Riviera is the place to be when the sun is shining like a disco ball and the water is warm like your nana’s hug. Both Aegean and Mediterranean coasts are riddled with favorite spots of Turks and international guests alike, — come here and see for yourself what the hype is all about!

If you have any questions about the hotels mentioned above, or if you want to leave your personal rating of some recently opened hotel in Turkey, the comment section is open! We would love to hear your personal experiences: We will update the list based on all the new reviews that’ll come up.

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